Sunday, 31 January 2010

Berries & Pears

I was reminded of this wonderful instant icecream by some inspired sweet "girls" this week.

Soo simple & simply delicious! I had frozen some bags of raspberries from an abundant early crop in November so in to the "whizz" with frozen black doris plums (need using up from last season) add a big tablespoon of honey & 1/2 cup of greek yoghurt or coconut cream ( Kara UHT tetra pack is dreamy: Count Down, Chantal ) Pulse to process until thick & smooth. All done : ) Thick greek yoghurt is fabulous on top. Any berries/ fruit works.
There is something so intriguing about these red pears...funny how they still taste the same as a green one.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Markets & Produce

Just love the new Trelise eco shopper bags. The most Trelise I'll ever own..the shopping bags!
$5 at Countdown : )

 An accidental market discovery...Taupo. Quick pullover & screech to a halt on our way to Rotorua (actually a bit of a ride up on to the curb.. also accidental! ) Produced wonderful finds like these snowbeans that I have never seen before...unfortunately just taste like ordinary beans. 20 avocados for $5 was a real bargain &  corn found at Eskdale on the homeward journey.

Bought some gherkins too & made some bread & butter pickles today. Best recipe ever is found in my trusty Alison Holst cookbook. Made some excuse not to with sooo many valencia oranges sitting around...100kgs last order. Cherry tomatoes are one of the best homegrown veges to grow through summer..they are so useful & are never very cheap to buy.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Weekend adventure: Rotorua

Still a lovely little cottage (yes, I did knock on the door but no one was home..hope they didn't mind!)

Just near the Redwoods out at Lynmore my grandparents wee place..this is at the bottom of the drive. I always loved this view.

The remarkable Redwoods..15 acres planted in 1901!

My darling at the wedding. So glad that we went. Just wonderful to drive out of a cold, wet dismal Hawke's Bay to arrive in a lovely warm sunny Rotorua. A truly delightful & happy occasion. So nice to catch up with old friends & a privilege be in the midst of such a wonderful family celebration. 
Stayed at the Distinction Hotel (not enough but a bit tired on it!) Fun grotto spa pools. Lovely to be together though.
Had coffee & fab savoury pinwheel scones at our favourite Fat Dog Cafe  on Sunday morning. Fun, funky, hippy-ish place with great cafe food & coffee.  Ragamuffins concert was on that weekend too so queues way out the door!
One of the many things painted on the wall:
 "Always try your luck at least once a day because if you don't you might have been lucky all day & never know it!"

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Vintage Inspired: Calendar 2010

I just love this calendar that I managed to catch up with through my friend Leigh on Trade Me. Created by Jackie at the "House On The Hill Design Company" This is the picture for January...absolutely adore every page!

The glory of the edible garden!

Rambling nasturtiums love it in the dappled shade under the lemon tree.
All the gorgeous edible flowers below grow well in the summer through out the garden & make a summer salad so much more interesting & delicious!... here with corn cut from the cob & pakora courgette fritters. I get the most amazing pakora mix from "The Spice Rack" in Petone when we are down that way, along with fresh tumeric (never come across it anywhere else in New Zealand) They have okra & fresh curry leaves too. A truly fragrant & magical shop.
Clockwise from the top: gynura bicolour, asparagus pea, nasturium leaves, sage flowers, courgette flower, myoga ginger shoots, nasturiums, calendulas, daylily, begonias, basil, purple basil, tricoloured sage, violas, chive flowers, orach.

Friday, 15 January 2010

No looking at my new dress! We are going to a wedding.

Well we have been invited to a wedding & high tea. Our friend Joy (Hawera days) is marrying Wallace in Rotorua on the 23rd so we've decided to go.
Yay for Trade Me resources... I just love my new dress.."Grace Hill" Ezibuy!

The Shop

Friday 15th January

Well here is our shop..ever changing..daily changing in fact! We now have Billington, "Reeves" & the most enormous Fortune plums today.
Cherries have just finished. What a lovely long season we least a month.
It won't be long & I will be back to dear Fiona in Prairie road & picking golden queens. The only glitch is the inexorably creeping closer road works on our street. They better be quick when they get here! They've been digging enormous holes...big enough to lose a whole family in!

Luscious fruit

People just love our plums because they are so "homegrown".

 Some even remember them from a distant childhood, although no one has come up with a name that they can recall. Others like them because they have never seen this kind of plum before...nice to be able to share them!
This is the most amazing mango I have seen in ages..$2.50 at New World! No strings attached : )

Monday, 11 January 2010

Our ancient plum tree a "Reeves"

Monday the 11th Jan. This old, dear tree is so remarkable

..this year of all years it has decided to fruit prolifically...after 20 years it fruits well just when Rob has had little work & I am selling fruit at the gate : ) I have been hunting to see if I can find him a name & remarkably I have discovered that the most likely family of origin is grown in England (our friend could be 100 years old!) & the Reeves plum description is a perfect match!

Sundays bounty from the Farmers Market

How glorious is this! Our Farmers Market is amazing! Last night we had fresh pasta for dinner with fresh chilli (these jalapenos are incredible & not too hot) sweetcorn, courgettes, sweetest tomatoes & Village Press olive oil. Matthew & I went halves in a 4 litre box & only paid $15 a litre...extra virgin "Barnea".

A new beginning January 2010

I've often wondered what an ordinary life would look like if it was viewed as a movie? My life?
Life is lived so daily...we only have the now..this moment...this very experience...viewed through the eyes of the heart...& then it is gone.
We all seek intimacy, all long to be seen & known for who we really are. So why are we so hesitant to express ourselves in full colour?
An angel in the garden that's me..most at home tending plants & creating beauty with the help of the Creator!
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