Thursday, 15 May 2014

What If...

Do you ever find yourself playing the game of What If? I don't mean If Only..that's about regret & things we cannot change. But, What If we had taken the path down, that day, instead of going up? It's actually a really interesting game? Why? Because it reminds us that we do, in fact, have choices in life...that we've made choices, all of our own.
So, it goes like this: What If...I hadn't met Rob that day in Wellington when I was 17??
Of course, I don't know! I have no idea what the alternatives would have been. I wouldn't have my particular children or live in this very house & I wouldn't have been loved so deeply & well. And then, quite suddenly I feel awfully grateful & glad that I Rob.
Otherwise I may never have walked up the path last Saturday (with him) to see this view from the lower hills of Havelock North..
And found this startlingly vivid bush in Tainui Reserve.
It was one of those halcyon days of Indian Summer where all the world seemed a little magical & full.
So I wasn't at first surprised to find these cherry trees in flower in Keirunga gardens...
The tuis & the bellbirds were in ecstasy..
& didn't care a bit that it actually wasn't spring.
And who could persuade them otherwise, when around the corner we discovered.... precociously early narcissus blooms!
Yet...autumn still in full splendour & glory.
And as we walked the leaf scattered sweeping paths, down through the old oak dell, I realised that these are our woods.
This is our woodland walk...not just mere gardens.
This is a place where magic may happen as the leaves descend to the earth. Returning to replenish & recycle & rest. the power & momentum of it all.
I couldn't help but twirl...
& twirl.
And abandon...
Autumn is a grand time for letting go.
Button was very pleased to have some new acorn friends & a few extra hats.
And decided that she may have Scottish ancestry after all.
What if I hadn't started blogging?
Oh no, I wouldn't have you as my friends!
So grateful for you!
Much love 
Catherine x0x0x


  1. How lovely your Autumn woods are looking and how happy you look having a spin! the 'what if' game is a great way of reminding ourselves of all the good things that happen to enrich our life. Betty

  2. Oh yes I'm with Betty ... the "what if" game does help to remind us of all the good things in life. I loved your post today & can see the joy in your face while you twirled & twirled ... & then happily landed. That sure is one beautiful woodland walk Catherine. I am in awe of the flowering cherries & daff's already. I have 2 azaleas in full bloom at present & I was sure they were spring flower'ers?? I think the seasons have gone & got themselves all muddled with all the droughts we have been having. I kind of know the feeling somedays . . . A beautiful colourful post on a cold crisp Waikato morning. Thank You dear friend x0x (p.s Love your pink outfit too!! You suit pink)

  3. Beautiful post, Catherine :-)

  4. So lovely to see you having fun. They are beautiful woods.
    Anne xx

  5. Cute pink outfit, GK! Yes, for great amounts of thankfulness for the paths our lives have taken, right? Yay!

  6. Such a fun post! I love that what if game. I have played it myself. Gorgeous Autumn woods and I love the little fella in the acorn hat. Continue to twirl, life is full of what if's!


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