Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ziggurat: 144 Cuba Street

Walking into Ziggurat last week while in Wellington was a really peculiar experience for me. Amidst the racks & racks of vintage dresses, coats, blouses & other gorgeousness I was quite suddenly lost to another world. Reminded of Saturdays long ago at the Victoria Street Market & hunting for vintage stuff when I was 17. I now realize, it was the fabrics that most enchanted me & they still do. It's not about acquisition but expression, experiencing the stories & textures of another time & era through the beauty of fabric..& many times the romance of the the dress, the coat, the colour, the cut... 
 delightful vintage satin 
Style is what this shop is all about. All stock sold on commission
 from very old 1900's to boutique designer labels.
Truly a treasure trove, a haven for the glories of the past..a fresh chance for each piece.. each coat, hat,  handbag, pair of shoes, brooch, necklace or dress to find a new home, entreat love & admiration once more...to bring in turn delight, panache & romance...
oh how much we need this in our boring mass produced modern world!
Thank you Kate for your inspired & glorious shop & the photos.


  1. That sure is an amazing place. Love all that stuff.

  2. I NEED to go there. You are so right about the inspiration found in vintage textiles, and there's just something about the robustness of the design too. I too can be transported into another place.


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