Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Joy, Peace, Hallelujah & Gooseberries...

Thank you so much lovely friends for all your kind & encouraging comments on my last post. I have shared them all with Rob...we are both so grateful.

Whether you're just glancing by or perhaps you have time to pop in for a quick visit...thank you!! Thank you for your friendship & company....all of you: those that are local & lovely & perhaps a little shy (but treasured), all who have popped in from time to time & all my dear readers that have faithfully visited & perhaps commented over this past year...bless you all. 
I hope that your Christmas-time is full of sparkle & joy. Sparkling conversations & joyful connections, wherever you may be in the world!  
Sparkle is all in the seeing,
catching the light just right..
observing, being fully present in the moment.
 The hollyhocks are glorious "volunteers" & the chandelier a precious passed on gift.
There are fairies that live in this tree & they like the hollyhocks too.
More & more I find that I love our Kiwiana flavoured Christmases...
there are gooseberries to top & tail.
Cherries by the mile.
I found these on the road side. I bought a large box & sold them at the gate & gave lots away. They were very cheap as they had splits from the rain. They are so luscious & called "sweetheart".
I have just discovered that blueberries baked in a little honey & apple pie spice become extraordinary after about 20 minutes.

Poor Lucy is undergoing some repair work just now..
but there are still spaces for little Lucy Christmas arrangements.
I've been listening to old music.
This is my favourite record just now.
It sounds like long, happy summer days at the beach with the caravan (oh yes, that would be Lucy!)
Actually, I'm not sure that Rhonda is wearing much...perhaps she's ready for the beach! 
I have sweet peas growing by the gate. The scent wafts over us as we walk past each day.
I pick them often as it keeps them flowering.
This little green & red alstroemeria is aptly called Christmas.
Feijoa flowers tinged with gold..
Always the best way to come to Christmas...with a heart shaped bikkie & wings.
(picture from an old calendar)
Mary & Jesus by Margaret Tarrant
If you have time have a wee listen to this lovely version of Leonard Cohen's song's so precious.

Well here's a grand wish for Christmas, thanks to the talented Kelly Rae Roberts.
Wishing you much joy & peace dear friends.
See you soon.
Much love Catherine x0x0x


  1. Meri Kihirimete Catherine I love chandeliers and cherries and I am a big fan of Leonard Cohen Thanks for that Wish you some lovely days Ahoranui Marja

  2. My mamma grew the most beautiful luscious sweetpeas. I've tried to grow them in my garden with no luck - though I have not given up on it. I grew up 1,000 miles away from where I live now, high up in the Appalachian mtns. Now I live on the edge of the Great Plains, the edge of tornado alley. Gardens are very different here but I still try to capture my mother's garden.

    I love the hollyhocks & chandelier. Such a perfect fairy spot. :)

  3. Oh yay! Now that it is winter here, I can enjoy your beautiful garden! Sending love your way, good friend! Merry Christmas!

  4. Eye candy..........that is what happens when visiting your blog! You have a way with pictures. I hope your day was magical!

  5. A beautiful post Catherine, thanks so much. I love all your photos & have always loved that song Hallelujah - just beautiful thank you :-) Lucy still looks glorious in all her beauty even if she is undergoing repair work. My sweet peas have fallen over in the wind, the obelisk holding them up has snapped off completely - a bit of a sorry mess, shall be better sorted next year. Hope you & Rob had a wonderful christmas ... its busy here at present with Mum staying so your post was a lovely cheery diversion. Have a very lovely New Year both of you x0x0x

  6. Kisses :* I changed my blog adress: I hope you'll enjoy it! (However I understand, that google-translator isn't perfect).


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