Monday, 29 March 2010

Succulent Women & A French Affair

We just loved the Hereworth "A French Affair" on Sunday.
Dear Kerian of "Sweet Mary" acclaim (& my inspiration to the world of blogging)
Here with her beautiful things.

Two gorgeous sisters: Francene & Jeanie who create exquisitely crafted loveliness &
share a grandmother "Gertrude Jane" who inspired & gifted their talents from home & a childhood in Nuhaka.
Francine's swarvosky crystal,pearl & crotchet creations.
Delightful for bridal adornments & other beautiful occasions.
Just adore these wee jackets made from "upcycled" woolen blankets.
There's something so comforting & nostalgic about these dear old things.
A few members of my blanket stash.
Cute play tents.
 Click the picture for the link if you're interested.
On Sunday afternoon, upon popping in to Pak & Save I came across these for $3
Almost perfect don't you think Kerian : )


  1. Ooh that looks like so much fun. I was so envious of you all when I read Sweet Mary's blog and saw what she was making for the event!
    So loved the little vintage coats from blankets. Inspired me. Just need the accompanying blanket stash like Catherines!!!

  2. I hope you don't mind Jacqui that I have adopted your "upcycled"

  3. My pleasure to give it to you Catherine. I probably nicked it from somebody else... as you do.
    Actually I really love people to steal my ideas and words, and anything, becuase it just all adds to the general creative zen of everybody!!


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