Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dancing with Fairies

Every year when I head down the road to the annual Taikura Fair & lose myself in the magical world amongst the trees I feel like a little girl again. I inevitably experience an overflowing sense of coming home. There's a lightness & freedom there that gentles the spirit & whispers to the soul that the world is in fact a safe & wonderful place. I wouldn't miss it for anything. Each rendition of this fabulous fair has it's own flavour & unique expression.
Today was the best ever by far!
This year we were greeted by angels. 
 and wreaths of fresh flowers
 such a feeling of celebration & welcome
Just round the corner..fairy angels & little girl angels. And that is the beauty of this place..everywhere you turn there are delightful things for children to touch, make & participate in..
 Stories in magical tents..
 Hobby horses to ride away on

well I guess you
have to be feeling
and their were other slightly familiar angels to be found wandering the meandering pathways
 oops, how did he get in there??!!
pssst over here..skip this way...
 now come & listen to a story with the King & Queen!

 here she is..the Queen.. telling wild & colourful stories
 This part of the grounds a verdant, very old established garden, a legacy of an adjoining property that now belongs to the school.
There were pony rides, archery, a coconut shy, organic produce, plants, cheese, bread, baking, gluten free yummy things, stilt walking, candle making, Bowen therapy on the spot, bunting, bags, bubble wands, fairies, wreaths, all manner of music & performances..puppet shows, Dutch speciality products, natural skin care stuff, white elephant, lovely handmade things, jewelry.....
 This was absolutely my favourite stall..I fell in love with it last year too!
 Sabine Laakmann lives in Haumoana, by the beach & is a fibre artist making wool & felt creations under the lovely title "Goldkinder" (click her name for her email address)
It's funny, these two photos appear to be a little out of focus but when you look in to the picture it comes right so maybe it has something to with the texture of the work...

I found vintage Sanderson amongst the white elephant stuff, a boxed set of Alice in wonderland & Through the Looking glass with the most delightful colour plates, a Maori peg doll & a vintage children's classic "King of the Wind" actually I just really liked the pictures : )

 cute little faces in the roses

 Goodness, Alice was originally published in 1872!!!
Evidently where Humpty fell from..
  little Maori peg doll...I love the pattern paper petticoat!
 my Sanderson
Rob was delighted with his find: a multimeter with an instruction book. He's already perused it for hours..I wonder what it does? ; )

 and then there were the most amazing HUGE organic strawberries. These were seconds so really cheap & lots of fascinating shapes. I also bought 4 avocados for $1!!! & the first of the apricots...yum!
 then it was time to water again! & watch the sun depart through this fragrant glistening white rhododendron
 Charlie, of course, never misses a trick..nosey as wonder all the nesting birds are on high alert
 but occasionally they have a chance to dig up my garden & fight over the fruit that I put out for them
So glad that you've come by..


  1. I so enjoyed this post accompanied by your lovely music. It is almost a two hanky experience, except that I am prepared for the effect your writing and pictures have on me now, and can get by with a pricking behind the eyes and a sniff. Love every second of it. You live in an enchanted world I think.

  2. my! such magic... what a wonderous walk through goodness... i say the music matches!
    it also reminds me of girlie books i read as a young child. the TINY series (which are called different in your country, but i've forgotten how).
    grand that these places exist!!! and thx.

  3. Hi Catherine, it's lovely to share your visits to lovely places and to see how touched you are by magical things.
    I have borrowed a book from the library titled "Velvet Pears, Gardening by the Seasons at Foxglove Spires", by Susan Southam. Susan's garden is in the south east of New South Wales and the book is a visual feast of her garden, writings about her garden and beautiful images of some of the vintage inspiration in her home.
    As soon as I started reading the book I thought of you because I think Susan would be your kindred spirit. She seems to place the same kind of value on the things you post about. You may of course have heard about her and her lovely garden but I couldn't let is go without mentioning it to you just in case you have no knowledge of the book.
    I do hope you can get a copy from your library to look at, you will be so glad you did.
    Have a lovely week,
    Anne xx

  4. How beautiful! I love the setting - so lush and .... magical and the Rosebud children are just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh this just makes me even more enthusiastic about my visit home for Christmas, I simply can't wait Mum. x

  6. oh I was so on this journey and quite literally 'away with the faries'.......thankyou for this gorgeous word & picture adventure.....its made my week!! xx


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