Sunday, 8 January 2017

Simply So....

Well, isn't that a surprise- here I am again!
It's so nice to be back- shall I welcome you or will you welcome me?
Perhaps we'd better have a cup of tea!
I am truly fine (just in case you were wondering) & I am so glad of that.
I am realising as I write this that it is now six years since I began writing An angel in the garden & I have just managed to take a six month accidental sabbatical. 
It is this dear blog that saved me really- opening the door for me to find my voice, tell my story, come to believe that I mattered & of course, feel connected for the first time in my life, through the friends that I met here.
Nowadays, I do also find it easier to connect, share & interact with people on Facebook so if you'd like to come & find me there please do.
You know, I thought I'd have this written on Christmas day...
but the days keep flowing by & that could be quite scary if I hadn't been learning to be present- right here in today. Possibly one of the most important arts in life- learning just to show up & be here,
willing to "see"....
all the amazing things in this world around us- the design that runs through the universe on every level & layer & cell. All is a miracle.
Real living, is made up of the observance & appreciation & the experiencing of all the tiny things
the scent of salt air, the feel of sand through your toes,
the startlement of colour that is pohutukawa flower, serenading summer & enticing tui...
heat of the day swept away in the breath-holding tranquility of a pond, just down the road.
water-liles floating...
enchanting little kingfisher way up high, that surprises us with his annoyingly unmelodic twerp, chirp, chirp song, but then when I hear the familiar repetition the following morning, while buying veges at the Farmer's Market, I am impressed by his elevated nonchalance, despite the commotion below.
Nothing is too much trouble in nature's design- a weed given status through title- Bishop's flower, Ladies Lace is still a wild carrot none-the-less, yet somehow, we of grand & precious design, endlessly doubt our own value; fail to grasp our infinite worth. 
If in the midst of a thousand teeny florets of white, on one single weed head, is carefully placed a red button heart, how much more precious are we?
Trimming the weigela a few weeks ago I discovered blind, gaping mouths in a tiny nest so remarkably pre-prepared  & perfect- attendant fussing white eye mummy hovering just feet (sorry, centimetres doesn't sound right) away.
Life here is creative, productive & juicy.
This is a cute little set we came across a while back.
 Lots of repair work still to be done on it, but the chairs are so comfy & we love the colour.
I have been given the most unexpected & exquisite gifts of late.
These flowers- so beautiful, also smelled divine.
We gasped at the sight of the wild foxgloves when we stopped to visit a friend in Tutira.
And frolicked amidst a whole fairy circle full of these magical spires when staying at Morere in November.
I'm not sure that you could say that I am co-creating with nature particularly, more like contributing to an explosion of plants & seeds & flowers- they're everywhere & heading off in all directions in cars, planes, vans, post bags & boxes. These several wheel barrows full of wonder were sent out to the prison just before Christmas. I hope they figure out what to do with the Jerusalem artichokes! A large cup of hollyhock seeds & a handful of sky scraper sunflowers also tagged along. I am amazed to be given the opportunity to send hope & goodness & loads of colour in to dark places. We will have firewood delivered in return.
How astonishing to notice one day, seeds on this lily of the valley plant!
I felt like Heidi gazing out over craggy flower filled mountains way up here.
In fact, we've been here, there & everywhere visiting our favourite places just as we can- loving the beauty & the countryside & spending time together.
I've hung this cute little op shop bird cage in the flowering cherry tree outside Lucy.
I am reminded of Maya Angelou's poem "I know why the caged bird sings".

"A free bird leaps 
on the back of the wind   
and floats downstream   
till the current ends 
and dips his wing 
in the orange sun rays 
and dares to claim the sky."

Maya Angelou

As I dare to claim the sky I look down & proclaim-
I am living juicy to make the angels laugh!
Lovely to see you. Please do drop in again soon.
Much love, Catherine x0x0x


  1. It is nice to see all the pics. They look very beautiful. Lovely flowers!

  2. Oh goodness, I think I shall be afraid to visit again, and shall certainly not be presumptuous enough to expect tea! Such a sacred place this is, with beauty of words and soul. I am holding my breath at the perfection of your voice. I tiptoe out now, to put on my mundane, noisy kettle and breathe in the lingering fragrance of your wisdom x

  3. Happy New Year to you! It is so NOT Winter in your part of the World (but it is here of course) and I yearn for flowers, kingfishers singing and walks with nature so your post was very welcome. Betty

  4. What a delightful post...full of color and wonder...much appreciated as I gaze out at the snow...8 inches on top of 3 inches and supposed to be minus 0 F tonight. Happy Holydays to you and yours and thank you for being back.

  5. I love some of Maya Angelou's words such as: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel".
    There is beauty all around us if we let our eyes see, it looks like you let yours see........lovely photo's......wishing you another happy 6 years or more of blogging!

    1. Hello Leanne, I value those words of Maya Angelou's deeply. I find them to be most true.
      Thanks so much for popping in & leaving a message. Have a lovely week. Much love Catherine xx

  6. Hello there my friend. Happy bright shiny New Year to you both. Lovely to see you posting again - we have all missed you here in blogland & your beautiful posts with stunning photos. Everything looks stunning, especially your floral hat & dress!!! How wonderful to sit out at your new/old table & chairs & have a cuppa. Thinking of you my friend - sending love, x x x x


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