Wednesday, 16 March 2011

All the Prettiest Things

I am a optimistic realist. My days, as my life, are adorned & filled with beauty. Without loveliness my heart soon droops & wilts. I am a lover of beauty & yet simultaneously, entirely pragmatic & a solution seeker. I have been scolded by leadership types for always looking for the rainbows in life...thank GOD that I never listened! I lug bags of compost & manure all around the garden & keep a large worm farm in an old bath, all the while wearing my pretty floral blouses & homemade shorts. Rob used to tell me off for wearing my "nice" clothes but he's given up on that one & now concedes that it doesn't really matter after all! I've had to work through an awful lot of crap in my little life & sometimes thought that I'd never make it, until, I started blogging & taking photos all of my own & then quite suddenly a kind of peace crept in & sat quietly down under my chair. I had found my Utopia, my home. Like seeking knowledge, beauty is a fluid quest with no ceiling. Where ever I go I see the loveliness & I am so grateful.
A while ago, I came across a discarded Romantic Homes magazine. I can't quite work it out, they end up retailing here for $23, which is absurd & the printing is odd... kind of blurry, so I have taken some pictures & cropped & edited this since this is just too pretty not to share.

    Just the loveliest address book. I was also given a tin of kind. Don't think that I want to give any of them away!

Isn't this just adorable!!!

  via Peekaboophotos
All the details & credits are there in the pictures if you fancy following the trail.
Wishing you all much loveliness this week


  1. Hiya Catherine, I love the Romantic Homes mag but it is way pricey isn't it. I am a bit more selective now, because they do seem to have a lot of ads. I love pretty things too, so if you have to wear something pretty while gardening, then why not. Have a good one, Tam x

  2. Oh Catherine how TOTALLY DELICIOUS my Friend....THANK YOU for sharing the Romantic Homes with us....I don't believe I've seen this edition....If you have a mo would you let me know the DATE so I can keep an eye out for it....I can see a HEAP of those pics making their way into my design book....hahahahaha....Or DROOL book as I secretly refer to it.... :o) !!

    DITTO Lovey re blogging & the beauty in EVERYTHING...I've ALWAYS considered myself an OPTIMISTIC REALIST also....I'd LOVE to sit with you in your garden & chat with you over a cuppa....I KNOW we'd have a lot in common....!!

    I'm CHUFFED you like my boxes....I'd LOVE to be able to make them myself....I'm in contact with a blogger here in Oz who has a tutorial though I'm BUGGING her for one on one lessons then LOOK OUT.... :o) !!

    I checked out the link to SIBOL....Like I NEEDED more GORGEOUSNESS to distract me from everything I should be doing....hahahahahaha....Just JOKING....There is some SERIOUS TALENT involved THAT's FOR SURE....!!

    I'm HOPING the clean up is going well in Christchurch....Unfortunately, with the situation in Japan we're not hearing much from NZ at the moment....I hope assistance is getting to those who need it & QUICKLY....!!

    Well Love I MUST away....It's almost 2am over here & I need to get a 'couple of hours' sleep....!!

    Take care,
    Tamarah xx

  3. Great photos, so sweet children


So lovely of you to leave a comment. Thank you!! ♥

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