Sunday, 27 July 2014

Down at the Bottom of the Garden & About a Boy

 Just now the days here are bitterly cold; bone chilling.
I don't think this wrap will help the girls very much but it certainly adds a touch of glamour to their winter.
 Some days are a tad warmer...
early morning sun makes the world seem brand new; especially after rain.
 I've been tidying up all kinds of corners, like in here under the old plum tree where we put down a little bark (not too much's a wee bit ugly). Winter sun is sneaky, it turns up in places it never thought about in summer.
 Winter roses or hellebores are such a welcome sight
 on these crisp, cold days.
There are some new additions to the fairy garden...
 the little lass is a wee bit shy.
See what I mean.
 Ah, there she is with her pretty sunhat
& flower basket.
 This little one is away-with-the-fairies (& the birds) for sure.
There's lots flowering in my garden in sheltered possies.
 I just adore this primrose. I've never seen this colour pretty.
 I think that my new bird feeder has become the star attraction at the bottom of the garden...look at this crowd waiting their turn.
I had to remove a few bits & pieces with all the riotous enthusiasm & carry-on. I have put fat in the coconut shell & anchored the pear with an old metal flower frog. The wild bird seed is scoffed in no time at all & everyone seems to enjoy the sugar water. The tui has even descended to take a quick drink.
I have managed to do a few inside jobs too like painting this old washboard that seemed a bit dowdy & plain.
 I used a test pot & a few scraps of my favourite Cath Kidston antique rose white wallpaper.
 This tray from the op shop was just as dull as the washboard (plain brown) so I painted it with Pearl Lustre & used Cath Kidston spray flowers oil cloth for the bottom.
Much better!
 I also revamped this tray but seem to have some air bubbles now that it's dried. Any suggestions on how to remedy the bumps or do I peel it off & start again?
Our lovely boy said goodbye once more just over a week ago & headed off with all his worldly possessions to a little place called Gordonton in the Waikato to work on (manage) a blueberry farm. We'll miss him...a lot, but it's so good to see him making his way in the world & going new places, meeting new people & learning....all the time. He's becoming quite fluent in Chinese!
Thank you for your visit lovely friends.
Have a wonderful week...whether keeping warm or cooling off!
See you again soon.
Much love 
Catherine x0x0x


  1. Catherine I had to smile at your opening - it's bitterly cold here - only to scroll down & see beautiful blooms & green in your garden. :o) It's all in our perspective I guess. For me, bitterly cold is 0' to 10'F with 20 below wind chills (that's -17 to -12 on the Celsius scale) a typical January or February for me with no spot of green at all except for a few cedar or pine trees. I am sure you're keeping toasty though with lots of hot tea as I always do!

    I love the refurbished tray & washboard. You did a splendid job, I love the colors & patterns you chose. For the bubbles there are a couple of things you can try. 1 -Take a plastic scraper or spatula & try to gently smooth them out by pushing from the center out to the edges. Be careful, it can cause wrinkles. 2-Try taking a needle & making a small hole in the center of the bubble. Then gently push from each side of the bubble towards the hole, pushing the air out the hole you made. You have to do this on each bubble.

    I'm thinking of you with your boy so far away. I know we miss them so very much but are so very proud & happy for them too.

    1. Hello dear friend, yes it is all about perspective for sure but this is the climate that we're used to! -2c tonight & looking like a frost..that's chilly enough for us! I am very glad to live in such a temperate climate so that i can grow flowers & garden all year round I assure you. Always drinking lots of tea & chicken broth just now.
      Thank you for the bubble tips. Done most of that it's just that it's oilcloth & quite thick so I'll keep working on it.
      Thank you for your kind motherly thoughts concerning David.
      Much love for a happy week, Catherine x0x0x

  2. So pretty! You already have a lovely garden and it's so early yet, right?
    I love the washboard! Wow! love love love

  3. Hello dear Catherine, what a lovely post this Monday morn. I always enjoy your garden no matter what the seasons, yes you do always seem to have something flowering away happily. I quite like the effect of bark on the gardens & it eventually breaks down into such good mulch. Pleased to see the birds enjoying their winter feed. I love your revamps so much - I have a washer board like yours but mine is full of borer. I think Jennys suggestions above are what I would suggest re your bubbles.
    Now tell your boy that Gordonton is a lovely little settlement & not far out of Hamilton. Grandmothers Garden Patchwork Shop is at Gordonton though I am not sure it would interest him :-) Have a lovely week & I wish him all the very best in his new role. Love & hugs across the Island, Julie x0x0

  4. My Winter Roses are out to, I love them. Your primroses are gorgeous, as is everything else going on in your garden. Cath Kidston is the best, I could become addicted to her stuff too easy. Gordonton is not far from me. Nice little spot, you son will love it.

    1. Hello Sue,
      Lovely to hear from you.
      Yes, aren’t winter roses great.
      They just need to be planted in the right spot.
      Do you know about floating them when you pick them?
      They often droop once picked on stems but will last for ages if floated in a bowl of water.
      I’m glad that you appreciate Cath Kidston too.
      That’s why I sell a bit of it on trade off-set the costs a little & spread the burden of the $40 postage : 0
      Funny how once you hear about some where all kinds of connections pop up..good old Gordonton.
      Perhaps we’ll get up that way to visit one time.
      Much love Catherine x0x0x


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