Sunday, 29 January 2012

Plumly So

 I am so glad that we have seasons. In some places it's just the same all year round. Leaves don't fall off trees & plums don't turn up in the heat of summer all red & succulent to drip down your chin & fill your jam jars with granny goodness.
This particular plum came from our gnarly old tree. The tree is so vigorous in it's old age it has thrust out ridiculously robust branches reaching out to touch the garage, the playhouse, the neighbours & way beyond to reach the sky. Proving your prowess in the tree kingdom seems to be of far higher priority than actually producing plums. I think I have counted 10 altogether for this season, of which the birds have scoffed 7.
 These lovely little golden peaches were so kindly picked for us by Bob. They were all gone in a jiffy. People seem to unanimously love golden peaches.
These days of January have been Pollyanna days for me. I am so glad for all the abundance that surrounds me & I have hung my prisms & I'm trusting that the rainbows will come.
Some days they do. Why does life get so hard?
I love this rose Jubilee Celebration. I'm so glad it was out today for my birthday.
 Have you ever seen an Angel's Trumpet? They appear to be made of handmade paper but if you were  to step outside in the cool of the evening on to my porch you would find the whole back garden filled with the scent of this Angel's Trumpet..Brugmansia. Where ever does it store all that perfume during the day?
 David so kindly minded the fruit today while we went to Napier to the Market on the Marine Parade.
I liked this sign..only I didn't especially fancy joining in the scooter champs today.

I looked down in to my coffee & found a heart just for me..just for today
 and over the table I found a cross.
I loved this Gaylife ware that I found at the Salys this week for 50 cents a piece. 
 I also found myself outside Coco & Co when I went to post a letter. Jo & Jess have done a fabulous job of their new shop/ craft room...the collaboration, a curated collection, an open work room & a sometime Market Street here in Hastings. I adore their card..
I don't think that I've told you about Nettie just she is. She's looking for wings. I'll tell you some more about her soon.
But in the meantime I wanted to show you this book. Even if you only ever saw the cover isn't it enough. Live fully right where you are.
I'll be coming back to One Thousand Gifts very soon. I have ordered it from Amazon.
See you lovely ones. Thanks so much for checking in on me.


  1. Those plums look delicious. It's a shame the birds get them before we do.
    You've had a birthday? Well then HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. I hope it was a good one.
    Anne xx

  2. Beautiful flowers - great post.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Happy Birthday grand and wonderful friend! I shall pray for you today, thank God for you, and rejoice in the beauty you have shared with me.

  4. Many Happy Returns of the day!

    And those pictures of the "rainbows" are really lovely!

  5. Lovely cheering pictures - I feel warmer just looking at them!

    Pomona x

  6. Stopping off to see you with my coffee in hand is such a wonderful start to my day dear Catherine!

    All the images are precious but "looking for wings" is my fave - where on earth do you find such treasures.
    When can we go "op-shopping" together??!!

    Wishing you and Rob a most wonderfully happy weekend with lots of unexpected pleasures!

    love and hugs


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