Sunday, 24 July 2011

Grasping Wholesomeness

Wholesomeness is easy when you live a vintagey lifestyle. That's why I love this "Good" magazine of "ours"'s so full of simple wholesome goodness & great ideas. Not just green living or sustainability but catchy, funky informed inspiration, that if we all grasped just a little of & practiced those things, our own communities would be great places to live in no time. They are not new-fangled, technologically snazzy concepts, just good old-fashioned commonsense...mainly.
This is true.
 We can keep this memory alive by embracing the art of neighbourliness even if these days we er on the side of decency in our motivation rather than dire necessity.
I love wilderness spaces, empty sections are fairly rare in the city but we have one just up the road so I have been sliding past the no trespassing signs to pick these lovely red camelias & trailing tendrils of fragrant jasmine. They looked lovely sitting with the sweet gift & card from our grateful neighbours on Tuseday when they popped in to say thanks for helping out late one night when they had a wee bit of an unexpected family event recently.
 I am frequently amazed when I come across adults who have no sense of the changing seasons. When you think about it, every indigenous culture on the planet has a sense of the seasons or the annual milestones that mark the rhythm of their corporate lives & they all have a heritage of respect & dependence on the land. In our urbanized, technofied lifestyles we fancy ourselves more sophisticated, richer. I wonder?  I came across this book on Pinterest this week.
Saving our children from Nature Deficit Disorder! (don't you love that!) Sounds thought provoking.
The premise is that we all NEED beauty...absolutely! "Good" puts it this way:

I wonder how many of us have simply lost our inquisitive bone (it can sometimes be found quite near the funny bone)...we wore it out with over...stimulation!
When we walked together last week we came to the end of the road & looked up to see this WOW
 This is true..except for tornados!

 Aren't these three so cute, just hanging out in nature..probably catching cockabillies. Do you remember the velvet brown of those reed heads. Do they have a proper name?
via tumblr
A hat is good to keep the chill out. I found this one at St Vinny's. Some one was so kind as to have done the knitting for me so that I could happily sew on my crocheted flowers. The hat..for my wee niece I should think.
What is it about "getting" a double yoker..always gives me a thrill!
 We made the yummiest salad this week using all these lovely things from the garden even daylily flowers & violets..delicious.
 Apparently these flags came from an old garage..what a great idea in the vege patch.
 picture from an old gardening mag
Retro organics have been around for a little while here now. I love their marketing style.
 It's a strange old thing making dinner for myself most nights just now. Lucky I love veges. I was so excited to see EARTH GEMS back at Bellatinos & New World this week. They are so colourful & interesting for the middle of winter & they were delicious just like this for my tea tonight.

 Funny, I have boys who love veges too. Fynn & his Dad wrote this poem just the other day. The other kids copied there's from a book but these two had no trouble at all inventing this passionate accolade to veges.

Veges & Me.

Since when I was born, my Dad he has fed,
me full of good food to grow clever he said.
Like parsnips, and carrots and onions and leek,
beetroot and cabbage, cucumbers each week.
Salads of lettuce, pumpkin that’s roasted,
a diet of veges with sourdough toasted.
Peppers I like but eggplants I love,
As if they’ve been sent down from heaven above.
One time he made, just last week I’d seen,
the most glorious pie full of things that were green.
Bright red tomatoes, a handful of herbs,
with fresh hand-made pasta for dinner, superb.
No chickens, or pigs, or birds that can fly,
no sheep and no cows will pass my plate by.
For everyday when it comes to things eaten,
I promise you now, veges can-not be beaten!!

Shared with permission from Fynn & Matt.
Now wouldn't you just love to go here...I bet they love veges too!
Hope you have a week full of delicious veges & other fabulous food.


  1. Your pics are always so nice and that hat so cute and that poem well the lads should be very proud of themselves xxx

  2. LOVE the quote and those are pussy willows; at least, that's what we always called them.
    visiting around blogland and ran across your lovely blog, so glad I did, it's a gift to me

  3. That magazine looks wonderful, Catherine!
    The veggies are so photogenic, aren't they? You always find such pretty images. I love coming here.

  4. Such a lovely post about community and neighbours and the good but simple things in life. We seem to be so busy, our neighbours work long hours so we hardly ever see them. Such a shame.
    Anne xx

  5. Wonderful poem! Unfortunately my boys are now 'off' vegetables, but hopefully they will come back to them in time. :-) They always used to love them.

    The magazine looks really interesting. Beautiful pictures and love your dinner, it looks very yummy. Glad you are managing okay on your own during the week. Must seem strange though.

  6. There is so much food for thought and inspiration in your post. Where do I start? The common sense is grounding and reassuring. I so agree with everything you write. Over stimulation has numbed certain people. Fortunately I have a need for balance and harmony within myself and my family so stimulation is kept to a minimum. We have no television, for example, although we do have a computer.

    I love that photo of the children by the riverside and your hat with the crochet flowers: splendid.

    Oh, and the view of the snow capped mountains.

    We have so much to be grateful for in life. You have to stop and smell the roses.

    In a similar vein have you visited Soul Soup Sister's blog?

    Warmest wishes for a fruitful and peaceful week.

  7. Dear Catherine

    Delightful post full of goodness and delicous stuff!!!
    I'm off to search out 'earth Gems' at New World - I'll let you know if they're here too!

    I adore your last image so typical of a village shop in France - a dream to spend time in.

    Enjoy your week


  8. Beautiful post, I love the little hat!

  9. Hello Catherine, I have been to The little restaurant in your post!!
    Last year for my 4oth hubby took me to Paris Le Puolbot is in Mont Martre. it is a lovely little place xx

  10. Well yes! Brocolli especialy.
    Just been catching up on your posts. I am just sooo excited about your shelves full of vintage sheets. Just like the loly jar!!!
    I couldn't bear to cut them, would just want to look at them!
    Luv jacqui

  11. Fynn writes a good poem, must inherit the writing gene from his grandma.

  12. The magazine looks really lovely - we don't have that one over here. I love the Ranulph Fiennes comment - but you can't overcome the psychological effect of grey skies just by clothing unfortunately! Hope you will come and join my giveaway.

    Pomona x


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