Sunday, 23 September 2012

So Happy Together...

Spring flowers are always soo pretty aren't they!
I found this sparkly little cruet set at the "Dog Shop" this week (well "People for Pets" is a little bit of a mouthful) I really like the idea of putting lots of small flowers in a cluster of little vases, that way you don't have to strip your garden to create floral joy & I think it might be a very sweet tea party concept too. 
 With things warming up just a little & a wee bit more sunshine we managed a small, late afternoon picnic in one of our favourite Hawke's Bay spots...our A& P Showgrounds.
 We thought we'd make sure that our picnic stuff actually works.
Seems that it does.
Our lemon & ginger tea was delicious.
 The wisteria, almost there..

 You really can't go far in Hawke's Bay without being pretty close to an orchard.
Our David is working just over here in this apple orchard..presently pruning & loving it.
Certainly a unique fountain..
 and so much wild life! There were several herons that kept flying from tree top to tree top.
I didn't know that they make a kind of honking noise as they land...much like geese.
 It got chilly pretty quickly as the sun was going down.
Luckily we have a few spare picnic rugs.
We can hear helicopters & windmills working in the night through these early weeks of spring, as the temperature drops overnight & the fragile setting fruit are threatened by frost.
 I love Jessie Wilcox Smith's darling illustrations.
Isn't this little girl so sweet.
 Jasmine smells so wonderful.
Did you suck the honey from the ends of the flowers as a child?
 This morning we returned to our picnic spot, only it was now over run with people!
The first day of the Farmer's Market being back outside.
It's so much better out in the open air surrounded by such lovely
 & interesting trees.
 Yesterday we went to a school gala just down the road & I found the two little folding stools & the dear little old school chair for $1 each.
Fortunately I had a helper to help me carry stuff!
The the other floral folding chair & table are recent finds too.
Perfect for picnics of course!
 I have been making a tea cosy to match the Old English Rose tea set...what do you think?
 The sun is very shiney on the fabric but I found the Sanderson bag at the gala too.
This sweet little blue flower is a perennial & it is called omphalodes. 
It comes in sky blue & pale blue & is quite like a forget-me-not.
Of course if you really got the hang of crochet you could always make yourself an outfit.
Especially if you had some time to spare.
I rather like this Christmas wreath.
If you click on the picture you'll find out some more about it.
 I thought that you might like something to make you smile.
Steve is an incredibly talented & passionate musician with a very grand sense of humour.
Hope you enjoy this video...Kaitiaki did & he is 6.
Have a lovely week dear friends.


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Little Lucie & Lily & Popping Corn on the Cob

Do you ever feel like the world is a weird place?
Overwhelmed by the harshness & the hard things?
It seems to me that quite a few people are finding things a little tough just now.
Well, I know just how you come along with me & follow the bright shiny hedge.
You can slip along the brick edge if you like but you'll have to do pin-steps if you do.
I've sprayed all the moss with a clever little recipe of baking soda & vinegar in warm a treat. And yes I know that it looks a bit ugly just now but you're supposed to be concentrating on your pin-steps & the not wobbling off the path bit.
 Right, here we are.
Now, stand yourself just right in the centre & very soon you'll be beamed up into a new & sparkly land where everyone is kind, cheery & nice.
 Now just look at that... all the blossom trees are bursting out, right around the garden.
And even over the walls beyond.
 Apple blossom is so crisp & happy.
 The fig leaves have begun to offer up their open hands in friendship.
 The borage is a bit pointy & brusque but the bees must feel right at home..I find so many hovering round the borage patch.
 I adore bluebells (just in case you didn't know) I mostly grow them because of the fairies..they love them too.
 How could I not send for this dear little fabric..
 Oh there she is, there's Lucie. Do you have any wooden clothes pins like Mrs Tiggywinkles?
I have borrowed a number of her washing baskets...she said that she didn't mind, not all, not at all.
 Quite intriguing this popping corn. We are supposed to put it in to an oven bag & 2 minutes in the microwave. It sounds like such fun. We did some with Kaitiaki but it wasn't a great success, but then I didn't have an oven bag on hand, just a bowl.
I think we'll have to try again.
 I don't think I've picked nasturtiums for a vase before.
They are so wildly colourful & very cheery.
 I have been having a book shuffle & tidy up & I came across this little library discard (amazing what they sell off at the library).
Stories the fairies tell themselves.
 "Bother! Now I've dropped my needle. It will be running off with the thimble, before you can blink- up to all tricks & stitches, I shouldn't wonder. Could you help me find it? It can't be far away.

And just look who's snuck in to the picture...none other than Lily the garden fairy.
 And while you're looking I'll tell you a story. It will help to pass the time.
Would you like that?
Good. Then I'll begin...

 "Twists & stitches I can hear the Royal trumpets. The Queen is coming! she'll be here in a blink. Pod pass me a pearl. Just one more- then it's done. There! What do you think? A work of art, don't you agree?. You'll never see another dress quite like it."
Now these two, they're praying.
Praying with me (as they are terribly grateful that I rescued the from the jumble at the Market..goodness, so lost they were, amidst the riffraff).
Praying.. that you would know
 ...that you are just quite lovely indeed & that I am very grateful to you for visiting & sharing this journey with me. Thank you!!
I have one more thing for you to do before you go.
Righteo just come & pop yourself at the top of my wee step ladder & you'll be able to see my finished blanket bunting.
 Just couldn't help myself, I did in fact trim them all the same.
And I rather like them being squarish not pointy bunting. The vintage blanket styles seem to lend themselves to squares & rectangles best.

Thank you too for all your lovely comments & emails.
I really wish that I managed to reply to you all more often..but please know that I am just so glad that you're there & that you are so kind to take the time to write.
You are such an encouragement!!
Have a lovely week!
See you soon.
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