Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Celebratory Rendezvous

It was Pop's birthday this week.
We had a wee chat about pressies and stuff and decided that a very nice thing to do to celebrate such an auspicious event would be to have a night away together and even better, we could catch up with our boys from down South. Fynn was graciously released from his classroom for the afternoon and met us here in Palmerston North, oh yes.. along with his father.
He was just telling me that his charming waistcoat had come from the op shop.
 It was so exciting to see can seem a very long time in between catch ups when you are 8 years old. We loved the new mural that had been painted on the wall in Barista's.
Palmerston North is a student city after all.
 Fynn and I decided to leave "them" to it and walked back through the city together.
 Isn't this such a clever concept.
 They are all around town.
 Just tie up your bike & off you go.
 We decided to follow the hand and have a wander through the library.
 We'd never seen books made into a plane before
 and we loved the mobile and the sunshine.
 Who would have thought you could grow bananas in a library??!!
 The bells chimed on the clock in the centre of The Square just as we were passing.
 We noticed a delightful tui over in this corner.
 It was a useful time to exchange all kinds of things. The boys had a boot full of pinecones for us to help light our winter fires. They also bought their new drums with them. At their place there's a music room. Could even be a bit of busking coming on.
Pop is a drummer from way back, so a good Cuban rhythm was just the thing for after dinner entertainment.
Some of us got a wee bit tired.
 But the hands kept moving.
 Only an hour to get them home again so we'll keep that idea in mind for another time I think.
The next day as we were trying to find the Goodwill shop we accidentally discovered Terrace End Antiques & Collectables.
 The sweetest little vintage shop I have ever been into, I have to say. Yasmin has a wonderful selection of all kinds of retro, vintage & antique bits & pieces. She & her lovely shop can be found at 351 Broadway Ave should you feel inclined or be in the right nation to track her down.
 I love Vincent Ward pictures, particularly of his ducks & swans but these primroses & violets are just gorgeous.
 This is about the time that Pop found the "Sweep Fairy"
 in a perfect vintage green..
 he's hardly stopped sweeping since we arrived home!
 Part of the exchange deal was me picking up this dear little ladder. The seller lives just down the road from Matt & Fynn so that was handy! Trade me is such a wonderful arrangement here in New Zealand. So many things that you'd never find in a second hand shop turn up on Trade me...they really still are all out there.
 A perfect platform for shaking out the very dusty, albeit pretty, mosquito net from our bedroom!
Well I am off to watch "Call the Midwife" thanks so much to Betty for telling me about it.
Now before you go, do pop into see Betty the Wood Fairy she has just been hosting The Willows (all 3) & my goodness did they have some fine adventures while in her care.
So lovely to see you all.
Have a lovely week my friends.


  1. Finn is a very cute boy! We have a Finn, too.
    It looks like you had a GREAT time! Betty had a lot of fun with the Willows! I can't wait for it to be your turn!

  2. The library is fabulous as is the Sweep cute and useful! Enjoyable visit today; you gave me a "city fix".

  3. Thanks for the tour, looks like a really interesting place.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Hi Catherine, I am just loving that Sweep Fairy and also the shop that you bought it in!! :-) Also I ADORE Vincent Ward Pictures - that is a beauty. What a lovely trip you must've had. Yes I also love Trademe treasures and that stool is a great find. How did we all get on before good ol' Trademe?? Have a great week, hugs & friendship, Julie X x x

  5. Oh how lovely, the waistcoat is charming. Very fitting for the venue. I love that cafe. Looks like you had a fantastic time. xox Mel.

  6. What a wonderful day you had with your boys - darling Finn looks very much the smart wee man about town in his very styley waistcoat!

    You've shown me PN in a new light, what interesting nooks and crannies there are to see.
    The bike stand image I would have thought was more like Europe - good for Palmy!

    You and Rob always make the most of whatever you do dear Catherine and turn it into a charming adventure!


  7. Hello your blog is soo charming, i enjoyed my stay with you! xx

  8. I'm glad I had my go BEFORE Betty, becuase that was some stay! And this is some post- delight from start to finish. I do so love this gentle, gracious place of yours! So full of light, and heat, and beauty, and grace. I am actually here to beg your address, which I vaguely suspect I should have somewhere, but that's disorganised old me! Am putting together the address sheet for the rest of the Willows tour, and am speechless with the anticipation of seeing them with you!


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