Sunday, 9 October 2011

Surges, the Power of Blossoming

We all know about the pretty bits of spring, the blossoms & the lambs & the longer days & new green shoots pushing through the earth but I have never truly considered before the power of the season; the phenomenal force of nature behind this astonishing emergence. Of course we know it'll happen, it always does, but how does it all know to rise with such remarkable volcanic power..millions & millions of flowers & leaves bursting out of trees & shrubs & weeds & perennials all shouting out "present" & remembering their very own names. It's not as if the foxgloves will produce apricots this year or the silverbeet turn in to daffodils. And then along come the bees. We stopped just to listen to the harmonious thrum of a myriad of bees on this pretty flowering cherry the other day. And yet I have never seen "cherry blossom" honey for sale have you?
I know that the green is chlorophyll but isn't it so amazing!
and how does each flower know just exactly how to replicate their very own signature scent, precisely the same as last year? It's not as if we find ourselves reflecting that lilacs no longer smell the same as they did 10 years ago. The scent of this wisteria is all there encapsulated inside the tight formed bud, waiting expectantly for the Master Conductor's come forth in glory.
I kind of imagine it all a bit like did make me laugh when I found the sea concerto.
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Perhaps it's the spring surge that has inspired me to make up this pattern that my mother kindly gave to me quite some time ago. 
 It was certainly time to use this wonderful old Sanderson cotton for a sweet project.
 The pattern was horrible to follow, but probably because it was meant to be more patchworky. I like my simple approach.

 My mother also made this pinny & embroidered the front with these sweet words.
 I found this apron at the Restore shop last week. Somebody's school sewing project no doubt. I have soaked & washed it & added the doily & button. The angel I found at a Church fair years ago..she's just had her first bath, ready for Christmas.
 A fortunate find at Connections, the Hospice shop this week. 36 cottons for $7.20..wonderful!
 I also found one more vase/parfait glass to add to our collction. It is amazing how, eating even breakfast, out of something lovely makes the meal seem different. I have collected these to use for family occasions most especially. Even simple deserts seem like a more celebratory treat when served in these, all at once.
 And a fancy spoon is even better.
 This bellis perrenis makes me happy.
 Even small posies can brighten your day & bring the loveliness & the fragrance outside in.
I picked these for you..can you smell them?
Thank you so much for calling in to see me. I do hope that you have a lovely week, whatever season you are in & where ever you are just now.


  1. You do such lovely posts.How lovely is that bag and its nice you have your mums apron.I love all those cotton reels what a buy!!The grandies have been using my parfait classes but they arent as nice as yours but kids love using them.

  2. How lovely to have a breath of spring on this dull, rainy, Scottish autumn day! Bag is beautiful and love the threads - great find.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Your mother's garden embroidery is precious. Love the bag and apron. I really love the parfait glasses, I would love to find a set like that.

  4. Hello, my darling angel friend!
    Your forages are always very inspiring! I like hearing about your restorations of old things, washing them, sunning them, and remaking them!
    Spring IS miraculous and so is fall. Yesterday, it snowed here in Denver and that silly occurrence (it's a bit early!) boosted the color change so the trees are going to be lovely today when I take my little Samantha Rose granddaughter out for a stroll.
    I have decided that I am going to look outside more. My classroom has two long windows and I have planning time every day, so I am going to remind myself to simply look.
    Yesterday when I was at the mall with Kelli, the girls and I rolled out to a kiosk that had hats and scarves. Birdie spied a purple scarf with golden fairies scattered about. Miss Bug chose the lavender scarf with the same pattern. Kelli rolled her eyes at the price, but the girls happily wore their fairy scarves for the rest of our shopping adventure. So cute. Oh and one more thing, tomorrow is wacky patterns day at school so I can wear clown clothes freely, which is my favorite kind of outfit! It's school spirit week.
    Happy week to you, Catherine! (HUG!)

  5. I love the pattern of your parfait glasses; they are so pretty. The bouquet in the green vase is so lovely.

    I really like how you displayed your thread spools in the glass pitcher. Really a nice photo!

  6. Oh Catherine,

    Such beauty and thought. I so enjoy the way you weigh your words carefully without detracting from the joy and spontaneity of your subject matter.

    Your bag is delightful and beautifully captured among the spring blooms; I also love your mother's embroidery. You know me; a sucker for all art forms which celebrate the beauty of gardens and nature in general.

    I recall spending my first spring in Greece after a an icy cold winter and being AMAZED by the powerful pull of the sap rising in the trees; all Athenians in their polluted city were rendered deliriously happy by the throws of spring. I had never experienced such power.

    Have a beautiful week.

  7. Fantastic finds once again Catherine and the bag you have made is very you.

  8. Such a pretty post. I love the bag... and I agree eating of something pretty makes the whole experience seem a little nicer.. :)


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