"My violin was trapped in my music studio, collapsing Music centre building next to Catholic Cathedral with a red no access sticker. A Singapore soldier risked his life to go inside the building with me- 3 days after the quake- with walls coming down, climbed three stories of staircase filled with rummage, ceilings coming down. He kicked my studio door open as the lock was jammed...and my violin was rescued this way....
This is my way to say thank you to the soldier & and the universe, time to give back to the community.
Having lost my Dad when I was 17, I understand the grief & pain...however nothing compares to a sudden disaster like we are going through now.  Hopefully my playing will help to say goodbye.
love and light

It is with Yoomia's blessing that I share this story & it is her hope & mine, that others might find solace & inspiration through the telling of it.
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Lord may there be a continual stream of goodness & kindness & generosity & healing poured out upon Christchurch in the many months to come.