Sunday, 16 October 2011

A Charmed Life and Collywobbles

I've had a very unusual week. One I hope, not ever to repeat. I was taken hostage & dragged off to the land of Collywobble and Toothache. I did not like it there at all. And for a while, held grave fears that I would not return home in one piece. However, I have journeyed far and returned at last (from ED), in tact, I think? You have no idea how glad I am to know that you are still here!!
I have a wee journey ahead of me to find full healing but I am now on the right side of that process and am feeling immensely grateful for the love and support that I received. It is the times of crisis, I feel, that most effectively put the important things in life in perspective.  
A few weeks ago a dear girl called Alisa posted an interesting list, a list that she came across at Pink of Perfection, entitled The Charmed Life Challenge...finding the delight & beauty in every day.
 Since that is my life quest...finding delight & beauty in every day and especially in light of recent dramatic events, I quite readily warmed to the idea of the challenge and especially after my eventfull week. I have been following Alisa's blog Finding for quite a while now & I find myself filled with admiration for her strength, tenacity, creativity & determination.. to make her life work, despite incredibly challenging odds and she's a fabulous mother to 3 kiddos. So, thanks so much Alisa for the list. I thought that I would pass it on to all of you.. dear ones because one thing I know for sure..we only have now. All the just another days are what life is really composed of with a few sparkly moments in between. Imagine if we taught this to kids as they were growing up..that no matter what happens through life if we know how to look out for our own soul goodness & find the beauty just right there in front of us, who knows, we might indeed come to believe ourselves to have a Charmed Life. 
So here is the list with just a few tiny tweeks by me.

Have a look through & see if there's anything that might work for you.

1. Give something broken a new life (a skirt, a squeaky wheel, scuffed shoes).
2. Put something beautiful on a blank wall you see everyday.
3. Wear something you love that you think "just isn't you".
4. Send a thank you note, for anything.
5. Spend an afternoon reading.
6. Cook in a vintage apron.
7. Have luncheon, a slow mi day meal with cloth napkins & wine.
8. Go out of your way to do something kind for a stranger (offer a seat, hold a door, leave your copy of a magazine somewhere).
9. Donate 5 items from your closet that don't make you feel unstoppably gorgeous.
10. Take care of a nagging life admin item (a trip trip to the Post Office, filing an insurance claim, making a doctors appointment).
11. Buy an utterly frivolous piece of lingerie.
12.Invite friends over for cocktails, dinner or brunch.
13. Wake up an hour early to have a leisurely morning.
14. TRy something that looks like pure fun (accordion, crochet, burlesque).
15. Dance. In public, in the living room, with a partner, with yourself.
16. Flirt with a stranger. (Smiling counts).
17. Get rid of 5 things in your home that don't bring you pleasure.
18. Go to a parfumerie or department store in search of a signature perfume.
19. Buy flowers for home or office.
20. Make a recipe from a fruit, vegetable, meat or fish you've never cooked before.
21. Walk barefoot in the grass or on the sand.
22. Have a media-free day.
23. Write down everything you feel grateful for.
24. Hold a baby.
25. Pet a puppy.
26. Ask someone to tell you their life story.
27. Read a biography of your favourite glamorous screen star, or the bravest real life heroine.
28. Eat fresh picked berries right out of the punnet or even better pick your own.
29. Create an occasion to wear your most impractical pair of shoes.
30.Write down your wildest dreams.
31. Take an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny step to make one real.
32. Have a proper weekday coffee break, china cup, idle gossip & staring out a window.
33. Visit a playground & swing.
34. Make lemonade (literally or figuratively).
35. Go to a junk or antique shop. Consider what your favourite object has been in it's life.
36. Give someone a hug, let them let go first.
37. Look at the stars.
38. Jump in to a body of water. Float.
39.  Replace one utilitarian item you use everyday-a measuring spoon, a file folder, a key ring- with something really, really beautiful.
40. Pamper your body witha massage, an overdue haircut or a soak in the bath.
41. Research something that sparks your curiosity (Arthurian legend, photosynthesis, investing). If you're still curious after a 15 minute google session, dive deeper.
42. Make a collage of beautiful things that resonate with you.
43. Read aloud to someone you love.
44. Forgive yourself.
45. Forgive someone else.
46. Spend an hour in silent reflection.
Dine by candlelight on a week night.
47. Take a walk after dinner.
48. Wear your no-fail, cheer-me-up lipstick. 
49. Give a genuine compliment to an acquaintance.
50. Have a glass of champagne just because.
51. Spend one day, or one hour taking pictures of everything you find beautiful.
52. Describe your perfect day in writing.
53.Block out an afternoon (or day) on the calendar to make some (or all) of it real.
54. Select one draw or surface and organise it.
55. Write a love letter.
56. Do something you loved as a child.
57. Do the one thing you were relieved/sad wasn't on the list.
58. Pretend for one day that you are as confident and amazing as you want to be.

