Monday, 25 April 2011

A Community of Creative Souls

My dear vintage love, blogger friend Tamara over at A Treasured Past  very kindly passed this sweet little award on to me recently.
Funny how simple personal acknowledgments can give you such a boost. Thank you Tamara!! 
.....Now, I'm in the spotlight!
Amazing afternoon light in our garden.
The deal here is to share "10 things about Me" & pass this on to 10 others.
♥ First up, I find my non-conformist bubble rising to the surface. I don't like rules! Yet I hate breaking them & getting into trouble. I was mortified when I got my one parking ticket.
♥ When I left school I went to Wellington & trained as a School Dental Nurse.
That sure was another life! I am now a Garden Fairy & a Fruit Person (according to my 4 year old nephew). Rob says he wants to be one of those too, so I guess that makes us Fruit Persons, but he can't be a Garden Fairy ok!
♥ I was around about this age..
 when my parents were digging up the potato crop in our back garden and I managed to put the tiniest potato up my nose...I really, really tried to get it out again..truly! I don't know quite how Dr Earle removed it, you'd have to ask the poor people that had to take me to his surgery!
♥ I suffer from depression & it's a bloody nuisance!!
♥ I still have my dear old teddy..looking rather worse for wear. Special new borrowed coat for the occasion...his other clothes are a bit sad looking.
 He was my inseparable & faithful companion for at least the first seven years of my life.
(The monkey said that he'd look after him for me)
Our dog savaged him once & nearly killed him.
 Actually, looking at him again, I don't think he ever really made a full recovery : ( My little Velveteen Friend.
" It doesn't happen all at once", said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or who have sharp edges or have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time that you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, & your eyes drop out & you get loose in your joints & very shabby. But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand"- The Velveteen Rabbit.

 Once, when we were visiting my grandparents in Wairoa, Ted's head fell off. I was so distraught I wouldn't go to bed without him but finally conceded to take his head to bed! He was sewn back together in the morning & has stayed with me ever since.

♥ My favourite scent & flower, in all the world is lily of the valley.
♥ I would have liked wings but that's another story!
♥ I'd love a vintage caravan like this in my garden.
♥ I like to talk in you never guessed that one!!
images via we heart it
♥ My most precious possession in all the world is my marriage. 

So....I have decided that this is quite a nice thing to do indeed. It is lovely to belong to such a wonderful  creative community & therefore really very easy to pass this on after all. Each of us blog for our own reasons & our blogs are as many & varied as the people who write them. Best we stay true to ourselves then & be who only we can be: ‎"BE yourself....Everyone else is taken" XOXoooXOoxoOXoXoo 
 free via itkuplli
To you, sweet friends:
Magpie Chic.... it's really just like a morning talk :) Hope you adore your new home!
fraise lachrymose....thanks for your friendship, love your style Mags.
Mrs Yappy Dog...thanks Betty for all your comments & encouragement & for Thrifty Week.
Pom Pom's was the Easter dress? ; ) Sounded such a nice thing to do!
Jeżynowa Polana...I have loved getting to know you..even in another language : )
Sweet Mary grateful for your inspiration Kerian! Without your Sweet Mary I may never have begun this journey : 0
an endless your unique style & your story..keep up the passion!!
Roses, Lace and Brocante ...thanks for your enthusiastic responses.. so appreciate your comments Shane.
The Balancing Kiwi..."Serenata" you are a gem. Thanks for your friendship & interest. So enjoying your bird life..delightful Robin.
Some of you will have done this before, or can't be bothered or it's not the right thing for your blog or you don't do award problem. Even if you wanted to just do the "some things about me" & not pass it on that works too. I am quite certain it should only be done if it's fun. So grab the award if you'd like to ♥ (ah, one of the challenges of blogging..the font aberrations good reason!)
 I appreciate you all!!... fellow bloggers, visitors & readers!!
One thing I've learnt in the last wee while, is that, blogging is a conversation & that the comment bit does really matter. Dialogue puts us in relationship. Commenting kindly can be one of the best & nicest things we do for one another, especially those of us who are just being "us", not selling or promoting anything in particular. We all need encouragement in this old life we live.


  1. What a lovely post and I think many of us creative people suffer from depression at times including me so thats why we understand each other so well.

  2. Well what a lovely honour and a privaledge to be chosen for this award by you Katie.
    My blogging friends have completely transformed my creative life, and it's all down to you, as the first person to inspire me and invite me in to your world. Thank you so much xx

  3. Oh, thank you! You are so sweet to mention me. I shall send you a picture of the Easter dress from my childhood. I just don't have enough time to sew up a dress just now. I wish I did! I love your teddy. He's very loved. I love the hand knit sweater you are wearing in the potato picture, too. I love to speak in pictures, as well.
    You are very precious. VERY down-to-earth in the most lovely way!
    I'm so glad to know you in the land of blog! (BIG HUG!)

  4. Hello Catherine, how lovely to learn a little more about you. I love the stories about your teddy. He is so cute, well loved, even by the dog? :)
    Depression is such a pain isn't it, that's why I find blogging one of the best things I've ever done. It has spread my wings, (you have invisible wings), and put me in touch with so many wondeful people.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Anne xx

  5. Hi Catheine, thank you for your lovely words. I loved learning a bit more about you. A lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it.

    I love that you still have your Teddy, he is adorable, bye for now, Tam x

  6. I think I would like to be a Garden Fairy, too!

    Pomona x

  7. A beautiful post Catherine, thank you so much for the award as well, it is really kind of you.

    Wonderful teddy!

  8. It's lovely getting to know you through your very special and honest blog Catherine


  9. Thankyou so much for including me in your kreativ blogger choices. I have been working solidly and in the spare time finishing off on two swaps and a church auction x 3 silk paintings going on at the same time!Just finished. I will do a post soon when I get a chance to sit down and have some complete peace and quiet! Bettyx

  10. Thankyou for the award Catherine - sometime soon, after thinking for a while about the 10 things I will do the blog.

  11. Dear Catherine
    Thank you so much for your kind award - I'm overwhelmed as this is my first blog award - you are a sweetie.
    I love the way you write and feel it's so nice to know you, especially after the ten special bits you shared!
    I was born in Wairoa (many yrs ago) so I'm very interested to know more about your connection there..... Maybe you could email me as I couldn't find yr email add.
    Thank you so much "special Princess Auntie Catherine" you're a gem.

  12. Oh, thank you very much :) So I have to create a new post :D


So lovely of you to leave a comment. Thank you!! ♥

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