Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Creatively Corrigated and a Friendly Adventure

Evelyn was fragrantly, flagrantly waving to me as I passed her by in the rain,
 just last drizzly Tuesday.
 I plucked her as we left 
and her scent filled the car for the whole journey.
 About half way there & around lunch time, I just happened to catch a fleeting glimpse of vibrant pink in the far reaches of a rest stop.
 Meandering down the bumpy driveway we found the perfect spot for a picnic...
This glorious rhododendron was just humming with bumble bees & had showered the ground with her blossom.
 We made big fat sandwiches before we left on our adventure..
 & wholemeal apple bran muffins the night before. They tasted so delicious out in the fresh air in the middle of nowhere.
Soon enough, we found a shepherd..
 & a very large sheep
 and even a dog.
 I am sure that he's pointing the way to the best coffee in town.
 See, just across the road is Alleycats. They're very used to feeding visitors, feathered & otherwise. That's the kind of thing that happens a lot in Tirau. A place to pass through on the way to..
well, in this case, Te Aroha...the mountain of love.
 We love coming here.
 It's a little place that we both just seem to relax in.
 Surrounded by the comforting sounds of church bells that have not kept pace with the advent of daylight saving & fire sirens that may go off at any time day or night, urgently summoning the volunteer brigade from far & wide.
We stay at the base of the mountain at Aroha Mountain Lodge.
 Lovely peaceful views, bush walks just out the front door & the legendary hot soda springs are just a few metres down the road.

 Greg & Linda's hospitality is exceptional & warm.
 They have become dear friends over the years.
 We could put our provisions in the fridge & help ourselves to the kitchen at any time. The smallest gas hob wasn't keen to stay on so Rob improvised to make coffee.
 Te Aroha has a friendly organics shop
and an abundance of creative people.
There are lots of older buildings & warm-hearted people & the moody entrancing backdrop of the mountain is ever changing & ever present.
 Here we found Second Thoughts Collectables & owners Donna & Pete..
 oh look & Greg as well..
 Such an interesting little shop.
 I popped my head around the corner of the veranda & found a bird bath tucked into the lavender bush..
 and at the foot...a fairy dell!
 One of the things that makes my little heart sing when I am in The Waikato is the fields & by-ways of wild flowers.
 The daises & honeysuckle & the bishop's weed..
 I have so much more to tell you, but meantime, here is a clue to one of the most wonderful things that we did.
I'll be back very soon with more of our traveling tales.
First of all I need to do some visiting & catching up with everyone.
I am so glad that you're here!
Thank you for popping in to see me.


  1. Oh this very very lovely indeed! So misty and magical? Is all of New Zealand magical? It certainly seems that way from your blog! You must be a magic maker, C xx

  2. I don't think I've ever stopped in Te Aroha Catherine, but now after reading your lovely post I can'y wait to get there!!
    Evelyn is such a pretty and fragrance to start a journey with and your picnic stop was just right too.
    Wishing you an interesting journey home and hope you find more fairy dells and the like!
    Shane ♥

  3. What a lovely adventure! Thank you for sharing all the beauty and charm with us!
    You are the BEST traveling companions! Do you ever disagree about what you'd like to see?

  4. A lovely heartwarming post Catherine - Te Aroha really does feel like it wraps its arms around you :-)
    I VERY much enjoyed our visit but it went by in the blink of any eye - thankyou both SO much for taking the time to go out of your way :-) I thought of so much afterwards that I wanted to show/share with you.
    And Isabella says if she had known she was going to be such a "star" her Mother could've at least given her a wash & a freshen up :-) ! ! !
    Thankyou again dear heart, Love/hugs, Julie Xoxo

  5. Oh thank you Pom! I do hope that the Willows think so too. Not long now! Interesting question! You know, the answer is no.. we never do disagree about what we'd like to do & see. We like all the same things really, well almost. Now that is something to be exceedingly grateful for right on Thanksgiving isn't it!


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