Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dancing with Fairies

Every year when I head down the road to the annual Taikura Fair & lose myself in the magical world amongst the trees I feel like a little girl again. I inevitably experience an overflowing sense of coming home. There's a lightness & freedom there that gentles the spirit & whispers to the soul that the world is in fact a safe & wonderful place. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Each rendition of this fabulous fair has it's own flavour & unique expression.
Today was the best ever by far!
This year we were greeted by angels. 
 and wreaths of fresh flowers
 such a feeling of celebration & welcome
Just round the corner..fairy angels & little girl angels. And that is the beauty of this place..everywhere you turn there are delightful things for children to touch, make & participate in..
 Stories in magical tents..
 Hobby horses to ride away on

well I guess you
have to be feeling
and their were other slightly familiar angels to be found wandering the meandering pathways
 oops, how did he get in there??!!
pssst over here..skip this way...
 now come & listen to a story with the King & Queen!

 here she is..the Queen.. telling wild & colourful stories
 This part of the grounds a verdant, very old established garden, a legacy of an adjoining property that now belongs to the school.
There were pony rides, archery, a coconut shy, organic produce, plants, cheese, bread, baking, gluten free yummy things, stilt walking, candle making, Bowen therapy on the spot, bunting, bags, bubble wands, fairies, wreaths, all manner of music & performances..puppet shows, Dutch speciality products, natural skin care stuff, white elephant, lovely handmade things, jewelry.....
 This was absolutely my favourite stall..I fell in love with it last year too!
 Sabine Laakmann lives in Haumoana, by the beach & is a fibre artist making wool & felt creations under the lovely title "Goldkinder" (click her name for her email address)
It's funny, these two photos appear to be a little out of focus but when you look in to the picture it comes right so maybe it has something to with the texture of the work...

I found vintage Sanderson amongst the white elephant stuff, a boxed set of Alice in wonderland & Through the Looking glass with the most delightful colour plates, a Maori peg doll & a vintage children's classic "King of the Wind" actually I just really liked the pictures : )

 cute little faces in the roses

 Goodness, Alice was originally published in 1872!!!
Evidently where Humpty fell from..
  little Maori peg doll...I love the pattern paper petticoat!
 my Sanderson
Rob was delighted with his find: a multimeter with an instruction book. He's already perused it for hours..I wonder what it does? ; )

 and then there were the most amazing HUGE organic strawberries. These were seconds so really cheap & lots of fascinating shapes. I also bought 4 avocados for $1!!! & the first of the apricots...yum!
 then it was time to water again! & watch the sun depart through this fragrant glistening white rhododendron
 Charlie, of course, never misses a trick..nosey as wonder all the nesting birds are on high alert
 but occasionally they have a chance to dig up my garden & fight over the fruit that I put out for them
So glad that you've come by..

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thanksgiving, Going Home.

Quite recently, I was deeply touched by this moving performance. I found it through Tiffany she had posted this one day last week. When I watched it I sobbed & sobbed, it touched a place of tender hope deep in my soul. Soon after, over the next few days we were to learn of the shocking news of an explosion in a coal mine  on the West coast of our South Island here in New Zealand & the subsequent entrapment & eventual demise of 29 miners who were caught in the blast. It is an event that has touched us profoundly as a Nation, our own David lives in Greymouth right now. These events & the arrival of Thanksgiving has caused me to wonder why we have never adopted this celebration in our own culture? I have decided that this year is a very good time to begin such a tradition. We never know just how life might unfold, none of us. The one thing that we all have right within our own reach is gratitude, every arm is long enough, every voice loud enough, any heart can be made humble enough. I guess it's actually a choice & it's free to all rich or poor, no barriers ever on this one...all welcome to participate in what ever way we are able & willing to. So in the sobering aftermath of a national catastrophe Rob & I have celebrated with humble & grateful hearts today, the day that we met 32 years ago in Wellington when I was only 17. Thank you Lord for all that you have given to us, all that you have got us through & for a love that has endured through so many years. We are so grateful.

