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Lucy's Autumn Adventures which she goes to the circus and then the seaside!

Hello dear friends & readers.
Autumn has gently settled upon us here, bringing with her a visit from a son. 
Matthew came on the bus last weekend and although he stayed at his best friend's house, just across the road, it was lovely to see him, being as it was, just about Mothering Sunday and also a perfect opportunity for him to meet Lucy. Kaitiaki and his mum popped in to for a quick visit too...he's the one with the green socks, reading the book "Vantastic" (click to enlarge the picture if you like)
Rob has had a little bit of time off this last week and by Saturday he had completed all the little jobs, such as, making all the right electrical connections between the car & Lucy & finding the right spare wheel, so when I came home from running a couple of errands I saw a sweet little blue van waiting for me out on the street.
It's funny how the first time you do something you've never done before can be so exciting & a little nerve-wracking all at the same time.
We had discussed where we could take Lucy on a short trial run & decided that our favourite spot in the show grounds would be ideal. It was very funny when we drove in to find, not just a few dog walkers, but a circus had taken up residence there for the week.

We didn't know that there was an indigenous circus in New Zealand. Aotearoa is the most commonly used Maori word for the name of our little nation meaning "Land of the Long White Cloud".
So we had a little park-up in the clear space alongside the circus set up & checked to see how things had traveled.
Having gained our confidence, since all was quite, quite well with the dear girl, we ventured out to TeAwanga the following day.
 It's a funny old stony, coastal beach but there are plenty of spots to drive in & set up for afternoon tea.

We later drove right to the end of the road & visited the Clifton Camping ground to see if it would be a suitable place to stay. Sadly, the coast round this way has suffered massive erosion in recent years & that has greatly affected this particular camping ground. The sea has clawed back great chunks of land & the area is in grave jeopardy of disappearing altogether, however, just along a bit there is another camping ground called Te Awanga Point Holiday Park & having a little wander around, we decided that it felt just right! We packed ourselves up, checked the weather & went back to stay the following Tuesday.
There are quite a number of permanent residents who live at the park, but very few visitors out of the summer season so we could choose to park where-ever we felt like. Just here seemed perfect!

$25 a night is amazing!
We had the loveliest time. The locals were so welcoming & friendly & we enjoyed a long chat with a young Czech man when cooking tea. Later we nearly collapsed in hysterical laughter trying to find space for ourselves, the table, all the cushions & make the bed!! Only one person at a time can do the job on that one! The next day we met John (he worked in the circus in Aussie for 16 years!) & he said oh yes,'re in the little "Honeymoon Caravan". There you go Lucy, no longer Donald but a honeymoon van ; )
We set ourselves up & wandered off to make a coffee & when we returned we found roses on the little table outside. What a lovely welcome & SO kind of Trish!!!
I found another length of lace in my haberdashery suitcase that was just perfect to finish Lucy's windows.
Te Awanga Motor Camp is a best kept secret kind of treasure. Established 50 years ago, it has remained pretty much unchanged over time & draws the same families back year after year & now even the next generation come bringing their families too.

Of course there is the sea..
but also a lagoon & a river
 & lovely farmland back in to the hills.

Clifton Station has been long established on this land. I borrowed a pony once from the Gordon's (who own the farm) when I was a teenager & rode Dasher in the Pony Club Champs that year. (Seems like a whole nother time now!) 
Look what we found on one of our walks. We couldn't bear to tell Lucy about the tragic state of the poor little van.
 I've always loved bunnies you?
It was such a lovely time of the year & the light was so wonderful I took lots of memorable photos & have made a Smilebox to add to this post in case anyone is interested.

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Thank you so much for stopping by to visit.
I hope that you find beauty in your week & time for at least a little creativity.



  1. hi Catherine....Lucy is just glorious! and what a fab little getaway. your pics are really special...what a shame you couldnt rescue that other little vintage van....a friend for Lucy perhaps?. x

    1. I'm a little slow off the mark here...but thank you for your visit & your lovely comments Allison. Perhaps we should launch a rescue mission for the sad wee van (bet they wouldn't want to part with it even though they don't love it!) Or maybe write a children's story around it..what do you reckon? xx

  2. Hi GK!
    I wondered if you were just a tiny bit nervous about taking Lucy out on the open road! She did so well! It looks like you had a wonderful adventure. I laughed when I read of you and Rob bumping around, trying to get settled!
    I do love all the pink and red, the talk of "cooking tea" and the scenery. Wow! You have it all!
    Bless you, good traveler! I've been SO looking forward to this post!

