Sunday, 28 September 2014

Looking For My Sanity & Away With The Fairies

It all began about 5 weeks ago, although I'm not entirely sure about that, having lost a few marbles along the way.
One day I heard a noise, a quiet persistent noise that sounded like Morse Code. 
I heard it in my bedroom at first. That night it was louder & it woke me up.
Then I discovered that it was in every room of our house...but how weird, when I stepped outside to see where it was coming from it stopped. 
What could it possibly be?
Perhaps it's the wifi, turn it not that.
Can't be the neighbours, we've all been here for years: no noise.
Must be coming from Heinz Wattie, the factory over the fence. Hastings is weird like that.
A designated Heritage Street one side of the wall, factory on the other. 
We've lived along side one another for the past 25 years & managed to get a long fairly well most of the time. 
 It is a factory though & there's lots of machines & 
 old buildings
 & desperately ugly bits.
 I had to track this noise down. It was waking me night after night (sometimes every hour) & wearing me right out. But how could it be in every room in the house, the garage the shed & even Lucy but not be heard outside?
 I contacted the noise person at the plant & we began to explore what it could be. But nothing worked. I started walking around the whole site, down the railway line at the back & along the paths & roads that circumnavigate the whole outfit. The wind would howl right through me, desolation & despair began to set in. Then I found "it" in Margaret's house next door. Rob began to hear it to, but could still manage to sleep. On Tuesday they fired up the sauce plant (doesn't usually happen until the summer) & my noise became unbearable....all through the night. No sleep!! By 4 am I was going crazy so I drove Rob's car to the scout hall & tried to sleep in the back of the car. I could still hear the noise there too. It's about now the noise burst out loud & wild from the top of the plant. 
To trim a long & unresolved story very appears it is emanating from a strange & difficult to access position quite high up. At first there was enormous relief, but apparently it may be Labour weekend before they can fix it, as it will require some major engineering work. Meantime, it is still in my house incessantly repetitive, 24 hours a day. Ear plugs are only partially useful, the stress grating my nerves raw. I cry a lot. I think I need to sleep at my brothers for a while to get some restful sleep.     
 I do what I must, we walk, work & then I must return to my home.  My home I also work from. A home that I love but I am not safe in... driven out.
If you pray please pray that I can find peace.
I have prayed all my life but never really got answers...perhaps your prayers might be heard better.
I am so tired of being bullied.
I refuse to apologise for being sensitive.
I have created a new world...
The sweet images soothe my soul, if not my nerves.
I wish I was away with the fairies.
Peaceful & trusting.
My dear friend Sue has been passing on the New World Little Shop collectables; look what was in the pile this week. Funny.
 Pretty things are flowering now..
 but it's sure been a strange start to spring.
So sorry that I haven't replied to comments lately. Just can manage it right now.
Hoping for better days & some help.
Much love to you all.
Catherine x0x0x


  1. A noise like that would drive me to desperation too. Do so hope they fix it fast. Love your latest pinboard, I have already repinned some of your pins. I love the things you write about your life and past, I feel a kindred spirit. No the scapegoaters will never admit, apologise, its extraordinary.

  2. Oh Catherine! How awful! When is Labour Day? I do hope it's not too far away. Maybe you can plan a holiday or an excursion with Lucy? I do hope you can find some peace.

    Sending hugs, quiet & peaceful thoughts your way.

  3. Gosh Catherine, this sounds like a slow form of torture to me!!!! How unbearable. I too am a light sleeper & am often disturbed by sounds & noises that Graham doesnt hear. I can imagine you are weepy ... lack of sleep will do that to you. I have just checked & Labour weekend is a long way off yet ... do you have an Environment Board in your area?? Surely they can help fix the problem sooner. I was so sorry to read this post today & can imagine your desperation. I would definately be thinking about sleeping at my brothers house. Thinking of you & sending gentle hugs my friend, Julie x0x

  4. As I read your post I am trying to source a noise too - it's like the noise of a computer console left on - electrical - it's been going since 6am and is only inside the house at the back yet it doesn't seem to be anything I can find. I have heard it before and it can go on for days then stop - I think it is something electrical - being deaf and also having tinitis it would be easy to pin it on me - but it isn't - and remains unresolved! it is not, however, anything like the noise you are putting up with - which you can't shut out or ignore - I will certainly pray for you to find some peace. I like your new Pinterest - I hope you can get some rest at your brothers. Bless you. Betty x

  5. Noises drive me to despair as well so I can well imagine your pain. Neighbours are having building work...they start at 7am every week day morning and have done since the beginning of summer, which as put a damper on our summer, BUT at least it stops at night...then I just have the constant roar of the M25 to cope with. I long for peace and quiet and have done for several years now and dream of moving somewhere quiet.

    I hope this problem gets resolved before Labour Day - that is ridiculously TOO long to wait.

  6. This is horrible for you Catherine and I hope the problem is resolved soon. Thinking of you.
    Anne xx

  7. Hello Catherine,
    Oh my how annoying, we get the pop pop pop of the gun club in our home at times.I hope they have fixed the problem permanently. I think they should send you a big hamper of their goodies. I hope you have notified the relevant authorities about this.

    Peace and happiness to you Catherine.


  8. Yikes! How frustrating. I wish you could sleep with soft piano music in your ears instead of a dreadful whine. Peaceful wishes, sweet one.

  9. Dear Catherine, I popped over to say hello never expecting to read this! How awful for you, I can’t stand noises, especially at night – Terry always sleeps through noise, but I find it intolerable. I see you wrote this on the 28th September, so I pray something has been resolved in the following days.
    I think your new Pinterest board will be lovely. I’m going there as soon as I leave this comment.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Barbara xx


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