Saturday, 21 June 2014

Seed Packets and Sun Showers

I am delighted to find that I am enjoying winter...
really loving it, in fact.
And so are these bright & happy birds, come rain or shine.
Wonderfully simple, nourishing food makes you feel so good.
With heavy rain outside, I spent a morning this week making baked custards, chicken liver pate & pomegranate & rosewater jellies. They all last so well in the fridge & taste amazing. I have a pot of chicken broth simmering most days too. It is such a marvellous & healing food no wonder that it's also known as Jewish penicillin. I used to think that the nick name was just a wild hyperbole, but now I know better. This stuff heals so many things, builds your immune system & nourishes deeply.
We had so much fun at a vintage sale called Faberdashery one recent Friday evening. Rob came too & he loved it. Lots & lots of stalls in the St John's Hall, all nicely crammed in & cosy. I bought this gorgeous piece of vintage floral cotton from a sweet mother & daughter. With a good soak it has washed up beautifully.
The little dolly wardrobe just had to come home with me too.
A little bit startling to find this pair tucked on a shelf inside!
I listed them on Trade Me:
"Well I say that they are Scottish dolls but really, they're stowaways, if the truth be told.
They travelled home with me hidden in the top of shelf of a dolly wardrobe that I bought quite recently.
Imagine my surprise when I opened up the door & discovered them tucked in there.
I don't think I fancy bedding them in with the pretty dolls but someone else might quite like them...for your own reasons!

Our lad with the bag pipes has had a scuffle somewhere along the line & has suffered a dislocated shoulder injury.
Well hello, he plays the bagpipes! (...just joking)
The wee lass really does have quite pleasant eyes when she's upright & not legless!
They're an odd couple, yet quirky & endearing..& very vintage.
Some rather interesting detail between them.
I bet they have some tales to tell.

And just like that...they were sold. They are heading off to their new home tomorrow.
But it was Rob who found The Smoother & it's little red traveling case.
He thinks it should live in Lucy.
The little ironing board I came across in The Dog Shop a week or so ago.

And the blue highchair was sent from Christchurch wrapped in a heavy curtain.
I am always so inspired by the clever transformations that go on over at Thread Bear Cottage so when I saw the rather plain brown tray I knew immediately that I could manage a wee make over of my own.
 With a test pot & a small piece of Cath Kidston oil cloth a prettier tray emerged.
I collected quite a lot of seed from my garden over summer & have been happily selling it on Trade Me, which is so nice as some things like my blue woodruff, are really hard to come by & it's good to be able to share it. I was a bit stumped for a while as to how to present the seeds, but then I found a great template here.
And then one day I came home & Rob had had a lovely time making seed packets.
Wasn't that nice. They're getting better & better as he goes along.
I loved this picture in a Country Living magazine..just lifts my spirits with it's profusion of colour.
Since my red wheelbarrow developed a hole in one corner I figured it would drain fine so I planted it up with polys & pansies & parked it in the sunshine.
And did I tell you I bought 20 bales of peavine straw to bed down the garden(s!)
I love the low winter sun.
With sun showers on Tuesday.
And rainbows too.
Perfect for a birthday.
A boy who now climbs mountains & not just out of highchairs.
He traveled by bus way down south in May. With just his bike for company he traveled hundreds & hundred of miles, then he walked & biked & ran...
& marvelled
at all the wonders that he saw.
He also leaned out in a very scary fashion over the edge of the Clay Cliffs to take a picture to record his intrepid journey. A journey traveled with great courage & determination in celebration of life...his, all 25 years.
My youngest son inspires me to live well, to be my best me.
This week I plan to fill my world with all the beauty I can find & stretch myself a little further in the challenges to believe that life really is good & wonderful.
Thank you so much for popping in.
Have a lovely week my friends.
Much love to you,
 Catherine x0x0x 


  1. Thank you for the photos and all the wonderful things going on in your life. I love jam, chicken broth, and vintage things. We had rain all last night here in the Midwest, USA. Seeds packets are darling.

  2. Lovely photo's as usual. Looks like you found some nice treasures on your outings. I love the 'poly' wheel barrow, nice colour for winter. Isn't Julie an inspiration!
    Gosh your seed packets look fab!

  3. How fabulous those pictures are by your son - he is very gifted to capture the sights he sees so well. Your post is very inspiring, The scottish dolls are odd but clearly someone really likes them! Betty

  4. I am so glad you are enjoying your winter. You make food look so good. I wish you could cook for me every now and again! (BIG HUG!)

  5. Hello Catherine, sometimes I just want to sink right in to your blog pages & pull it up round my ears, & let the world go by ..... !!!! Does this make sense?? Your photos are always so beautiful & you truely do find beauty in the everyday things. Which is so important I feel. I adore your fabric purchase, would've loved to have accompanied you to the vintage fabric sale :-)
    Your tray turned out beautifully & Oh those seed packets. Your wheelbarrow looks wonderful in the winter light. Lovely to see your youngest sons adventures by photograph, some amazing pics. Have a great week my friend x0x0x

  6. I found your charming blog via pinterest browsing for vintage campers. I love Lucy and what you have done to her and how you use her often for teas and entertaining. I love the darling toadstools you have outside also and am wondering if you could tell me if you made these and if so, if you could share how.

    I have spent several hours tonight just enjoying reading your blog. Thank you!
    bee blessed

  7. There is so much beauty and colour and wonder in this post, I so enjoyed reading it. Thank so much for sharing everything with us. Lisa xx


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