    1. We did indeed have a wonderful adventure & Lucy did so well..she'll be just fine now she has her traveling mojo turned on again! Funny the vernacular that we pick up..we seem to mix our "tea" & "dinner" around whenever we feel like it over here! I hope that you're keeping up your patience & strength just now. Much love GK x0x0x

  3. That was just perfect. i loved your Smilebox - you could work for NZ Tourism! Happy caravanning!

    1. I am so delighted that you took the time to watch my smilebox...good for you. You are so sweet with your comments! It's a funny thing getting so much joy out of silly little jaunts so close to home! Much love Catherine x0x

  4. How wonderful that she is road worthy now and that you can go in trips with her - just perfect!

    How is Matthew now? I haven't seen him blog for a long time - or have I just missed them. How is that lad of his - growing up fast I bet.

    Lovely photos and scenery - your blog always makes me feel so homesick!

    1. Hello Lorraine, so nice to see you having such fun with that dear little puppy & your son all done up in his jacket : )
      Matthew is just fine but no longer blogging at this point. I thinking it did for him what it needed to at the time. No doubt he may return sometime in the future. Fine is 9 now & a really nice kid.
      Sorry about the homesick thing...glad that you still pop in to get glimpses of home though.
      Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. What fun - I laughed out loud about the honeymoon caravan! No wonder you almost collapsed but really, that is so sweet. I like to think I'm still on my honeymoon after 26 yrs together. :o)

    I love the sea pictures. I am about as far as I can be from the sea in the middle of north America. It's at least a 2 or 3 day drive to the Atlantic, a 3 or 4 (or more) day drive to the Pacific & I maybe could reach the Gulf coast in a day if I drove half the night. :o) I've only been to the ocean once & I think I could stay there forever.

    Loved the Smile Box too.

    1. Hello dear goodness what a thought, being so removed from all coasts! Here in New Zealand almost any one is hard pressed to be very far away from the sea for long. I do hope that you find a way to get to the ocean again one day. It such a powerful mesmerising force!
      I am so glad that you feel that way after 26 years. Very precious. You certainly couldn't take a family anywhere in Lucy & all stay'd all go quite mental. I guess that's why people add awnings & things eh!
      Hope you're feeling well this week.
      Much love Catherine x0x0x

  6. What a wonderful adventure you had with Lucy. You have many gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  7. Hello Catherine - I have just watched the Smilebox through & I smiled all the way & the song "here comes the sun" was just delightful on this rainy wintry day :-) Thankyou so much for that my friend.
    Love all the pictures & your adventure - in fact, just looking at Lucy makes me smile, I think its her colour & her shape - she such a pleasure. I was most delighted to see the hot water bottle went on holiday with you too. So glad you are getting to go on some adventures in her - I am sure you will create some very special memories with Lucy. Have a great week dear heart, Julie xoxoxo

    1. Dear Julie..yay I am so glad that you spotted the hot water bottle. We have a wee heater out in Lucy but we took the bottle just in case it was freezing (& of course we have or zip jug!) Who would have thought that a funny little van could bring so much joy with her. I think that the colour just sparkles out seaside & holiday & happy days..strange eh. We would never have thought of having holidays quite so close to home before her. And of course should we find larger vintage items along the way we can always pop them in Lucy :0) oh oh!
      I have raked up a million leaves today..soggy ones, then put them all back on the garden. Do you use all of yours?
      Much love & happy garden fairy hugs Catherine x0x0x

  8. I loved your smilebox pictures - you had some beautiful scenery - Lucy looks so pretty and cosy - and when I saw the little green caravan I wished I lived near enough to go and rescue it! Blessings and happy travelling. Betty

    1. Hello Betty...thanks so much for taking the time to watch the smilebox. I imagine your woods must be looking rather lovely about now..all the bluebells back in flower again.
      Yes the little green caravan is a very sorry sight (Betty the rescuer..dogs, vans....!)..packed to the gunnels with old junk. sadly, such was the demise of many an old van I suspect.
      Have a lovely week.
      Much love Catherine x0x0x

  9. Oh Angel C, I have been erratic on the blogging front but just now thought how much I missed reading your gentle, beautiful self. And look at what I found! L LOVE LUCY! Am linking to your smilebox now, if that's alrightee with you?!

    1. Hello dear Mags so lovely to see you! I am so glad that you have met Lucy. We love her so much!
      It is always quite, quite alright for you to use or link to anything dear glad that you did!
      Hope you're having a grand week
      Much love Catherine x0x0x

  10. I've followed a link from somewhere else. Pleased to meet you, you have a looooovely blog!!! Hugs :D


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