Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Year of Nourishing Traditions

I came across an expression a few months ago "Nourishing Traditions", I liked it so much I popped it in to my pocket & took it home with me. For me, this year is going to be all about nourishment, nurture & being free. Nourishment can take on many guises..gardening can be nourishing, if you are so inclined, it may well feed & uplift the soul.
 I don't recommend going without summer as we are, but have you ever noticed how much more vibrant the garden, the park, the land is after rain? It's as if everything comes alive..all the plants lift up their heads with dignity, vibrancy & purpose. We have had so much rain & so many, many cloudy is most peculiar indeed. The summer things are still happening, the peaches are ripening, the cherries are yummy, the fuchsias are dancing on,
the hydrangeas happily taking their cue,
 but the sun is rarely seen, which is a very strange turn of events.
Although last Wednesday was a delightful, if you know me at all, you will know that this photo taken in the early morning by me, is quite remarkable indeed, ahem...not a morning person.
 Amazing the instant green produced by a downpour.
 Some people prefer to look at the moon..a little out of focus I know, a little like the astronomer..focussed on things way beyond here.
We have borrowed cats only these days, 3 just presently..Charlie, Maddy & Betty.
 Some are a little odder than others. Maddy has no idea whatsoever that cats don't like water, or that she should never cross the road on her own.
 She turned up at Margaret's (next door) just like this in the middle of the night, last week!
 Dull days & year endings have given me a little space to tidy my sewing room & have a go at crocheting a rag rug from an old sheet that was hanging around, waiting to be torn in to rags.
 I have had my eye out for some old playing cards to sew clusters of buttons on to but nothing had come my way, then I found this postcard in a draw, that was perfect for these pretty pink buttons, with Nina possibilities. I don't imagine that anyone will be too terribly sad that I used the postcard with Greetings from Sling! Thanks so much to Sophie at Fading Grace for the delightful idea.
Do you like my new op shop fairy dress? Still waiting for summer on this one.
 I found myself a cheap copy of "A Vintage Affair" on Trade Me the other day. I really enjoyed this book. The vintage clothes shop theme is a lovely vehicle to carry the rest of the story which is fascinating, unexpected & most thought provoking.
 Pondering nourishing traditions, I decided that a birthday bunting or two to herald the odd birthday week might be quite nice, only, my creative projects sometimes go a little awry. These particular pennants seemed too big for the space I had planned & the embroidery detail seemed to disappear when I hung them up so...
 I made them for the parlour instead
& they fit there just fine.
 Ah the mat...worked out quite well. Broke my lovely plump pink crotchet hook...plastic!
Used one & a half old sheets so only cost a couple of dollars & now I've finally, actually made myself a rag rug!
It looks quite good in the bathroom.
 I found this divine wee dress for Nina on Trade Aunty Catherine influences coming through I'm sure!
 I've been learning about & how to make cultured foods in the past few months. This lacto-ferment apple sauce is amazing. I have it with my breakfast every morning at the moment.
 Considering that so many of us suffer from imperfect digestion & that 80 percent of our immune system functions from the bowel it's not a bad idea to learn how to support & build bowel health for all the family. I have been experimenting with various fermented vegetables like sauerkraut. I am really enjoying the red cabbage & beetroot version most especially & the colour is amazing.
How perfect it was to receive this wonderful book as a gift from Nina's Mum & Dad...should keep me out of mischief for a night or two!
I plan on doing a lot more reading...that's a fabulous nourishing tradition, don't you think?
I'd love to hear about your nurturing plans or special things you like to do for yourself, so please do leave a note.
Thanks for visiting, my well nourished friends. 
Oops there's the rain again!



  1. I so love the Aunty Cath dress. I soowish I could fit in a dress like that. I also really love the rag rug idea, I hope you don't mind if I try it out for myself.


  2. What a great post - full of lots of wonderful things! Love the garden photos and the dress is beautiful!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Hello Sweetie Pie!
    Is it YOUR birthday coming up, Katie? Bunting is so birthday-ish, you're right! Your parlor looks happy!
    The garden photos make me crave summer. I hope you have a red spotted umbrella, Garden Angel!
    I have looked at that nourish book before and now I must consider buying it, I think!
    Your fairy dress is stunning. I hope you can wear it soon!

  4. Your bunting is truly gorgeous! I actually went into some charity shops the other day, to see if I could find some appropriate material to make some bunting from but no luck so far.

    That rug is lovely too but I've never got the hang of crochet.

  5. Hi Catherine!
    Your bunting is the prettiest I think I have ever seen! Your the seond person to talk about that book today, now I am intrigued. I have fallen in love with hydrandgers (sp) recently-they look so good in a vase, I plotting to get a white or a pink one for a corner of my garden. So lovely looking at yours and that lovely garden x

  6. Oh the bunting is just beautiful.

  7. Your projects are so prolific and inspiring. The bunting is just completely gorgeous. I love it.
    Also the pictures of your garden taken early in the morning.
    It's just gorgeous. I'm so over the rain too, but I think it was a worth while trade off for such a spectacular Christmas Day. We hadn't had one outside since 1997!
    Love your blog. Sometimes my internet connection is so dodgey i get sicinnected mid comment and feel silly re-writing the whole thing so they don't get there, but i am reading and enjoying.
    Luv jacqui

  8. I love the idea of a rag rug, yours is lovely.

  9. Once again, another inspiring blog Catherine. Love the rag rug and the photo of the wet cat is a classic!


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