Sunday, 3 November 2013

Dr G.Nome of Toadstool House & the Fairy Hat Shop

Oh there you are! 
Do come in, only mind the flat fairy under the doormat my dears.
Perhaps you're feeling a little stressed or pressured-it's a busy time of year.
I've seen/heard lots of chatter, just lately, about women feeling that they desperately need to slow down, that if they don't stop soon they'll break.
We can break for many reasons.
I wonder why we think that life is more the more we stuff in?
I have felt pressured to get on & write this post, but truly, some things just take their own sweet time
& actually, that's ok.
Wouldn't it be lovely to be able to wander up the garden path to Dr G.Nomes toadstool house whenever we felt stressed, broken or poorly. I feel certain that he would have just the ticket for every little patient.
Fairies, gnomes & pixies are so sweetly fanciful.
Wouldn't you like to help paint this toadstool?
A few months ago I bought a tiny fairy door for a tree from a clever lady who lives out in Havelock North. When I popped out to pick it up, I spied the cutest little set of toadstools in her back garden. She had made them up all by herself to suit a fairy birthday party for her daughter. I am so glad that she was happy to make me some toadstools too. They are made of concrete & very heavy. I can't lift the table on my own & there's not much that I can't move around the garden!  You can find Mandy & her listings of fairies, mushrooms & woodland creatures on Trade Me here.
We made ourselves delicious sandwiches for lunch today & Rob said "let's sit at the toadstool table". We must have looked ridiculous but who cares, right!
If you're small you get to eat fairy mushrooms when you sit there, but shhhh don't tell their mummy!
You also get to do tea party training if you come to Aunty Catherine's house.
The little apron was found first & fits perfectly.
We later raided the dress up box. One brother tried on the clip on earrings, but only for a second-you do understand. Nina chose the little tulle skirt, it wasn't until a long time later that the same helpful chap informed her that we could see her undies from the back...pfff who cares! 
 All kinds of concoctions were made from gathered flowers & plenty of water.
Now why would this one be called a grannybonnet, Aunty Catherine?
 Well how else do you explain?
My dear Sue bought me back a special gift from Cath Kidston London when she returned from her recent travels, a Lucy gift & they're perfect!
Foxgloves flourish in her garden in spring.

Aren't they beautiful!
Can't you just imagine the Fairy Hat Shop set in the midst of these fanciful blooms.
Another wonderful Margaret Tarrant illustration, kindly shared by my lovely friend Barbara at March House Books a week or so ago, from a book entitled "Joan in Flowerland by Margaret Tarrant & Dutton Lewis". The book is still presently for sale. Barbara has a wonderful range of vintage children's books for sale through her online shop in the UK.
I came across this very old board book for 20 cents some months ago.
The illustrations are so delightful. they make me smile & smile!

Oh look who appeared in the garden today...a jolly gnome.
We have been walking around our neighbourhood in search of an urban harvest of elderflowers (only the flowers hanging over the footpath of course!). It's amazing how many bushes there are out there. You barely notice them the rest of the year, but when they bloom, their fragrance is divine & the flowers so lacey & delicate. They make the most deliciously fragrant cordial.
Perhaps these pretty little French glasses will be lovely to drink out of next time my little tutued fairy friend comes to visit. (I found them in The Dog Shop the other day).
On our road trip south we came across a lovely little tennis set that will be handy for Lucy tea according to Rob.
And a cute little honey pot.
But our best buy of-well, all time- has surely got to be this painter's ladder that we grabbed at the school fair in October along with the wheelbarrow, the trestle legs & several other items all for $20!
I have been able to trim all kinds of bushes quite safely using this marvelous contraption.
Thank you so much for coming to visit!
Welcome to my new followers. It is also lovely to know that so many of you pop in unseen.
I am so grateful for your company, your messages & our conversations. Sorry that I didn't get much replying done this last week, but I do so appreciate you taking the time to comment.
Have a lovely week & do watch out for the flat fairy under the doormat as you leave.



  1. Hello Catherine,

    Gorgeous photo's of your garden Catherine. Love the green ladder and that tea cup and saucer. The little ones had a wonderful tea party, they look right at home.Have a wonderful week.

