Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spinning, Spinning, Spinning

I say summer, you say winter. I say autumn, you say spring. It's starting to make me feel a bit giddy whirling through the seasons this way! I'm quite sure time is now moving twice as fast since I've been blogging! I have been trying to imagine my world without seasons & the thought overwhelms me..a door shuts & the light goes out. I am bereft. So much of the beauty that I daily seek is carried in the momentum, the flow as one season gives way to the next. The seasons mark out life through every tragic to be a child & not be anchored in the wisdom & knowledge of the changing seasons. What have we at the end but the peering forward, the leaning out the window in hope, for just one more glimpse, one last taste of life.
In our autumn here it all comes by the dozen...
& more,
 whether fruiting or flowering, even nakedly.
(naked ladies also known as belladonna lilies) of my most favoured flavours. Come to think of it, I don't believe I've actually ever met anyone who doesn't like passionfruit.
It only occurred to me recently that you could, in fact, cut the top off one & scoop it out rather than cut in half & have half the juice escape. I love eating passionfruit just with a spoon or sometimes squeezing them straight in to my mouth...oh heaven. Do tell me how you like to eat passionfruit the most.
I have found a few sweet greengage plums this week & one or two black boy peaches. I had forgotten how exceptionally hairy that they are, the peaches...I almost want to pat them! 
 A pretty perennial salvia (I think). The flowers remind me of a red salvia that we used to pick as kids & suck the "honey" out of the bottom of the flower.
 Oh pansy you are so lovely.
 I also can't imagine not hanging my washing on the washing line..outside! Yet I know for many reasons there are plenty of people who don't manage it.
I suppose if all your laundry was ugly it wouldn't look particularly enchanting..Nanna pants & blokes trousers, holey old rags don't have quite the same appeal, but the Marks & Spencer cardi I found at the Op Shop will do just fine.

 I truly feel as if I hardly get out much just at the moment, but I did find a minute to pop into Connections this week..I could hardly believe my eyes when I found this gorgeous bag..

 and with a name like Cherubini!
I have come to love pressed & depression glass & discovered Carnival glass a while back..the sparkly, colourful cousins of the glass department, but I had never seen anything Carnival glass in pink before so when this bowl came up on Trade Me I bought it.
Isn't it so pretty? 
 Soft & pretty is so good for my soul..
 ugly has to happen sometimes though! No, not Rob silly, the rot in our house.
I am learning that it is so easy to be frustrated that we do not know more right now, but if we practice & we keep at it, some day, one day, we might actually have the skills to do a good job.
Rob has worked so hard at repairing our home & he is doing a marvelous job & loving it & feeling proud of himself to be able to draw on some really useful skills & some assertive brain power & is making good use of a lovely yellow crayon.
 This wonderful old book has come in very handy indeed.
 So of course I bought him valentines! They are a cross between an apricot & a nectarine. I've not seen them before but that's the last of them from Bellatinos for now, so I will look out for them again this time next year.
 Ted suggested that you should see the cape gooseberries too. Aren't they so cute the way that they make their own wee paper packets.
 I love comb honey. I read that if you eat local honey that you can often relieve allergy symptoms like hayfever. Well guess what? really does work! I was experiencing increasingly nasty bouts of hayfever but am doing so much better after a year or so of including more honey & some propolis in my diet.
 I came across a beetroot dip in a River Cottage cook book this week.Oh it is so delicious!
 Well here's to autumn in our neck of the woods & to you..sweet friends. (Cider...I am thinking of having a go at making that next).
 I have had a lovely visit with my boy.. & a hug.. & plied him with risotto & rockmelon, filled his back pack with fruit & watched him cycle off, with a much more settled maternal heart. Thank you so much for your concern & prayers on that one. It's not aways easy making our way in the world is it?
Have a wonderful week dear ones.


  1. I am always so envious of your amazing produce.
    I cant remember the last time I had fresh passionfruit... just to expensive down here in Southland. I do so adore it though. I love it on greek yoghurt or cheesecake..mmm cheesecake..

    I to adore the site of washing on the line moving in the breeze.. If only I didnt have to fold it and put it away.

  2. I have never tasted passionfruit - so will have to after reading this beautiful post - can't think why I have never sampled it. Autumn is my favourite Season but of course the UK is currently slipping into Spring so will have to wait a long time for the lovely reds and russets, warm fires and evenings drawing in. Your house looks pretty, it must be hard work to maintain all that wood - we don't have this much in the UK as it's such a different climate there would be high maintenance. The pink glassware is interesting, I haven't seen this before - I am guessing it's quite old, maybe victorian? Would look wonderful filled with water and floating candles. Bettyx

  3. For some strange reason I'm feeling a bit peckish after reading this. The Valentine's sound delish. I wonder if it's possible to buy a tree? I'll start hunting. I wish I had a bigger back yard. Have a wonderful week Catherine

  4. Such fecund bounty! Do you know, we seldom see passion fruit here- except sometimes in the exotic aisle at the supermarket. All I've ever done with it is make a fruity sauce therewith for desserts- can't imagine the decadence of pouring them one after another into my mouth! Roman debauchery, do you lie on a chaise longue in a toga?

  5. Hi Catherine!
    Your washing line is beautiful indeed. Is that a pink skirt with the added hem or a dress? SO CUTE!
    You do have pretty fruits. I can't wait for apricots and peaches.
    Well done, Rob! Fixing rot is out of our league, for sure!
    I'm glad you had a good time with your son. I'm sure he loves your comfort.

  6. Wow, what a fruitful post! It's good to catch up with you after a while. I'm glad things are somewhat better with your son - my much younger son was having a furious moment after bedtime when I first came upon your post, but now he's settling down. It's so hard to accept that sometimes their moods are nothing more than an emotion, and are not caused by something we've done wrong.

  7. When I think of passionfruit I think of happy childhood memories, eating the bountiful supply passionfruit that grew at my dad's house. That in turn makes me think of the grapefruit and feijoa trees we had.. *nom*

    I wish the contents of my washing line looked half as pretty! I hate hanging out the Lad's washing most of all. His work trousers are always too long for him and so he wears out the end faster than my mum can rescue them and sew up the hems (yay to mum), and... how DO guys manage to get their undies so holey??? On second thoughts, I don't want to know...

  8. I can't imagine not hanging out the laundry either-just waiting for the snow to melt and then I'll be hanging again.....


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