Sunday, 17 June 2012

Lackadaisically Speaking...

Or not!
No lackadaisy going on here I assure you
..more like bumpsadaisy because really all I can say is
..this week has been Pants!! 
(as in, not so great)
I do love words don't you!?
And I love Sophie of Fading Grace for giving me at least half of my knew found vocabulary of late. 
 I do, however, really, really like my newly found scales.
Might clean up the brass face this week...what do you think?
 Why is living with other people such a challenge?!
Which leads me to one of my best words ever "chimdunichick".
 I think I may tell you more about my best word quite soon.
How sweet it was when I went to pick up some more walnuts from my friend Ruth (I'm the one with the stall out just now) to find that she had picked me this glorious bunch of winter narcissus..& snowdrops.
  Most of these are "stars" & they smell heavenly.
 Then, when I popped in to Savemart early in the week I nearly burst in to tears, when way down the back (2nd hand clothing warehouse) I glanced up & saw my favourite Sanderson of all time peeking out the side of some ugly stuff.
 Isn't that funny, but I felt overwhelmingly loved at that moment as I clutched the single bedspread tightly to me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found the $5 price tag.
 Kale used to be the naffest thing you could grow after marigolds & nasturtiums but I think it's brilliant stuff to grow through the winter months. It looks so amazing in salads & stir fries..
 after all, it is just a brassica with pizazz.
 Sometimes I struggle to grow pansies well but this little pot must be in just the right spot as it is truly flourishing & I can assure you it is freezing outside tonight!
 I am glad I'm getting braver as I get older otherwise I might have siddled out of this wonderful opportunity..
 and never encountered this precious little fantail.
 So I asked the man nicely & he let us go & pick some of what was left of his gold kiwifruit crop.
Sugar really bothers me.
 It's actually bothered me for years & years after what I read about it's appalling effects on the health of whole communities..societies that used to have excellent health & well-being until sugar settled itself in to the midst of everyone's affections.
Interestingly, the issue has come up again recently, with even more compelling research backing.
The dilemma for me most of all is that I love tea parties & the idea & loveliness of tea parties but I just can't do the cup cake much sugar, so why not simple things made pretty?
 There's something deeply comforting about gold & amber & yellow in the middle of winter.
Even if it's just water in a jug.
 I don't know if you've ever tried gold kiwifruit..but I adore them & I never, ever get sick of them &
 they're golden & sweet & not nearly as furry as the green ones.
Ruth gave me old fashioned persimmons to sell too, but funnily enough, NO one wanted to buy them.
They're weird things..they make your mouth all furry unless they are jelly ripe & even I said weird.
The birds, I notice, are having a fine old feast!

 I have just planted the David Austin rose Evelyn.
I think she is just magnificent & so sweetly fragrant too.
 As you know by now, I'm a Singer kind of girl so I figured that you might like some Singerly advice for this week. (Thanks Caroline for passing it on). Click to enlarge for better readability...I hope, or else put on your very best reading glasses, ok.
You have no idea just what a blessing you are to me!!!


  1. HI Gathering Katie,
    I'm sorry that you haven't had a soaring week. I do like your words today!
    What pretty, pretty items you found at the thrift store! You are a good shopper.
    I agree with you about sugar. The idea of tea parties and baked goods in general is lovely, but the health effects are not. Too many grains upset my stomach, too. It's fruit, veggies, and dairy for me. I hope THIS week is much improved. I have been reading a little further in Pollyanna. Remember how much we love her attitude?
    I appreciate you!

  2. Those scales are wonderful, and a polished face would look great. have a great week!

  3. Oh, oh, oh, where to start? At the end, I think. That Singer advice is fantastic. Do you know; I have worked from home (writing l-o-n-g articles on garden history and stitching and making) for a few years now and I find it absolutely essential to clear up and tend to the household chores first before settling down to the luxury of creating at a clean table. Applying make-up and doing my hair though? Perhaps that's taking good advice a little far but I do believe one has to feel serence to sew.

    I love kale with all its nutrients. Do you grow Bright Lights Swiss Chard? It's a stunner mixed in among the flowers and doesn't lose its colour when cooked.

    I really love those kiwis and I think I have tasted the yellow ones and yes I recall them being quite delicious.

    I feel for you and your co-living frustrations. Your ability to reflect the beauty in life is quite amazing.

    I wish you strength,inspiration, and joy, dear Catherine.


  4. What fabulous advice from the folks at Singer! Beautiful photos, as always but have come to expect no less -smile-.

  5. Good Monday morning Catherine, Just loving your post thank you so much for making my "pants" Monday better. Yes I enjoy Fading Graces terms also - I think I may have found you thru her blog at some stage originally :-) You are sooo lucky with your Sanderson find - gosh what a bargain you got. My neighbour (around the road) has given me some gold kiwifruit so am keen to try them when they ripen a bit more.
    I did laugh loudly at your Singer advise - gosh if my husband came home and found me "neatly put together" & the house in order & sitting sewing, he would think I was either delusional OR running a temperature! ! ! Hope the rest of your week is NOT pants. Luv & friendship, Julie X x x

  6. Catherine, I love the sageful Singer advice so much I just have to print it and pin it to the wall above my temperamental old Singer. Can't promise to get all the chores completed before sewing though; sometimes I like to live dangerously and leave the vacuuming for pursuits more creative and fun.


  7. How brave of you to be so positive after a rubbish week. I should be inspired! I should get up from here and whizz round this house and then get out and find things to smell and breathe and enjoy! You are such an inspiration, our Angel in the world's garden!

  8. Hello sweet Catherine! I am sorry to hear your week has not been good! I hope things will get better soon! Yes, I love words! I read the most interesting ones in books, but can hardly remember them to use in my own sentences! Perhaps I should record them in a little journal for future use! You have found some lovely things and I am so happy for you! It is wonderful to find things you love and for great prices too! Your home is beautiful, sweetie! The flowers are lovely, as are the dishes that go so nicely with them. I love your sweet bear too! As you know, I am a bear lover! :D I love kale and yours is beautiful! I have never seen pink kale before! We only get the green kind in at the health food store we shop in. I really need to get a veggie garden going. The pansies are so sweet and I adore the Fantail! He is so sweet! I love birdies!!! I have never seen golden kiwi either! Again, we just have the green ones here! I totally agree with all you said about sugar and learned so much from the Weston Price Foundation about its dangers. I haven't eaten any sugar in over 4 years! I strictly follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and it does not allow sugars. I think fruit is a lovely choice for a tea party and yours looks delicious and very inviting. Your Evelyn rose is stunning!!! Don't you just love David Austin roses?! I am praying your week will get better. Thank you for sharing all the beauty you are surrounded with! Much love, Paula xo PS~ I LOVED the singer advice! It made me smile and is so very true! I can never enjoy sewing unless everything is in order and my chores completed! I have three old singers, a 1940's featherweight (my favorite) an old treadle, and another old singer that looks like the treadle but is electric.

  9. Catherine,
    Your blog is as Lovely as your Boards. I am now "Following" you, and invite you to visit my blogs ;)


  10. What a fabulous post - you live in such a wonderful place. Your vintage scales would clean up beautifully on the brass face if you sprinkle bicarbonate of soda all over and then rub with half a lemon. Bettyx


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