Monday, 16 August 2010

The Memory Box and Menopause

I am reading a book at the moment entitled 
"The Memory Box"
It's funny what attracts you to a particular book,
in this case, the title & the picture on the front.
Quite good book..thought provoking.
In it's own way, "keeping" a blog is a little like constructing
a memory box. An intangible receptacle in which to store
the essence, colour, flavour & some knowledge of a life..
a record capturing the "here & now" of dailiness, events
& the personality of a certain human being...each person,
 every blog unique.
Muddling through menopause.... I am finding it a little 
lonely (I've never been this way before),
 a bit annoying & sometimes most perturbing.
 Acne on your bum is definitely a little perturbing
at least it's not my face... yes, I know. 
I'm also not really very impressed being re-presented 
with my own disposition in unavoidable ways
but I figure you don't have too much call 
on the gene pool & the how you arrived bit.
Self acceptance is all very well but every where I go
... there I am!
 I am thinking that 
maybe this has some truth to it:
you didn't ask for the mix but now you've got it,
 what are you going to do with it?
The reality is that not all things can be beaten or 
changed. Some things may just always be that way

I don't ever remember being this carefree :
but it's what my soul longs for....

I have known love & tender care yet a sense of anxiety 
has been my constant, useless companion for too long.
The discomfort has, however, poked me & prodded me 
& shaped me to become an equipper & a speaker
 of truth.
One generation should be able to build on the 
knowledge & love of another but when this fails
 anxiety & depression may well move in.
Be quite nice if we could just sit upon a vintage
cushion & not worry about a thing!

when my Matthew wrote this for his blogger profile
I knew without a doubt that creating a "memory box"
is indeed uplifting the generations & there is therefore  
hope for a better, stronger future, as the memory box
also becomes a tool box.....

"I'm a single dad in my mid-twenties, to a single boy in his mid six's, living life with abundance, and with passion. Every day I attempt to grow, learn, absorb, cook, and create every breath of life that surrounds us to be of beauty. I'm a chef by trade, foodie by passion, artist by nature and through my veins runs the music with the roots to my soul. I'm a collector of vintage, and gradually I'm accumulating the integrity found deep in the ways and belongings of the past. My little man & me live on an acre of green in an old wooden house, on the outskirts of town on the west Coast of New Zealand. Right by the ocean we wander most days, beside our fresh flowing river from the hills, that offers us wild herbs growing on its banks as we meander our way along, just a season at a time." 

so what's in the "tool box"?
 the ability to find your place in the world,
 know who you are and make a difference
the art of truth telling & honesty
social skills
quest for useful knowledge
gratitude & passion 
 personal integrity
a soft heart



  1. Wow, what a lot to think about. I know what you mean about the menopause, I'm finding it very confusing, sometimes I feel I'm not in my body at all. The part that's me is somewhere else and my physical body is just going through the motions. Hope it sorts its self out soon and for you too.

  2. What a moving profile your son has written. Do you have a link to his blog?

    Much food for thought in this post...thinking of you.

  3. Yes, a very thoughtful post Catherine and like what your son said too - very eloquent.


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