Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Child Shaped Door

I just love epiphanies (when the light goes on)... really good ones tend to put a silly smile on your face..something like this, to be sure...dear Richard Briers..isn't he lovely!
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All this talk of childlike-ness has been perculating around my brain quite a lot in the last month or so. In the process I have come to realize, that I don't really have any fond or wonderful childhood Christmas memories. Christmas time for me has always been associated with loss, tension, obligation & a nagging feeling that something rather fundamental was lacking in the whole deal. It was when I felt most like a misfit, unimportant & unseen. Wonder seems to have leaked through the floor of my little life. 
Wonder only flourishes when you feel safe & loved & secure.

 I am having another go & learning to be childlike again.

Things are becoming simpler nowadays.

I've discovered childlikeness means you notice stuff, you happily live in the moment & with an open heart.
You don't just walk past the toadstools in the lawn & sometimes you make daisy chains.
You never consider why you love raspberries but hate liver & would not dream of apologising for such preferences. 
All this has made me pause & consider just how many other little ones might be out there feeling insecure & displaced & sad this Christmas...with all the peace, joy & goodwill floating about it's quite easy to feel that such things belong only to others & that nobody wants to hear that you're actually feeling sad & in fact not really merry at all.  

These days I am finally silencing the voices of the critics (inner & outer) & learning just to be..
sometimes there is even joy..
maybe, moments of childlike abandon
and sweetness.
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 I do vividly recall, long ago, however, a peculiar feeling that came over me when I was told at Sunday school about Jesus & the Kingdom of Heaven. I decided then..that's the place I want to be...always.
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The other day I found this little book for a few cents.
and in it was my favourite Sunday school song "All Things Bright & Beautiful"
It is a mysterious place the Kingdom of Heaven.
And here is my epiphany:
The entranceway is a most unusual shape.

A childlike shape.

 Adults who think they're in charge just won't fit, no matter how much they push & shove & grizzle.
I guess if you're a big person you might have to consider kneeling or maybe bow your head to get through. You certainly can't take a whole pile of your stuff with you, including your own self importance.
Gratitude eases the way... a lot,
silly is ok,
and spontaneous is good.
 my grandsons
All you have to do is be humble of heart
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and you get to stand on the other side, bright & free.
 There you'll find that Jesus is King
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..the King who was born in a stable one Christmas day, long, long ago.
Now, that, is precious and wonder-full, don't you think?!
Do pop in to Pom Pom's Ponderings on your way for some other thoughts on a childlike Christmas. It's a grand thing to consider...childlikeness.



  1. It is our theme, isn't it, sweet sister?
    As I contemplate filling our house with toadstools, I am delighted to think like a child. I am going to write on the board in my classroom, "Never grow up". The students do want to, but I shall tell them to look for the little door always, for the rest of their lives.
    I am on the look out for a pair of fairy wings! I need some!
    Thank you for adding such love and light to "A Childlike Christmas"! I would like to pour you a cup of tea from my new red and white polka dot teapot. It's very toadstool-ish!

  2. I love your blog...and totally
    got this post. It spoke and now I have some thinking to do. I need to work on the child-like angle.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I would quite like to have a lawn of toadstools instead of grass! I spend a lot of time in the woods squeeling with delight when I find fly agaric..wishing you a Happy Christmas.

  4. I adored Richard Briers in Monarch of the Glen; to be sure, he's an actor of long standing but MOTG remains one of my favorites.
    Loved the post; Merry Christmas to you and yours from Thistle Cove Farm.


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