Sunday, 30 January 2011

Hand Painted and Other Fuzzy Friends

Just in case you hadn't noticed.. I have to say, I am endlessly captivated by butterflies..Monarchs in particular or "Monica's" as Fynn likes to call them. Perhaps it's their not-a-care-in-the-world attitude that I am so drawn to.
Joy taken flight.
 Hope dancing in my garden.
I think that they have been very happy that I planted a buddleia bush over by the back fence as they have been having a wonderful time swooping & dancing around it & feeding from it all through the summer (I wonder where they go to when it rains?)
 They have been happily finding friends

& mates

& on Friday, in the back garden 
I found this precious one on the grass
something must have been wrong because she let me pick her up & hold her

oh dear little one, whatever is the matter?
she sat in my lap a while
I was wearing a floral skirt that day so I think that she felt quite at home..until there came through the gate a lady calling "hello, hello" & wanting plums & here am I with a butterfly in my lap & a camera in my hand..she didn't seem to grasp the significance of the moment, but that does seem to happen to me a bit, so there was nothing for it but for me & "Monica" to go & find the lady some plums.
She fluttered off gently & landed under "Cecile" allowing me to take some close up & personal shots 
of her lovely self
 and her hand painted wings of glory..can you see the brush strokes? Or are they the fingerprints of the Master Painter?
I wonder if Monica's like Jacaranda's because I certainly do?
They have been so lovely this summer.
It must have been the time for fuzzy friends.. for when I came inside here was a bumble bee trapped in the front room window.
  Very busy, I must say & wildly difficult to capture..
 but so cute & fluffy... I kind of wanted to hug him!
enchanted wings
naptime butterfly wings pattern pictures, backgrounds and images
Have a wonderful carefree week dear ones.



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