Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Enchanted Garden

I visited Aunty's garden again this week, to gather vegetables.
I loved the people that I met while I was there: an Indian family & a lovely lady called Marion.
I stood gazing at these sunflowers for ages.
Don't they just shout summer!
I picked flowers there too.
These were very kindly given to me for my birthday.
I have so enjoyed them.
 There have been fairies living at the bottom of my garden..
 or perhaps that's a gnome?
 Either way, the two of them have moved on to an Eco Lodge just down the road & are having a marvelous time hanging out with back-packers from all around the world. They start apple picking on Monday.
 They gave me the most truly perfect gift.
"The Enchanted Garden" by Claire O'Rush.
Discovering & Enhancing the Magical Healing Properties of Your Garden.
 And look what's on the very first page!
 "There is an angel in your garden.
If you tend a plot of ground with love & care, no matter how small it may be, you invoke the presence of the Angel of the Garden. It is possible to form a bond of conscious communion with the Angel, a communion which stems from & is received in the heart. Because of this natural unfolding of spiritual perception, it is well to create a corner of privacy in the garden, even if you do no more than to establish one of the rustic bowers which can be purchased nowadays. Such a sequestered nook, however tiny, enables us to open a window on to the sublime sweetness of the angelic worlds with all their peace & wisdom & visionary inspiration informed by the spirit of love."
This is one of my very favourite fairy pictures "Midsummer Eve" by Edward Robert Hughes.
It's in the book too.
There's an angel that lives in my garden.
I know that she & Lucy are very good friends.
When I took that very, oh so huge step & decided to buy Lucy almost a year ago, I could never imagine what she was to come to mean to us.
Who would have thought that she would soon embody the family arms that Rob & I have never had around us. Even as we've had to process this next round of bullying & difficulty (work) Lucy has been our safe place, a sanctuary for our souls to find solace, a place to pray & just be
A place for tea...
And a place for deep wounds to safely rise to the surface spontaneously & be released.
Lucy keeps our secrets.
She's a sure shelter from the rain when your tent leaks.
She's a safe haven to leave a Trade me parcel for a customer passing through at 7.30 in the morning 'cos the letterbox leaks too.
I sure needed my "Dorothy Boots" (that's what it says on the label) to get to her today!
When I put out the fruit this morning I saw a little creature in the driveway. Oh no, I thought, a wee bird fallen out of the nest & into the gutter. But no, it turned out to be none other than Urbit.
 The Keeper of the Tea Pot
The boy hung out the washing one day last week. 
I discovered my newly washed op shop finds safely tucked in the sweet.
After my fruitless attempts to source vintage chic wallpapers locally (or anywhere else for that matter) when we were decorating Lucy, I ended up sending for some of the Cath Kidston designs, which I adore & I soon discovered that a metre & a half of paper sells very well on Trade Me, so I have ordered others. 
Including this fabulous oil cloth. I love it to bits!
Fairy music in the that would be just perfect!
So here are some more hearts for you.
Such treasures you are.
Thank you so much for visiting.
May your week be filled to the brim with caring hearted friendship & love.


  1. Your summer flowers are so beautiful! Sunflowers are one of my favorites.

  2. Happy Birthday Catherine. Your flowers are beautiful.
    Anne xx

  3. I love your garden shoes, the blue chairs peeking through the gorgeous green, and the heart tomatoes. Lovely!

  4. Hello Catherine - what a lovely post & what an absolutely PERFECT gift for you that book is. How wonderful - & a treasure. I also adore your Dorothy boots - you are lucky to have had some rain as we have only really had a sprinkle. That patchwork oilcloth is just gorgeous too :-)
    I well remember when you first bought Lucy - I am so glad she has come to be such a sanctuary for you both at this difficult time. Yes I can imagine her wrapping her arms around you & keeping your secrets!!! Your garden is looking lovely still in late summer. Have a happy week dear friend, Julie x0x

    1. Hello Julie, so glad you "got" the book. Good find on their part! Being so flat & with poor drainage we have a lot of puddles through the winter months but I can't stand wrestling with galoshes so Dorothy boots looked just the ticket...& the price ticket was very reasonable too. Yes it was a strange week indeed last week.. very cool & very nice to not have to water all my many pots! Thank you for your lovely comments my friend. Much love Catherine x0x0x

  5. What lovely bunches of flowers and that little pic of fairy music in the garden is so delightful. hope you have a wonderful week. xx

  6. I love the musical cherubs and the toadstalls, just a gorgeous picture that melts your heart. I too just love your Dorothy boots. Such a wonderful find the book, perfect for you. Your garden is looking great as is everything else in your blog post. Shirley


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