  I thought it might be fun to make our own list. If you'd like to join in, do please email me or leave your ideas in a comment sometime. Perhaps you've adopted sweet rituals that have become an essential part of your day, self care or that you value in your relationships. I am observing, just now, the contrast between situations where people feel valued & appreciated & those where that just doesn't happen. I have quite quickly come to the conclusion that most people don't thrive on being taken for granted, so I'm including some conscious kindness & appreciation in my days.
Today I have been playing The Glad Game and went for a quiet wander in the park. There I found the very things of a Charmed Life right in front of me.
  Simple childhood joy.

The strong arms of an ancient tree.
Fascinating clouds in a blue sky. "Papa", said my 4 year old nephew this morning. "Can you stand on clouds? If you stand on them will they break?"
Then as I sat in the sun sorting some things in the front room late this afternoon I looked down to find our Pollyanna prisms at work, right on my shining through.
Have a wonderfully, blessed & charmed week my friends & don't forget to leave me a message with your thoughts. I'd love to hear them.


  1. The land of toothache and collywobbles sounds not nice, sorry to hear you've had a bad week. the list is a lovely idea I'm going to have a think about that one, you always do give me things to think about, which is why I love your blog xx hope you will be wisked away to the land of happy things this week xx

  2. Darling Catherine I am glad you are back from Collywobble land.What a right pain to visit there at times.So glad you are having a nice time playing Pollyannas game we all should do it more often xxx

  3. Hi sweet friend!
    I'm confused. I'll email you and ask what happened.
    I love the list. I love the rainbows.
    YOU are a smart woman.
    Come over to my spot and see the fall colors here in Denver. It's incredible!

  4. Dearest Catherine,

    I am so happy you are back. Well done for getting through it all and gently bouncing back to see more beauty still in this everyday WONDERFUL world we live in.

    Our weekend has been trying too in a different kind of way and this list of yours resounds in my heart and soul.

    I shall be sending you 'NOT taken for granted' thoughts all through this week.

    Bon courage,


  5. I had no time to read your posts. But now I'm back :) Kisses :*

  6. Too cold for 21 but we did get Bramleys from 28 today!!

  7. Lindo. Obrigada e parabéns pela postagem. Antes mesmo de ler seu artigo, hoje, no almoço de meus filhos com 2 jovens de seu Grupo da Igreja aqui em nossa casa, enfeitei a mesa com mini rosas de organza nos guardanapos e na jarra de suco. Eles ficaram surpresos e todos sorriram felizes: a magia vem do simples e belo, além da boa comida eles notaram o quanto são bem-vindos. Boa semana, querida amiga!

  8. The Glad Game is a very good one to play - and knitting socks is probably 1-20 on my list! Or just making things in general - some sort of concrete evidence of what I have been doing with my day always makes me feel better.

    Pomona x

  9. I say, throw a Victorian tea party with tiny French pastries and rosehip tea while wearing your frilliest frock. It never fails to cheer me up :)
    Have a lovely day!


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