Sunday, 25 August 2013

Yvonne & the Boys & a Little Pixie Williams

Treading Gently, Being Thrifty, Living Simply
is truly the grandest way to be living.
Not really something to touch on occasionally, more a charming, healthy way of life.
Since Hettie Brown suggested this thought provoking topic a month or so ago I have realised just how satisfying it is to make the choice to live each day:
Treading gently, Being Thrifty, Living Simply...& it's catching too.
As I continue to sift through & re-evaluate our collections of "stuff" & let go & move much of it along, I find myself re-visiting many of our gatherings, stroking them gently, thanking them & then releasing them to a new life & purpose. (No I am not turning minimalist, just trying to find the floor).
I acquired some wonderful old, very early gramophone recordings, somewhere in my meanderings. A few, I am now listening to once more; others have gone to be admired elsewhere.
Pixie Williams singing "Maoriland" caught my attention this week...
How intriguing to discover that this lovely post war New Zealand singer had only just recently passed away on the 2nd August of this year. I found this lovely little recording of her "Blue Smoke"  that was the first single to be locally recorded and manufactured in New Zealand.
You might like to have a little listen too.

I was amused by the writing on this cover:
I guess there'll always be "modern music" in every age.
These recordings have survived over 7 decades & are still playable on my "modern" op-shopped turntable. I loved the stamps of royalty
& inspection.
My being thrifty took me to sitting on the couch with a mushroom one evening this week.
I decided to make an attempt to repair the hole that had worn in one of our treasured, heavy, vintage cotton sheets. Maybe we'll get a bit more wear from it yet, we'll soon see.
I told you about our fridge fiasco a while back, where we were seduced into thinking that we could replace our faithful, rusting Little Leonard, only to find that the imposter wouldn't fit through the larder door. Well, Imposter was happily received by the nice man at "The Good Forecast" secondhand shop in town, the fridge lived to see another day, our money was almost fully redeemed & Little Leonard got to stay where he belonged...
& got a spruce up. I arrived home from gardening last week to find one Master Restorer with gloves & mask on & the stop right there hand up. Yikes! Little Leonard's door innards were spewing all over the garage floor, messy, but fortunately not, (as it turns outasbestos. Rust is now fixed, undercoat & sanding complete...almost there & new insulation inserted between the layers.
Here's Little Leonard before our impertinence. Quite rust doory & snuggled in beside "Yvonne"
When I contemplated what we should call "her" this picture immediately sprang to my mind.
Yes, definitely Yvonne.
People are always scaremongering & tutting about how uneconomical these old fridges are to run, but we've "tested for ourselves & found that they make no difference to our overall power bill what-so-ever!
Oh & he is:
A stately old retired fridge, now cupboard, that lives in the garage.
Yes, yes, I more fridges!

I have pottered on with my crochet.
I've hand stitched the cover on to some pretty vintage blanket & I'm thrilled with the result.
What do you think?
Little Nina came to visit the other day, she's 3.
She took one look at my crochet & said "That would make a lovely dollies blanket".
Lucky we share the same tastes since she's my niece!
Guess what I've started..
A little more Cath Kidston has arrived on our doorstep.
I am selling things to buy a few bits that I really love.
And I am making my own cushions & filling them with inners from the op shop.
This fab stripe is for the less flowery end of Lucy.
I love to try new things & am delighted by this white sprouting broccoli that the lovely people from Links Organics have had at the Farmers' Market recently. It is very sweet & tender.
My tiny tete a tete daffodils have naturalised very nicely down the back of the garden under the lemon tree.
They are so simple & so very small.
Sheltered flourishing nasturtiums tenderly receive & cradle fresh raindrops.
These soft shades of Banana Sundae are pretty in pansy form.
One of my favourite camelias. I wish that I knew what it was called. It has a peculiar habit of sporting deep pink flowers randomly amidst the others.
A truly inspired choice to plant these magnolias planted right here.
 These magnificent beauties serenade an interesting Art Deco commercial building just down the road.

Thirsty for the coveted spring sunshine.