Libera "Going Home"

very much

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Love-in-the-mist and Christmas in the Midst

I have to admit that for a wee while there I thought that I might just pretend that Christmas wasn't happening but denial didn't work out.
It just all gets too busy for me basically...but then when I came across some inspired pictures and
I was reminded of all the lovely bits of Christmas & I'm thinking that making it a vintagey Christmas somehow puts a little Kiwi nostalgia back in to the whole deal. I accidently found myself in a retail shop the other day in Havelock North & stumbled upon a delightful wreath made with a vintage blanket wrap & a Tui or two & an interesting price tag! when I got home I scrambled around for the willow wreath that I bought for 50c at the Church fair a couple of weeks ago, unearthed the blanket scraps left over from making lavender hearts & came up with one of these
a lonely, one winged
 dove filled the gap in
the centre & the little
 heart I made from a
 fabric with native
wood pigeons on it..
more scraps!
back porch

"Our" wood pigeons are called Kereru & are quite large, make a wonderful flapping noise when they fly & love to eat all kinds of berries, I took these photos ages ago out at one of "my" gardens.
The flowers on the fabric strips are pohutukawa, affectionately known as the New Zealand Christmas tree as they flower at the appropriate time & mirror the red of the holly berry. I also love feijoa flowers which are very similar & flowering in the garden right now.
I've never actually really seen the pointy bit in the middle of the flower before.
I've also been fascinated by bees..& have only recently noticed just exactly how they carry their astonishing pollen load..some yellow, some red!
About last Tuesday, Rob heard me hooting & hollering down in the garden & thought that I must have been having a go at Charlie again for stalking the birds.. but no, I had a stumbled upon a large yellow surprise plonked right in the midst of the flowers. I had quite forgotten all about planting this new variety of cauliflower called "Cheddar" months ago & suddenly here it was
  Funny how you never see a half picked cauli..with only two of us it might have been quite sensible to have left half of it there for a day or two..anyway it is very delicious being freshly picked & all that, but otherwise pretty much the same. You never know it just might fool the odd bloke or occasional child in to thinking that the cheese was already mixed in.
Speaking of blokes..I recently had an enquiry via Trade Me from a lovely lady hoping to catch up with another Cecile Brunner rose & as it so happened I had just loaded in to my car to take to the Pop-up Shop event, none other than Cecile herself, so out she came & was made to stay home. Dear Gwenda, like me just adores this wee sweetheart rose.
 I was thinking through quite how to prepare "her" for posting & decided to trim her little branches & wrap the root ball in damp newspaper. Having moistened the paper I was about to do the wrapping bit when I looked down & saw him!
Poor Mademoiselle Cecile, oh my,
 Gwenda that would never do!!
Cecile has a wee friend called Cinderella.. the tiniest wee rose bud you've ever seen..perhaps a centimetre wide.
We have a very high & ugly block wall at the back boundary that hasn't been seen for years now as I long ago planted climbing roses all over it. I have so adored the incredible display of Constance Spry.. Mary Rose's mother, this spring

& the fascinating love-in-the-mist (nigella) they come in such pretty colours & end in very interesting seed pods.
I'm really understanding the old adage "not enough hours in the day" just now but there are funny little upsides to not being in command of all having daisies growing in the lawn..the urban meadow effect!!   : )  
One of the things that I really enjoy about this time of year is discovering creative delights like these fab cards that I bought very reasonably from Trade Me from the clever & delightful Andrea who hales from Karori, Wellington.

Made from upcycled school atlases that had seen better days, these bunting also proved to be very popular. Andrea's trade name is sunnycot should you wish to look out for more of her work.

Right, I shall leave you with some cherries..yay they're back. We'll have some at the gate again next week!!

Hope all your Christmas stuff is going well : )

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