  2. The toadstool dining is adorable! Did I tell you that my neighbor gave me a toadstool toad house? It's so cute! It is sitting on the fireplace mantel for the winter.
    The huge granny/grampy sweater is hilarious! You're so right about gauge. Ha ha!
    Sending huge love your way!

  3. I've started looking forward to my Sunday morning tea & reading your posts. If you saw my pictures on Facebook of my walk in my woods you now know that's where I go when things get stressful. I try to go every day but I wouldn't mind a visit to Dr. G. Nomes as well!

    I loved today's post & don't worry about not always having time to reply. Friends can always enjoy each others' silent company just as much conversation. We understand that days get busy & your post shows you fill yours with good things!

  4. i love all these illustrations!!!! they remind me of my childhood books - my oldest sister had the most wonderful book of fairies that was huge it must have been 3 feet tall - sadly no longer with us - my mum didn't hoard like i do!!!! i'm so jealous of your spring - we just have long dark days here at the mo - hope you have a good week xx

  5. Hello dear Catherine
    I’m so glad I found your post this morning – I feel now that all is right with the world again.
    Who doesn’t love meeting with fairies!
    I feel Dr G. Nome understands even the strangest ailments – just sitting in the queque I felt the stress I am under just waft into pale blue yonder – how can that be? His magical powers of course!

    The foxgloves are wonderful at this time – mine have been tugged and pulled by the wind of late but they’re hanging on!

    I can imagine the squeals when you found your mushroom table and stools!!
    What luck it was in your area too – another Fairy Godmother living so close to you!

    The children are totally enchanted visiting your magical house – a great photo at the mushroom table.
    My middle French granddaughter just asked me for more “fairy mushrooms” sweets, so I have them set aside for the next parcel.

    Thank you dear Catherine – you’ve weaved your magic and I’m ready to face a new week.
    (my stress is finishing an embroidered Christmas Angel stocking for my youngest granddaughter – I have to post it by the 20th – Yikes I can’t dally any longer!!!!

    Love and hugs
    Fairy Shane xox

  6. I love the illustrations and your garden is beautiful.
    Jacqui x

  7. Hello Catherine, sometimes I kinda wish the flat fairy would just reach out & pull me under the mat for a little while - could rest & be unseen :-)
    Your pictures are so beautiful, all of them, love the book illustrations & love your tea party training session - look at the concentration on their faces. The foxgloves in my garden are so lovely at present too - I am hoping they last another 3 weeks. I love your new purchases ... tennis plate, glasses, toadstool set, honey pot (just gorgeous) & yes I agree, that green ladder is certainly the best buy of all time. Hope your week brings you joy my friend, Love Julie x0x

  8. Adorable post Catherine from begining to end xxx

  9. I feel at peace after reading your lovely blog post Catherine.So in love with the toadstools, glorious. I must say your Granny Bonnets look simply divine, so frilly and colourful and of course the Foxgloves.Also love the books and the illustrations, anything Cath Kidston and the honeypot. Hope you have a lovely week. Shirley

  10. Dear Catherine, you always make me smile but never more so than today! Thank you so much for mentioning me amidst so many beautiful things! I am truly honoured thank you.
    How lovely to see the children playing in your pretty garden, you must be a very popular aunt. Good for you sitting down with your sandwiches at the toadstool table, I wish I could sit in your delightful garden and drink tea!
    I will take extra care not to step on the flat fairy as I leave! Love Barbara

  11. Dear Catherine, I left a comment yesterday, but it doesn’t appear to have posted so will leave another (please forgive me if you, then get two!)
    I so love this post, and the fact that you mentioned my blog is just lovely! Your toadstool table is wonderful, and the children are adorable. How lovely it must be to have you as an aunt! I won’t be blogging for a little while so wanted to make sure I left you a message - must away now, but I promise not to step on the fairy. xxxx

  12. wow such a feast of delightsx

  13. I must have missed your post, I love the fairies and the toadstools and all of it! Thankyou for recent suggestions for a rose for my porch it was really kind of you, I will keep the ideas in mind and look out at the garden centre for those names. Your glasses for elderflower cordial are so very pretty. Betty x


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