Monday, 23 May 2011

Winding down through autumn

Winding down through autumn, leaves falling, colours blazing, wax eyes feasting on the last of the over-ripe figs. The days are drawing in, the light has changed the shades of day to depths of wonder & intense vigor  
 Fragile poppies have emerged in all their sweet delicacy.

 and sol d'or's have rumbuctiously burst forth like over -zealous dancers, stumbling on to the stage before the orchestra strikes up the opening bars.  

I have had the strangest week or two. I had a filling break again (the one that always breaks when there is something wrong in the family) & my dentist couldn't see me for 8 weeks or more. Then came the pain & all my teeth seemed to be on edge. Pain & anxiety are hopelessly distracting & highly detracting from the nicer things of life. Eventually I got in to see Rob's dentist & the fix wasn't so hard after all. I've now "crossed over"... I certainly don't want to go through that performance again. And the family thing..a biggie & I think that it's just plain broken! (Rob's that is)

With a few days of very high winds, all kinds of things came to ground, other than a myriad leaves. Luca & I found these on or journey home from kindy last week. They are from an evergreen magnolia tree.  I'm not quite sure if they are beginnings or endings?
 With a texture like velvet.

Every May issue of the British Country Living magazine, with the reinvented display of bluebell woods sends me in to raptures. 
 And look Betty, there's our picnic (sewing basket) right there in the middle of things.
I have continued making use of every last guava from our highly obliging tree & have also managed some quince & feijoa paste as well. If you'd like to see how I've made it do pop in here.

 We are finding the moon in unexpected places & the evening skies are often drenched in satisfying colour.
I bought this linen bag from Trade Me this week for an Op shop price..40's fabric, in unused condition.
  I just adore it!!!
 Which reminded me of a picture in an old Country Living from 2004. Just the cutest idea for a peg bag.
 And I simply must make some of these little pot handle holders for the handles of our enamel cast iron frypans. The frypans are fabulous for making frittata but you can forget how hot they are when they come out of the oven...ouch! The ones in the picture were made using an old felted jersey & vintage woolen blanket scraps.
 I loved this cute autumn setting too.
I came across this dear wee coat on Trade Me this week. Just the sweetest, warmest little coat. The seller missmollycoddle also makes fabric shoes. I don't suppose anyone has a pattern for a coat like this one floating around in the sewing room somewhere...I certainly have a blanket or two that could be put to good use?  

I recently found this vintage wooden dolls cot in Connections. I crocheted the little blanket years ago when we lived in Taranaki & all you could find for inspiration was the occasional McCall's magazine. I found my very first one about to be cut up by 5 year olds in a classroom!

 I came across a bunny friend for Bertie for 50c this week... he's French ; )
 I never seem to have quite enough time to do all the things I'd love to do so I'm quite keen on taking shortcuts like acquiring 50c French rabbits.
 You may have already discovered Pinterest, a virtual pinboard/ scrapbook site. I've had fun there this week having a wee look around & found this cute pic.
 I was really pleased to find this pretty top at Savemart on Thursday & the cotton scarf/pashmina at the Sunday market this morning.
 Such pretty colours & so unscratchy & warm. I 'm sure any of these brooches would be sweet with it too..don't you think?
Charlie found himself a happy place in my wheelbarrow under the feijoa tree this afternoon.
 Silly old thing.
When I was 17 I stayed up all night once, with my friend Stephen & we took turns reading from Winnie the Pooh, until we had read it right through with silly voices & tiddly poms. 
 " If the the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may be that he simply has a small piece of fluff in his ear". Now what do you say...any one keen to join in a favourite things from Winnie the Pooh week, or the suchlike?? Do let me know what you think.
Thanks so much for coming by. Always lovely to see you.
Oh yes, I nearly forgot. The flowers below came from a Far Far Hill blogspot...such wonderful free down loads of pretty things.  


  1. What a fun post, Catherine! I'm so glad your tooth is calm now, not hurting you so much.
    I love Pinterest, too! It's very fun!
    Your finds are marvelous. I love everything you picture here. Yesterday I found both the May issue of British Country Living AND Country Homes and Interiors! I was so happy.

  2. Oh what a lovely post! I enjoyed every picture and wonderful find, every word of it. Thank you for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog and following me. I'm a follower here too! Love this post, LOVE it!

  3. I love this post, it just captured my imagination and swept me away - yes please, let's have a week of Winnie the Pooh and friends, it would be so fun - like the Wind in the Willows one? your pictures are lovely - I want your little dog. Bettyx

  4. You have autumn, I have summer.... strange world :) BTW I'm still waiting for your mail. :(

  5. Lovely Catherine - I am going to make your carrot cake this weekend.

  6. well, what else can i say but absolutely loving your post. you always bring something to it, something je ne sais quoi. authenticity, perhaps?

  7. What bright colors spring brings and I love them all

  8. Hi Catherine! I had to come back and look at all these goodies again! I hope you've had a happy week. I thought of you today as I was out planting, because your winter is coming. I planted some sunflowers for you.


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