Saturday, 1 January 2011

Living Without Regrets

Hello dear ones. Happy New year!
As the New Year lies, laid out ahead of us..every single day of it. I am feeling very aware of the catch cry of our time "but I'm sooo busy" & I am thinking that perhaps life must be "breathed" through. There is a time to give voice to our convictions, struggles, stories & joys & there is a time to receive; take in the sustenance, refreshment, inspiration or knowledge shared by others. I have been quietly sitting by the riverside & letting the refreshing waters of other's reflections wash over me.
One of the thoughts that I came to be washed with, was living "Life without regrets".
Touched by abandonment, I have been haunted by the fear of things going wrong, anxious of the imperfect & disappointing. This Christmas time has had it's share of challenges but I am delighted to find us facing those ups & downs with far more grace & security than ever before; even managing to transform annoyance in to adventure & grinning through it.
Matthew & Fynn were to travel through to us on Christmas day but as luck would have it they broke down in High Street Dannevirke & just like that, the poor boys were hour from home. Everything but the kitchen sink packed in to the boot of the old Mercedes, including 3 large jars of frothing sourdough starter & Fynn's bike!

Mr & Mrs Rob's Salvage were just fantastic in assisting through AA & good stick Grandad came to the rescue & drove down to get them..phew.

And in the week since then, family have come together in various ways....eaten
Isn't this the best sprouts..just cut fresh as you like. Robert & Gay have had them with their other wonderful organic plants at the Farmers Market recently.
And played:
 These ice blocks made with pureed strawberries & honey were a hit.
 Four cousins together.
 The hazards of boys playing with a doll's house!
Ah, but the girls just like to be sweet : )
Of course Pop's are there to show you things like stars & planets
  & how to use astronomical binoculars.
And sing you silly songs about your pants falling down when you get out of bed.

Luckily one small bike was retrieved from said car & another donated by a kind benefactor.
The garage was temporarily transformed in to a "C lab" since I had requested a 'fresh roast" as my Christmas gift...please!!!
 sooo good!

Oops, well spotted down the bottom of the garden taking more pictures of flowers!

The car came home & is still being repaired..delays at this time of the year..understandably. 
Rob even had a solid looking hook to hold up his pants..sorted : )
A drive to Dannevirke turned in to a fun adventure..even the op shops were open yay! At Gebo we had to commandeer a couch as they didn't have any trolleys ; )

Mmm...this toilet was rather special.Cool little manrobe though.
We are going to have so much fun this year.. I just know it.
A year to be lived full to the brim. A year to be lived without regrets.
 I am so glad that you came to visit. 
With every blessing to every one of you for a wonderful year.




  1. Lovely post again Catherine, and looks like your Christmas was very special even with the problems that happened along the way. Gorgeous weather! Have a very Happy New Year.

  2. Oh, you are a year ahead of me now!!! I loved this post - your initial thoughts and then the story of your Christmas. Have a blessed 2011.

  3. Love the pants hook, hehe. Wishing you all a fabulous 2011. Tamara x

  4. Happy New Year Catherine, Rob and Family. Beautiful post, 2011 can only get better. Love Bev & Jeff

  5. Well what cool stories you have to tell. All's well that ends well eh!Thank goodness they got as far as Dannevirk!Happy new year Katy. It's going to be a goody!
    Luv jacqui

  6. Hi there!
    Not sure who's blog I've come to you via but, she said you were her inspiration!
    Any how, love the blog!
    I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the delicate-looking pink flower in your 1st picture, the one after you'd been spied taking more pics in the garden?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sandie xx


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