Sunday, 10 April 2011

Open Hands

As I was sifting through a pile of magazines this week I came across this photo & it made me pause & stare...& ponder
....about hands?
Our hands are our humanity.
They enable us to interact with the world, touch, feel life.
Without hands we would be mere spectators standing on the edge of our world looking in.
When we get our hands dirty..
..we become participators.
Touch, like music, is in fact, a universal language. If we have hands, we get to chose everyday what we will do with them. 
 Prepare food... with loving hands.
(click on Fynn to go to our kitchen blog recipe for Hot Cross Buns)
Useful jobs.
 We grind together good sea salt, celtic salt & kelp to season our food.
Hang out the washing.
Nourish & care for others.
Play & make friends.
photo Kimberly Chorney
Make, create, knit,
sew, paint, fashion..bring forth.
 My grandmother Edna, was a highly accomplished needleworker & made the most beautiful things.
Our hands enable us to explore the world around us.
I could achieve nothing in the garden without my hands.
Tending. I like that word.
 The very first occupation: tending a garden.
There are are no barriers to reaching out to those around us with our hands. No matter how little or how old.
You can hold brothers..
or great grand-daughters
 or butterflies
Our hands can touch & comfort...even through barriers.
 & wipe away tears.
They can confirm a love for a lifetime.
Hands bring worth to our lives & help us hold it close.
Sometimes they take a beating & have to clean up yukky stuff.
When we put our hands in our pockets we disengage.
When we clench our fists often our hearts clench tight too. 
It is so much harder to receive good things that way.
 ...I am wondering if a closed hand reflects the position of the heart?
Clenching makes my hand look ugly.....
 The open hand reflects a certain degree of surrender...& trust.
These open hands belonged to the One who would fulfill the ultimate act of surrender..willingly.
 All that's required of us is to open our hands & our hearts & receive..willingly. 
I'm so glad you came by.
 I wonder what reflections you have about hands in your family? 
For more of a "Pause in Lent" do pop in to Floss at Troc, Broc & Recup'
Every blessing to you all.


  1. Gorgeous post Catherine...I realised how much I took my hands fore granted until I couldn't use one.It is still not 100% recovered, but pretty close.

    The little kitten is soooooo cute!!

    Have a lovely week, Tam x

  2. I love this post, thankyou. So much to think about. I think our hands our so much a part of how we express ourselves. I have been learning some sign language (I am very deaf) and this has made me even more aware that there is a whole language right there in our hands! God uses us in many ways to communicate his word! Bettyx22222

  3. What a thoughtful post. Thank you. I have always noticed hands. I never forget a pair of hands, ever. An artist friend of mine made hand prints of the back side of her hands. I like how they showed surrender.
    The kitten picture makes me want one. Adorable.

  4. Beautiful pictures and thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Catherine,

    Hope you and Rob are well...I told Carl the Rob liked our curtains, but I don't think he was convinced..hahha.

    I have passed you the 'Kreativ Blogger' award (second last post) if you would like to take it,

    Have a lovely weekend, Tam x

  6. Great pictures. What about people without hands? As you wrote - hands are so important.

  7. Who is the photographer of the photo under babies. I love that photo and would love to get a print to frame.
    Thanks. So beautiful

    1. Hello Jem, I wrote this post quite some time ago & as I recall I found the picture in a strange place on the internet which I felt, at the time, didn't really require a link. I have looked & looked but can'y see an original source for sorry. Good luck in tracking it down. Kindest regards


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