Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Fresh Start of a Winter Wedding

The red velvet coat got hemmed and pressed and off it went on it's winter wedding debute!

A very lovely winter wedding it was, indeed.
If you feel in the might enjoy listening to the song above whilst you read this post.
It may even help you to screen out the busy stuff & shrug off the-weight-of-the-world, just for a moment. 

As we all waited & waited some more, chatting amongst ourselves in anticipation..
 the song began (yes this very song) & one wee honey girl;
 fresh, precious & without a care in the world,
 tottered around the corner...of the Old Church foyer,
 head down ...just like this, lost in her own musings & carrying a tiny basket filled to the brim with old paper hearts.
sweet hearts
She had no idea that all eyes were on her unsteady journey.
 Her mummy had to help her scatter the hearts along the aisle as she went..
I am amazed that she found her way at all under the awe-inspiring sparkle of this spectacular chandelier.
The Old Church in Meeanee has many tales to tell of Missionaries & Mass & of days long ago.
Nowadays, it is a highly favoured wedding venue, restaurant & bar.
It has been pampered & restored...
& positively glows with pride at all the attention & celebration now going on within these walls.
So much care & planning had gone into preparing for this day.
Just like nearly every wedding that ever was..
because of love...
bright, shiny, still new & full of hope & promise & forevers.
What a lovely invitation...
Of course, some of us are great at multi-tasking!
Precious memoir.
There was an option to come "with bells on".
An aunty or two did just that!
It was a truly blessed day.
Vines & fertile plains surrounding,
 on a short but glistening winters day.
It was a real blessing to be there with my gathering friend Ruth to see her middle daughter married, everyone so proud & happy.
What happens in the years to come?
Only time will tell.
We were all asked to bring a recipe to the kitchen tea & a piece of wisdom...
for marriage, of course.
And mine:
Tell the truth..all the time.
Be honest about it all, don't just make it right!
Be gentle, be strong but always tell the truth...
about yourself, about your marriage,
about your families...
About life.
Thank you so much for visiting me.
I have a good deal to catch up on so I will try & move things along a little quicker in the next week or too.
I hope that you come across sweet scented flowers this week.
Sniff them or pick them just for you. 
I have just picked the first sprigs of daphne.. oh heavenly scent.
Much love & hugs to you all.


  1. You look stunning in your red velvet coat and wedding ensemble. It looks like it was a lovely day for the wedding, the paper hearts were a lovely idea.
    Anne xx

  2. Dear Catherine, I love your red coat outfit. And the pink purse with the flowers is lovely addition, the flower skirt as well. Your blonde angel's hair is the icing on the cake. I think you took part in a really fantastic and heart-warming wedding ceremony. The idea with the dictionary is very inspiring and surely a lovely memory.

  3. Hello Catherine, I'm a new follower to your blog! I absolutely love your red coat, in fact the entire outfit! Just beautiful!

  4. Your red coat looks wonderful! I think the little touches on the wedding like the cake with bunting and the book to write in were really well thought out. May the happy couple have many happy years of marriage. Betty

  5. You look beautiful in your sweet red coat. I love it.

    I'm sharing the paper heart idea with my future daughter-in-law. We're full of exciting wedding plans right now. :o)

  6. looks like a lovely day was had. wow that chandelier is amazing!! and how adoreable is that dictionary look smashing in the red velvet by the way!....Al xx

  7. Hi Catherine, such a beautiful post, and wise words. The wedding looks magical. I love the idea of the dictionary, so unique. You look lovely in your red winter coat. Hope all is well, Tam x

  8. Lovely red coat, lovely day. What a sweet idea with the dictionary. And thanks for the song. Love it. Going to try to find it for myself.

  9. Your ensemble is so lovely! I want a red velvet coat!
    The church! Wow! Yay for weddings.

  10. Oh Catherine - a beautiful post which choked me up as I read it & listened to the song. Not sure why ... just where I am at lately. I loved it all ... the wee girl with the paper hearts, the chandelier, the vintage dictionary, the bunting on the cake - sooo beautiful & thought out with love in their hearts. Your red coat is adorable - do you know in that 1st photo you almost look like you are holding an old box brownie (as my mum used to take pics like this)!!?? And I have an old box brownie. Thankyou for sharing this most special day with us dear heart. Julie x0x0x

  11. Such a beautiful wedding, thank you for sharing it with us. Your red coat is adorable and the little girl with the basket of hearts so sweet.
    I've just got back from my holiday so need to check to see if there are any other posts I may have missed - I don't want to miss any! Barbara xxx

  12. Wow Catherine, What awesome photos!! So very glad that you were there and your camera also!!! Your blog is just so beautiful to visit and you are a wonderful friend!!! (I have Sharon with me so comment goes thru!!) Love Mother of the Bride!~!


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