Sunday, 1 August 2010

Easily missable, everyday lovely and Vintage Inspired Calendar for August

I think that my very best label is "everyday lovely" why?..
because when you consider the events of most of our lives in 
any given week they are often simple, routine, easily missable
& seemingly insignificant unless we have our 
"everyday lovely" glasses on. 
Only then is it possible to see that life may indeed 
have been crammed with sweet encounters & events.
Like a bowl full of gentle offerings for "Katie" 
from a sweet wee boy.

  together we picked some of mummy's favourite flowers

finding freshly dropped macademia nuts on the footpath 
when out walking with my love
(I didn't know that they were ready in winter!)

walking by some waste land today & spotting
these vibrant calendular flowers. 
I think I might infuse some in almond oil to use for my
next batch of skin cream ..nearly run out again. 
(follow the link for my recipe)
rediscovering the skinniest bit of paper with the simplest 
recipe for fruit cake that you could ever imagine & finding 
that it works really well

the astonishing royal blue of the berries that have 
turned up on the the mondo grass

sunshine in winter & afternoon tea in the garden
..with visitors

pretty finds from Trade me
two sweet vintage necklaces

and some exquisite vintage French ribbon
which will be lovely for using on one of my upcycling projects like this cotton sweatshirt that I "did" sometime ago
of course when you are immersed in everyday loveliness you
don't spend too much time fussing about the front "moss"
..we no longer have a front "lawn" after a winter of 
persistent rain, instead you take pictures that can only be 
captured when the world around has been stripped bare



  1. such romance in your post (and blog). i've just enjoyed that, on my early sunday morning! :)

  2. So wonderful to really see the beauty and treasures that surround us every day. We should all take more care to notice.

    (Our lawn is knee high and wispy, not plus blanket like.)

  3. Oh Catherine your post has put a lump in my throat I'm having difficulty swallowing....THANK YOU for giving me reason to pause & reflect....We really ARE so very lucky & it is SO easy to become immersed in the 'every day' when really we are SURROUNDED as you so eloquently reminded us by the 'everyday lovely'....!!!

    THANK YOU.... xxx

    Tamarah :o)

  4. I can only echo all of the above, and add that I think that pink lace concoction is a joy to behold.
    Your blog just gets better and better. Thank goodness there is a place where you can publish all this lovliness for the rest of the world to absorb!

  5. Beautiful post, you are so right about seeing the beauty in everyday moments.


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