Friday, 23 December 2011

Festive Bustle & Merry Christmas ♥

How are you doing with all the Festive bustle?
Isn't this the loveliest old card. Looks awfully like a Margaret Tarrant to me.
from Leaping Frog designs
 I think that if one more person asks me at the check-out, or anywhere else at all for that matter, "Are you all organised for Christmas?" I might be rude to them!!
No, I'm not...organised!
I'm in a muddle, but I am doing my best & too bad if some bits get missed out!
And does it really matter?

A few weeks ago I found this interesting vase arrangement at Connections..I liked it's lines.
It was quite happy to be tucked in between two angels.
I have been reminded of how much I like the simple, unexpected things that turn up in this season like these fascinating red bananas I've never seen before & red currants..isn't that a lovely way to present them (Farmers' Market) & early's the scent of them I like the most.
And then there's other bits & pieces tucked away in cupboards that need to come out & join the party, like my depression glass angel wing dish.
I even have my own produce presently.
When I went to my organics shop on Monday I found a friend, hanging on a twig by the counter. 
Lily is a garden fairy too.
 She was hanging about with quite a community of friends, all adorned with the prettiest soft pastel colours. I think she's adorable.
It doesn't get dark here until pretty late just now, as we are right on the summer solistice so we don't have as much opportunity as the other side of the world to enjoy pretty lights & candles, but wherever find ourselves, light seems to help create an atmosphere that bathes everything in a mellow glow & soothes away the jagged edges of crankiness & the demands of the season. 

David came home last Saturday. 
Violin in hand, boxing gloves in the suitcase.
 Interesting dichotomy.
Great to have him here though.
 He & his father have cerebrally lofty conversations from time to time.
I shant explain, just now, but this is The Quantum Tree.
 Isn't it pretty.
A friend rang for Rob yesterday & wished him a "family christmas" That isn't necessarily a good thing! Some bits of the season we have control over & others we just don't, however, I figure that it is a fine thing to bring happiness to others by being our wonderful selves...don't you agree!
When I saw this picture on Pinterest the other day I thought, ah...perfect!

 Perfect gifts for those we love.

Jar of sweetness.
Jar of tenderness.
Jar of kisses.
Jar of smiles.
Jar of love words. 

And you, dear ones..well I am so glad to have you as my friends & visitors. 
I do hope that your Christmas time is rich & loving & that you would find peace in the busy-ness, comfort for the losses of the year & hope in your heart for the year ahead.
I'd love to see you again soon, after the bustle is over.



  1. And to you Catherine Garden Angel, have a wonderful Christmas. It'll happen whether you're organised or not!
    I read a quote today which is now written in bold type on my blackboard " when nothing goes right...go left".


  2. Lovely post Catherine...although I'm curious now about the violin & boxing gloves ;-)

    If it is any consolation I'm not at all organised for Christmas either and I'm not particular worried, what will be will be.

  3. yes, a candle lit bath, that's exactly what I need, good idea! merry christmas Catherine x

  4. Have a wonderful Christmas filled with fun and laughter.
    Anne xx

  5. Merry Christmas Catherine, wishing you and yours a fabulous day. Catch up with you after the big day Hope santa bring you lots of lovely goodies !

  6. Love the Depression glass angel wings Catherine. A Happy Christmas to you all !

  7. Oh, Lily really IS lovely! I'll enjoy your garden since mine is covered in icebergs!
    The stores are all full to bursting! Today while I was waiting in line and later when I was "excuse me-ing" through the grocery aisles, I thought, "It's good to be out among all the peoples!"
    I wish I could stop by for a cup of tea and a long talk! I wish you and Rob a fantastic celebration, full of peace and goodwill! (BIG WARM HUG!)

  8. Re Friday, 23 December 2011 Festive Bustle and Merry Xmas post ..... The postcard is not Margaret Tarrant but by Florence Edith Storer. Nice Blog!


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