Sunday, 25 March 2012

Nourishing Ways

Everywhere I turn just now I bump into this wonderful word: NOURISH.
I came across a whole pile of these magazines sitting on a table in Banco Cafe, Te of all they were free.
I love this magazine. Pop in here if you want to find out more about it.
I have come to the strangest conclusion...I am actually so grateful that I got sick back in October. Really ill...full attention, oh help what's going to happen from here...sort of thing. Since that time, I have been slowly establishing new health & I have learnt such an amazing amount of new stuff, ideas that I just never knew about before or had forgotten about. Thank God for the opportunity to learn, & grow & make loving changes.. a blessing that came to my door through dis-ease!
On a chilly wet night last week I made Osso Bucco (what a lovely name) slowly cooking beef & bone..with marrow in the middle until it became the most luscious, fragrant nourishing meal.
I have been making cultured foods of all's so much fun. This is my apple sauce this week with strawberries & peaches added. Such an amazing colour!
My apple cider vinegar is coming along nicely.
It's even got a Mother now! Apparently that's what we're after.
We'll just have to see how we go with the bucket should do it nicely.
My sad little harvest of pumpkins that grew down the back. Oh well, at least they're a bright & cheerful.
I happened to arrive at St Vinny's just as a lady staggered in with a huge box full of quinces..good timing.
I just adore the shape & fragrance of them even.
I have been fascinated to find camelia seed pods all over the place.
These ones look like some kind of weird crabapple.
 The dogwood leaves are just starting to turn...they make hips too, a bit like roses.
They say that we are a generation overfed & undernourished. I wonder if we are overfed in more ways than one? Do you think that may be that's why so many of us are being drawn back to the simple, anchoring nourishing traditions. The ways of the past that nourish the body, the soul & nurture the whole community.
A lot of women struggle with nourishing themselves.
Do you have trouble with that?
 Feeling guilty when you take time for you..always putting yourself at the end of the list?
Nourishing ways are usually simple ways.
It doesn't take much to begin new habits of nourishment.
Nourish means: first of all "a nurse"...
and to cherish & comfort & increase & support & nurture & supply to & to educate & instruct.
Yes, that's what I am doing learning the nourishing ways that foster life.
Nourishment isn't just food.
I happily nurture my soul with beauty..
these I found in two lots in the past weeks.
Something about mother-of-pearl buttons especially delights my soul.
Knowing ourselves well & liking that person is a nurturing & lovely way to live.
Other people don't have to like the same things but they are likely to understand us better when we are able to nurture & accept ourselves in healthy, robust ways.
I smiled when Judith at St Vinny's dragged out a huge bag of linen that had just been donated & allowed me to sift through it all before it went out to the shop. So sweet of her. I sorted it as I went to help out a little...I made quite a big "ugly" pile! Something about this doilie I just love. Judith said.."Yes that looks like you".
Washing had to dry inside last week. It was so wet..again!
I need colour to nourish my soul & fragrance too (not man made perfumes though!)
This lovely lady grows all this lavender. 
I bought a bottle of her oil..really cheaply because the label was skew-whiff.
The best part of nourishing ways is that they are daily which means we can see them as chores or blessings (sometimes it's hard to tip on the right side I know)..but after all life is made up of the moments & the days & the next meal, the next hug, the next kind word...really.
When I looked up the meaning of nourish I found the video below. Have a wee look if you have time. It is presented by 
An educational initiative designed to open up a meaningful conversation about food & sustainability particularly in schools & communities.
That sounds like a great initiative to me.
 Thanks so much for dropping in.
Wishing you a wonderfully nourishing week.
I'd love to hear about your nourishing ways...



  1. What a lot of lovely photos you have today! All of them so beautiful. We are in agreement, it is difficult for women to nourish themselves; perhaps because we're the caregivers all the time...?
    Since Dave died, I've been trying to nourish myself but it's difficult. There's just so much sheer work - farm, house, animal, paper - and all of it has to be done by me.
    Today, I took a nap and that's newsworthy because I've not done that in ages. But today, I took a four hour nap and had to Make myself rise; I think I could have slept until morning. All I can say is I must have needed the rest. I think I'll go to bed early tonight and get an early start on tomorrow when it comes 'round.

  2. Thank you Catherine for a beautiful reflective post.

    Nourishing and nourishment are so important in life and part of our basic human needs, like food, shelter etc
    To nourish others comes from deep within - it's instinctive - the mothering/fathering thing.
    To receive nourishment gives us a sense of acceptance, belonging, security and love.
    I need to ponder some more.....

    Oh your wonderful doilies and how lovely the St Vinny's lady knew what you liked (you must be their fave customer)!!!!
    I can just see her thinking "Ooo here's the lovely Catherine - now where did I put that basket of goodies I saved for her"!!!
    Am I right???

  3. I think it is true... younger generations today are overfed and undernourished. Be being one of them.. lol

    But I have always felt this pull to something more simple, I love the slow and easy, the things made with hands over machine.

    I also felt my pull hit me stronger after getting sick.. and again this week after more time in hospital then coming home and trying to do it all I am failing and feeling tired and sick.. why didnt I slow down and take it easy? The pressue to do it all and be it all I suppose.

    If you put apple sauce in the jar like that how long would it last in the fridge? Thinking it would be wonderful for kiddos on cereal etc in the mornings...

    And I must say I have a little jar envy.. I do love preserving jars.

    And I adore that colourful doily cloth.. to die for.

    Must work harder of nourishing myself.

    Much love


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