Every Day Sacred: Glow

Why do I write this blog...An angel in the garden?
.....to tell my story.
I do so want to encourage & inspire others that we might all bloom & fly. I also want to see the woman of my own family (& those that come after me) find their way in the world, figure out who they are truly meant to be & SHINE!
I'm leaving a trail of beauty....
& light...                                                             photo: Magnolia Pearl
I'm traveling with grace in my heart & flowers in my hair...
& a friend...
......but I still would have liked wings!
                                                   via we heart it
Immersed in the pursuit of every day lovely & practicing every day kindness to myself & those that I meet along the way.
I am dedicated to authentic, resourceful living.

"...we live in the past or in the future, we are continually expecting the coming of some special moment when our life will unfold itself in it's full significance & we do not notice that life is like water flowing through our fingers."
Father Alexander Elchaninor

These things I love:
light~angels~old roses~gentle touch~beauty~dusk~dew on morning grass~joy~fairies~crisp white sheets~clouds floating by~rainbows~the prettiest of flowers~pansies~cream top milk~sun-kissed washing~holding the hand of a child~butterfly kisses~moss~bluebell woods~old oak trees~floral chintz plates~spring~quiet streams~notebooks~sharpened pencils~farmers markets~runny honey~op shops~hot springs~dandelions~old floral fabrics~the colours of yesteryear~skipping~holding hands~apricots~pastel hues~autumn leaves~bees~shortbread~strong hugs~the scent of daphne~old glass~reliability~sweet persimmons~light streaming through lace curtains~lead light windows~bumble bees~white lilies~old jelly moulds~crisp apples~firelight~old woolen blankets~guavas~freshly mown grass~pretty old postcards~dolly pegs~serendipity~tea parties~old brooches~goodness~chutney ~pomegranates~the sound of cicadas on long summer evenings~faithfulness~monarch butterflies~libraries~picnics~old churches~pretty china teacups~walking in the park~rainbows~truth~sweet friendship~swans~whispered secretssacred places~misty mornings~diaphanous twirly skirts~old laces~calligraphy~glow worms~ hot water bottles~grace~velvet ribbons~tickling~peaches~giggling 'til you get the stitch~posy bowls & tussie mussies~knuckle bones~thunderstorms~lace hankerchiefs~fountain pens~fine papers~pearl-handled knives~beaded tinkly jug covers~pretty sea shells~love hearts~mother-of-pearl buttons~shellac~secret places~crayfish~lemon honey~shooting stars~prisms~vintage enamel ware~bubbles~toast racks & pretty serviettes~the scent of daphne~macadamia nuts~sparkling water~ocean spray~righteousness~butter~peace~old clawfoot baths~walks through the bush~the smell of a new baby~justice~salami~kindness~gathering walnuts~date scones~romance~handwritten letters~generosity~a babies laugh~mattering~gorgeous old linen~sunshine~old marbles~adventures~old velvet flowers~marcelas~reading~gorgeousness~good simple food~passionfruit~feather eiderdowns~wonder.........

life is fragile &... precious
live everyday sacred
dream your dreams             via we heart it 
embrace who you really are, not who you think you should be
..the world needs you to be all the colours of you!
GLOW precious one..                                   via we heart it

Much & every blessing

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