Saturday, 7 September 2013

Taniwha: The Wonder of Spring Daffodils

Every spring, just a half hours drive from home, the Mabin family open their farm to the public for the season of the daffodil. All through September, through every daylight hour there is, people come in dribbles & droves, to pick bucket upon bucket of glorious, sunshiney daffodils.
A Taniwha in the garden.
Through the years the daffodils have been lifted & divided, lifted & divided & added to until they simply saturate the front fields of this wonderful park-like property.
The family built a tree house for their children, now shared with a vast array of visitors: young & old.
 It was quite scary up there you know!

Every second year the garden is scattered with sculpture. All available for sale.
I was so enthralled to find a pair of regal white swans.

I am not sure that I had ever noticed their nubile necks quite like this before.
And then the classic pose.

It is such an exhilarating feeling to wander & pick whatever takes your eye & your fancy.
So glad that we chose a perfect, sunny spring day.
(But I've got my mouth open said he...sorry my darling!)
This magical place is open to all for picnicking, picking, wandering & dreaming all the while the daffodils bloom..isn't that amazing!
There is so much beauty everywhere you look.
Weeping willow almost clothed in green.

The homestead is over 100 years old.

Always have to have angels, of course.

The bluebells arrive, a little tardy, toward the end of the season. We are apparently allowed to return & pick those too..I can scarcely believe the Mabins generosity. The daffodils cost $3.50 for 30 blooms & all proceeds are given to Central Hawke's Bay Plunket Society.

Taniwha & all the details you'll need to know to visit too (sadly, only if you're local) can be found here.
A lovely article about the Mabins & their magnificent property & lovely family can be seen here in the New Zealand House & Garden.



  1. Oh, how lovely! I must plant some daffy bulbs soon! You always choose perfect adventures, GK!
    Bill is in your land!

  2. What an amazing price! And a beautiful place. I love daffodils & try to add more to my garden every fall. They're so easy to grow & the deer don't eat them.

  3. Hello Catherine, what a beautiful place, thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful photos. Barbara

  4. Thankyou for sharing this amazing place to visit Catherine ... I cant believe all those daffs for only $3.50!! They are such cheerful flowers with their sunny colours I always think.
    I was not particularly drawn to the eel sculptures in the garden but I just adored the angel ones & the scarecrow ones ... could just see an angel or two in yours or my garden my friend !!!
    Have a lovely week ahead ... you have made me feel like planting more daffy bulbs!! xoxox

  5. Hello Catherine,

    I can just imagine the perfume that was there. I remember reading a book years ago about someone planting a paddock full of daffodils. If I lived in a climate that would allow mass plantings I would be in like flynn.

    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Such beautiful blooms. And that treehouse looks fun (though scary). Catherine, I wish to thank you for the mention of CarryUsOff books over at Barbara's blog. Good stories, art & pictures like these really do whisk us away! Have a great weekend.


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