Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thanksgiving, Going Home.

Quite recently, I was deeply touched by this moving performance. I found it through Tiffany she had posted this one day last week. When I watched it I sobbed & sobbed, it touched a place of tender hope deep in my soul. Soon after, over the next few days we were to learn of the shocking news of an explosion in a coal mine  on the West coast of our South Island here in New Zealand & the subsequent entrapment & eventual demise of 29 miners who were caught in the blast. It is an event that has touched us profoundly as a Nation, our own David lives in Greymouth right now. These events & the arrival of Thanksgiving has caused me to wonder why we have never adopted this celebration in our own culture? I have decided that this year is a very good time to begin such a tradition. We never know just how life might unfold, none of us. The one thing that we all have right within our own reach is gratitude, every arm is long enough, every voice loud enough, any heart can be made humble enough. I guess it's actually a choice & it's free to all rich or poor, no barriers ever on this one...all welcome to participate in what ever way we are able & willing to. So in the sobering aftermath of a national catastrophe Rob & I have celebrated with humble & grateful hearts today, the day that we met 32 years ago in Wellington when I was only 17. Thank you Lord for all that you have given to us, all that you have got us through & for a love that has endured through so many years. We are so grateful.

Libera "Going Home"

very much

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  1. Hello Catherine
    Oooo I was all goose pimply while listening to that beautiful singing....

    Thank you for joining my followers, and I look forward to your coming back when you have time!

    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend - it's perfect weather here so fingers crossed it continues.



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