Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Littlest One

Well, now I have gone & cried and cried because of all your comforting kindness!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have such wonderful friends. I have gathered all your words around me like a warm vintage blanket & worn them as a cloak these past few days. I am so GLAD to be part of such a lovely community of clever, inspiring women. It suddenly occurred to me that when woman work bravely & creatively together & allow the sunshine of goodness & love to be in their midst... they make a rainbow, a rainbow of the most glorious colours...shining for all the world to see.

Thank you for letting me tell my story & receiving it with gentleness & care. One of the worst parts of abandonment is feeling invisible. Like Mary said at the end of the Secret Garden "but I wasn't wanted" ..that particular hurt runs very deep.
I find that I am so glad for my love of beauty & eyes to see it, all around me...the everyday loveliness that is just right there; through all seasons. I love this bearded iris that valiantly flowers close beside the house from May till September & is so pretty when caught in the Winter sunlight. Why ever can't someone figure out how to imbue the other spring irises with such floriferousness I do often wonder?  
 In our on going tidy up Rob got my bike out of the back shed, after a long bike holiday & did tire pumping & oily sort of things to it for me. So I hopped on it for a test run & rode across the park to snap this magnolia.."Vulcan" I think, flowering in a lovely garden down York Street.
 You could almost swear that these buds were made of silk.
 Sometimes people complain that they don't like where they live very much, that it's boring. Truth is there are remarkable things where ever you are, just so much of it we take for granted or drive straight past..too busy. Right opposite "the vulcan tree" is a large section right in the middle of town with paddocks & sheep & great big old walnut trees. I just love this urban ruralness it makes me smile.

 A little further down I found this beauty. I love the pale, pale pink against the darkest green leaves.

Today is a sunshiny day so this morning we went for a walk. I am learning to take my camera with me most places. See, today I would otherwise have missed this sunbathing ted!
 Here in Hastings we are on the flat..looking back towards Havelock North & Te Mata Peak...looks closer than it is but it's just right there.
 Funny old Charlie (borrowed cat) was sitting right on Rob's lap swiping at the computer screen trying to catch the cursor. Of course he hopped off the second he saw the camera.
It was Rob who noticed the titles of my books sitting along the front of the bookcase...aren't books wonderful! I wanted to show you my Margaret Tarrant book, a first edition published in 1923, I bought it off Trade Me & still got it quite reasonably, although I was bidding against a secondhand book dealer. I cannot believe that I did not know about Margaret and her delightful illustrations until really quite recently.  
Although it is actually a song book with the music included the colour plates are just so sweet.

New pattern from the Restore shop for 50c. For some strange reason Rob wasn't keen on a helmet for this winter. 
I felt certain that it would be very useful especially when he bikes to work..ah hem..I received a txt on Friday to say that his car had not started so he took my bike! (fortunately work is not far away)
Matthew has just posted in our kitchen blog, a great tutorial on how to make here if you're keen to have a go.
A friend is someone who reaches for your hand but touches your heart. Thank you for touching mine.
 Have a lovely week dear ones.


  1. Dear Catherine

    Your story is almost more than I can bear - I can't get you out of my mind - it's unforgivable what happened. Just know that you are now very loved and needed - keep writing, as I feel this is what you need to do right now.

    Your photo essay today is magical (like everything else about you and your blog).
    Your image of Mr Ted sunbathing on the roof is adorable- I hope he was picked up later and not forgotten...
    Please don't ever leave your camera at home again - you take the best photos!

    "the Littlest One" looks like a must have book - those illustrations are exquisite and I hadn't heard of the illustrator before either.
    What year was the book first published?

    Sending you great big huge ginormous HUGS!
    Thinking of you dear one

  2. i dunno, but those hat caps for men, they don't look half funny... or perhaps it's just the image and the fact this mannequin does possess quite some nose. in profile, i mean... it's just, well, there.

    oh right, and they're called helmets... too funny... ;)))

  3. I just love, love, love your Margaret Tarrant book.
    And Poor old Ted, I think has got forgotten, I think he's had enough now, and needs rescuing :-(
    Anyway I don't have time to dilly dally I must knit a Woolen Helmet for my Man ....xx
    Lot's of love
    Things will be ok, because you can see the beauty in the smallest things....that is very important x

  4. Imagine what a wonderful time if all us bloggers that comment in such a lovely way could get together in life?We would have tears I am sure plus lots of laughter.
    Margaret Tarrent book and I am pinching that William Morris quote from your blog I hope thats ok?xxx

  5. Dear Catherine
    I've just read your last two posts. It's a wonderful gift that you have to be able to share the world that you see through your very honest, beautiful and courageous words.
    A heartfelt thanks

    p.s urban ruralness reminds me of where we used to live, 5 minutes walk to the middle of town from our suburban 1/4acre, with Biddy the 13 yr old sheep next door, who would jump the fence for the Feijoas and Oranges when they were in season.

  6. There are always so many goodies here, Catherine. Those helmets are funny! Maybe I'll go to the used book store today and look for children's books again. It's so hot there, though. We'll see. I love looking at your Pinterest stuff. You have such an eye for "WOW!" and I repin some of your finds. Love that shot of the street. Thanks for being such a sweet blessing.

  7. Hello,
    I visited all of your blogs today. I'm not sure which one I like best. Your pictures are so colorful and unique. I have always loved angels - in fact, I used to collect them. Me and my daughters just started a new blog, and we would love it if you could visit us and follow. The link is: I would enjoy coming back to visit you and see all your wonderful pictures of the angels. Hope to hear from you, and have a sweet day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  8. Always inspiring and beautifully photographed posts from you Catherine even when you are feeling low.

  9. You;re brave and amazing woman Catherine - don't forget about it!

    By the way I had to change my blog adress. Jezynowa polana will not be continued. Please follow me on and subscribe:

  10. This what is so nice about blogging - there is such shared kindness and shared interests amongst women right across the world, and it really does help and enrich us all. And the blokey blogs and forums are nothing like it, my son tells me - full of people trading insults - how horrid!

    Pomona x


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