Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sew & Stitch & Bind it Together

One of the grand things about Christmas ~time
is, that it's the time of the children.
It's a time about a Child,
 about the children & for the children of the whole world.
And it's a time for story~telling & enchantment.

I loved finding this children's garden in Hamilton.
"The Potter Children's Garden"
Isn't the welcome mat wonderful!
Only a child would sit on a watery egg & be delighted!
And only in New Zealand would you find a kowhai flower slide.
Isn't it a good likeness...kowhai is the Maori word for yellow.
 I stopped to read the words on the seat over here.

Written for the children in Maori & in English.
These are the words to a little song.
Sew, stitch & bind it together.
A dear little song about coming together, working together & living together in harmony.

Whakarongo rä ... I listen
Whakarongo ake au.....I listen, where up high
Ki te tangi a te manu.....................
A bird flies
E rere runga rawa e.............. Its cry rings out
Tui, tui, tui, tui..... Sew, stitch, bind it together
Tuia i runga.................................From above
Tuia i raro..................................From below
Tuia i roto................................. From within
Tuia i waho...............................From outside
Tui, tui, tuia..............Sew and bind it together
Kia rongo te ao......................During the day
Kia rongo te pö ...................... And the night

Tui, tui, tuia.........Sew, stitch, bind it together

There's a wonderful Rudolph Steiner School just down the road from us.
They've been there a long time now.
I am often drawn to this place.
I love the creativity & the harmony & the thriving children.
They have just had their annual Taikura school fete.
It's all about the children..
I love to wander & observe all the happiness & the colour..
Sabine's Laakmann's felt work is breath-takingly beautiful & enchanting.
I had to be quick off the mark to get these pictures..
her lovely creations are very popular indeed.
Not surprising really is it..they're all about innocence & delight.
I am also readily drawn to the hobby horse can find Noble Steed Hobby Horses & Unicorns just here.
These horses didn't hang around for long either, off they galloped in a jiffy.
There were fairies & story~tellers, puppet shows &
 an Ice Queen..
 I am not quite sure what she did, but she was very lovely indeed..
There were plenty of comfy places to perch..
& so many fun things to have a go at.
 Not many places you go these days where you get to turn your hand to sword whittling?
 Isn't this a fabulous idea!
 There was also candle making & fairy boat creating & of
Such beautiful soaps...all that glorious scent & colour!
The annual experience of advent...the path way to celebration & joy will always be about the return, again & again to child~like wonder...with no apology,
via Pinterest
Wishing you simple joys & enough these coming weeks.
Always lovely to see you.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Isabella and the Threads

The threads of life..
Isn't it fascinating to watch them come together in the weaving of our stories.
Warp & weft, under & over, dark & light, thick & thin..

I am so grateful to my American friends as they continue to share their own Thanksgiving stories & celebrations with us all.
 I have now picked up that particular thread too & I am stitching it into my life....I love the colour of Thanksgiving!
It's an easy thing to do, this catching up the thread, as my darling & I met at just this time, 34 years ago.

How lovely for us to find "Wedding Day" voluptuously sprawled along the front porch of Aroha Mountain Lodge last week. 
It's a comfortable drive from Te Aroha to Hamilton, where Shirley lives.
Mary (left) is my mother who had got lost but is now found, Shirley is my step-mother's sister & a strong thread of steadiest kindness & goodness.
We all gathered for lunch on excellent plan, as it happens.
There was an exchange of recipes & chutney, lemon honey & Christmas treats.
And I collected my box of Trade Me bought, Old English Rose china, that Shirley had kindly picked up for me some months ago.
In passing, I caught a glimpse of colour..
so we re-traced our steps to find this clever piece of "urban knitting"
The tree tucked in beside this old Spitfire memorial..
coming closer we discovered the poppies around the sweet!
We found ourselves wandering in Parana Park..

Not all was sunshiney during our time in The Waikato..
but sometimes rain makes things quite magical.
Aunty Shirley introduced us to a lovely little shop called Zinnias. I found a wonderful card to share with you.
One rainy afternoon, I sat immersed in the heady fragrance of "Wedding day" & figured out how to make those crocheted angels. A bit wonky, but I don't think they mind.
The day after Hamilton we went to Paeroa, about half an hour away & fun to visit as there are plenty of  vintage shops to fossick in.
 Isn't this the grandest collection of old prams & push chairs.
You'd almost think that we'd been away for weeks when really it was only 5 days!
We were so comfy & relaxed we decided to stay just one more night & on the Friday made a little road trip to visit..Isabella
& Julie!!
As it turned out, poor Julie didn't get much notice of our imminent arrival & was busy mowing lawns before the weather closed in. So sweet of her to make us a cup of tea & let us have a lovely browse in her wonderful Threadbear Cottage. We even discovered that our sons had been born a week apart in the same maternity hospital in Hawera. We certainly did run out of time Julie but it was SO lovely to meet person!
Rob fell in love with this hottie & it's cover!
Julie's mum did the knitting & Julie added the embellishments. There is a lovely crocheted butterfly on the other side.
When we returned to the lodge Greg had left us a bottle of bubbly..isn't that the most sparkingly kind of hospitality!!
Oh we are so thankful!!
God bless you all...I am so thankful for your visits & your friendship..those visible & those unseen : )
and the threads that you have woven in friendship through my life.

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