The utter generosity & extravagance!!!
This afternoon two good keen lads, at a loose end, came by to prune my trees.
Practicing acquired skills is always a positive & healthy pastime. Sharing them is even better.
Alex wanted a turn of sawing & decided that he didn't need the ladder.
Bored boys are welcome in my garden any day!
All chopped in bits & cleaned up too.
 I am utterly chuffed.
They went a way with four different kinds of ferns, strawberry plants & muffins.
I am so grateful to them both!
David is full of tales of thrift these days & was very proud of his two mackerel for $2 (supermarket mark down) that he took home & filleted himself & his huge stock up on the wardrobe at the Salvation Army for $40. He's even cooking brown rice & using silverbeet from the garden where he lives.
See, it's catching.

Lucy is my sweet golden carriage.
Betty fancied a pumpkin one.
I found a Pixie carriage, this week, for us all.
A Margaret Tarrant picture I have never seen before.
Isn't it cute!
So lovely to see you.

Sorry this was such a long & winding post..
but do join in with the wonderful:
if you'd like to.
It's easy to get carried away with thrifty ways & stories.
Thank you Hettie are so very lovely & also brave.
Hugs & friendship to you all.


  1. Hi GK! I adore watching spring come to your land! Your crochet cushion is beautiful! SO beautiful!
    Everything in this post is delightful, as usual! I love your eye for beauty. It brings great cheer.

  2. Dear Catherine what a lovely post, and thank you for the mention...i think you do Treading gently, being thrifty, living simply so very well, so very well indeed my friend...i love old records and your fridge ...oh my goodness is it possible to have fridge envy?? I am in love...and what a fantastic paint job xx

  3. Such a wonderful post full of good things.
    Anne xx

  4. Hello...that is a lovely post to read with a hot cup of tea....thanking you kindly!

    I popped over to see you from the lovely hettie' glad i did..

    bestest sunday wishes to you and yours
    from daisy j

  5. I agree - it is a lovely post to read. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Pixie. I had never heard of her before and now I don't know why. I love the colour palette you chose for the crocheted cushion cover. Very pretty.
    The plants you gave me all seem to be flourishing except for one violet. I am hoping it is not the divinely scented double mauve one. Fingers crossed :-)

  6. Catherine I think a re-vamped fridge has to be the first! and what a great job. I hadn't thought of using one as a cupboard, a great idea as it's airtight. Your garden pictures are absolutely beautiful - my garden has not one flower in it! no kidding, it has been neglected, maybe I should do a walk of shame post! I am joining Hettie's crew, her posts are very encouraging. Betty

  7. Hello Catherine - such lovely eye candy in this post. I love your revamped fridges, especially Yvonne - what a perfect name for "her". Rob has done a fantastic job. Your crochet cushion is beautiful also, gosh I have such "crochet envy." Just beautiful & love the colours you have chosen. The magnolia pictures are stunning - mine is just coming into bloom now - I stood under it today & enjoyed it for a few minutes. I particularly love your banana sundae pansies - who thinks of these names I wonder?? Now please remember ... send any bored boys my way !! I have many jobs they could do & lots of sawing if they so wanted :-)
    Yes I am treading gently & being thrifty also. Have a great week my friend, love Julie x0x0x

  8. I love the sweet crocheted pillows & yes, that crochet will make a perfect dolly's blanket. I hope you'll show it to us when it's finished.

    Pansies are one of my all time favorite flowers. I've never seen this color before. It's beautiful.

    We try to make our things last as long as we can too. My husband is very handy & can usually fix things like our appliances, even our computers!

    Just in case you didn't know - a fun fact about 'His Master's Voice' records. The little white dog in the ad is named Nipper. My husband is a big fan of Nipper & even named our 1st dog after him.

  9. found you again. lovely blog. hx

  10. i can't stop staring at magnolia's at the moment, rangiora has very many, including one in our garden, so happy to see them in bloom and the promise of spring! I am impressed with your fridge. our 'modern' one is on the way out and i am sorely tempted seeing yours to look into a refurbished oldie. yes, i share your living simply etc mantra, it just second nature to some of us isn't it!
    have a grand week xxx

  11. Visiting your blog is a real tonic Catherine!
    I love this post - what with Madge, Yvonne and Kelvin - you're a wonderful storyteller!
    Nina will be so excited when she receives her dolly blanket - clever you being able to crochet like this.

    Your garden is always a picture - that carpet of magnolia petals below the trees is magical - the fairies will have a fun time playing there!

    I love the Margaret Tarrant painting of the sweet snail shell coach - she had a wonderful imagination much like Beatrix Potter.

    You are a marvellous advocate for "Treading softly, being thrifty, living simply" as every post of yours indicates.


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