Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pickled In Abundance

It happens every year & I never seem to learn (secretly don't want to ). Every spring I am seduced by the glorious notion of growing things, most especially delicious edible ones. But, now as I face the full deluge of autumnal abundance I am inclined to feel a certain weight of responsibility for having initiated such munificence.
 It's all very fine on glorious autumn days of sunshine & mild temperatures, when the colours are saturated & the leaves whisper sweet romantic rustlings..
(my new vintage woolen blanket find in the background below)
 ..the rosehips intrigue (I did try making rosehip syrup once)
the guava tree suddenly begins to drop it's delightful berries all over the driveway.
 This has to be my very favourite small tree...
 but then the rain comes too..more than we can take..Hawke's Bay suffered the worst storm/flooding in coastal areas ever recorded last week. Lots of evacuations, people lost their homes, or are now without fresh water, fences down, bridges busted, stock wondering much clean up to do!
The deluge brought down a hundred million leaves & clogged the gutters & hid all the grass.
This is just the beginning. But it's good for us sweeping up all the leaves & very handy for the garden to make them in to leaf litter by letting them rot down in piles & large bags full.
Everything's sodden...I need new gumboots!
Trouble is that, there is always way more to do than there is time. The first five pick ups are fun but after that you wonder whatever you were thinking in trying to grow & gather quite so much perishable yummyness. Lucky for the fruit stall at the gate.
So, no gardening for this Garden Fairy much of last week, but jelly making instead.
 Once cooked, I pushed the fruit through a sieve & made guava paste as you would quince paste only it's even more amazing.

 The persimmons have ripened despite all the water
 and the feijoas keep coming.
 I have planted a new tree called "Wiki Tu" that produces huge fruit. I really like their shape.
Our lime was no longer thriving in a pot but is now fruiting well planted out in the garden. 
 The wax eyes are feasting on the figs
& so are we!  Figs, feijoas, persimmons, my brother's honey & a dash of rose water
 is truly divine.
 With Greek, yoghurt a perfect breakfast.
This is the yummiest combination..late raspberries & really ripe guavas.
 Outside in the wet..peering through a window...
remembering the little collection of pearl buttons that I bought this week on Trade Me. There are buttons & then there are Mother of Pearl buttons. I could spend ours just fiddling with them & admiring them.
There's a small car boot sale just down the road on Saturdays, run by these two Lee & Robbie. We've known them for 30 years..back in Taranaki. They donate all that they make here to support a young couple working for fair trade & amongst the poor in India.
 So, I was pleased to catch up with this slightly kitch but, very environmentally friendly egg box a week or two ago. Now I can pop in to see Lee with my own special, only small/ medium eggs fit though & you really can't squeeze them in! I was chuffed to come across this silly knitted cover the handle of a silver you don't burn your hand when pouring!
 Thought I'd just tone down the yellow a bit!
 Rob, popped in to the Restore shop without me the other day : 0 & managed to find this fantastic old wooden washing line waiting at the door for him. There were a couple of bits of dowl missing but he has since done a great job of restoring this old you can see. The clothes came from the car boot sale that I mentioned before, $1 each, perfect for a young friend who has just had her third baby, a dear little Dylan.

 Thanks so much sweet friends for your lovely Kreativ blog posts & kind responses & so lovely to meet my new followers..welcome...very warmly!
With much love form Princess Aunty Catherine. When asked what the new princesses name was, my 4 year old nephew thought a moment & then said with glee to have remembered..Princess Aunty Catherine!!..soo cute.
Have a lovely week dear ones...all!


  1. All those delicious fruits look amazing. I can see you will be/have been very busy.
    I'm sorry to hear about the flooding. Our poor world is struggling at the moment with floods and tornadoes.
    Anne xx

  2. I love reading your posts and what great pics you share I adore that clothesline too

  3. Hi Catherine, the clothes horse/line is fantastic!! Tam x

  4. wow that clothesline is super - you could resell that to someone in the market trade and quad-triple your dough! (but keep it it is super)

  5. a wooden washing line... oh my dear, is there anything nicer than thàt?

    yes! all of your super exotic fruits!!!! oh my. at hand, just like that?
    abundance, indeed. and yummy!

  6. Wow, the fruits look amazing it must be amazing to be able to grow such wonderful things. I love the old wooden clothes dryer.
    Ann x

  7. I looked at your cherry guavas and realised that the noise that has been keeping me up at night is the possums in the cherry guava ouside our window! I am going to (try, really hard) to make what your cherry guava paste.

  8. It is spring here, and I am busy planting too many seeds - and I will be in an overwhelmed by produce mode come September! Love the old washing line!

    Pomona x

  9. Oh my goodness! Can I come over? Your fruits are amazing! I hear you when you say it's a lot of work. I was quite overwhelmed by all the squash I grew a few years ago!
    Your clothes line is poetic! LOVE IT! You are so delightful. You really are!
    Happy May Day!

  10. What bounty, especially the buttons and washing line. All your fruits look delicious.

  11. Hello Catherine, Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I am so happy to have found your blog, I can't wait to have a browse when I get a chance. It's amazing to see what your growing there and that your gathering, whilst I'm planting! I'm thinking that what I need in my life is a wooly parrot pot handle cover.... I love it! can't imagine how I ever managed to live without one! and the washing line is amazing. I will be sure to have a word with those piskies regarding potato peeler! bye for now just off to lop head of my rhubarb!! Thanks for the advice...
    Love Sophie xx

  12. P.s. the Margaret Tarrant print is called woodland friends x

  13. Hello Catherine,

    I am your newest follower.

    Your blog is incredible.

    You make where you live look like heaven on earth.

    Just beautiful.

    Thank you for stopping by "Rose Petals from Heaven".




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