Sunday, 6 May 2012

Creating a Life With Soul

Creating a life with soul...
Creating a home with soul...
I feel fairly certain that most of us, most of all, just really want somewhere to belong...a place to call home.
A place that has warmth & love & soul.
If we carried this thought a little closer to our hearts sometimes I think we might discover that our lives were richer & more wonderful than we had realized.
The live a richer, better life are often so very simple..
and usually they are the things & habits that are done daily.
The heart-warming, body-nourishing, soul-engaging simple things.
Often they are the creative ways. The ways of the past but instead of having to make do & mend as many of our grandmothers did, we can make do & mend & create to make a home with soul.
Creativity & vitality can even extend to every day meals.
I am learning to love breakfast for the first time in my life. In fact I am learning so much about nourishing traditions & nurturing ways this year that my life will not ever be the same again.
I love Good magazine, as you can tell. I love the nostalgic touches & the good old fashioned, down to earth ...let's inspire & pass on knowledge, choices & information.
Foraging is such a richly rewarding past-time. It can be so easily incorporated into everyday kind of exercise, like walking & helps you connect to the place you live, your own neighbourhood & the people who live in it. Just 5 minutes down the road from our place is Pakowhai Country Park. At this time of the year it is so beautiful & such a lovely place to explore.
The Raupare stream runs through the middle of the park & there are lots of open meadow-ish spaces.
Even in a country park people can be loud & vigorous, much like the exuberant dog friends they bring with them, but if you slow down & begin to look around you can find nourishing herbs
and dear little friends.
No-one seemed to notice the enormous old fig tree..
well no-one but the birds who were wildly feasting when we arrived. We collected a huge bag of luscious figs. I'll show you what I did with them next time.
A few days later we took our Kaitiaki (grandson 2) through the "secret way" to the Farmer's Market.
It was left to Pop to carry the heavy this gorgeous Muscque de Provence pumpkin & 4 litres of Village Press olive oil.
These pumpkins are so delicious. Weighing in at 10 kgs I think we might have to share it with the neighbours when we eventually cut it.
Kaitiaki had lunch with us & played at our house for a while. He really liked the little laundry things that I had found for the doll's house.
I was needing a bit of a hand on the walnut front. Thanks to my friend Gaye's suggestion, we now put the shells into paper bags & use them as firestarters.
I am very thankful for my friend Ruth who is also a constant gatherer.
A few weeks ago we went gathering walnuts at the back of her orchard...
 & across the creek & over here..
Lovely big walnuts are now drying in my washing baskets & a few hazelnuts too.
Ruth has three daughters & they have just set off on the most remarkable journey. They are walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, some 800 miles from The Pyrenees mountains to near the coast of Spain. A pilgrimage taken by many through the ages for as many reasons as there are people, but it is said that James (the brother) of John was buried at Camino de Santiago de Compostela & that the Camino trail is the path that his followers took on the way to find his resting place.
I was so glad that I was able to join some friends & see this wonderful movie "The Way" on Wednesday night & even more delighted to find myself sitting beside a veteran pilgrim Barry who had walked the Camino Way some 10 years ago..what an interesting man. I feel very blessed by the encounter and mention the movie because it really is a just wonderful & you just might like it too.  

I am so glad that you came to visit...thank you for being here!! And for your lovely comments & conversations. I so appreciate you all!
Wishing you sunshine & roses in this coming week.



  1. Lovely post! Looks like an interesting magazine.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Hi Katie!
    Someone JUST told me about The Way.
    I wish I could find that magazine you picture. I love visiting you on Sunday mornings.

  3. So much good stuff in this post, Catherine! The mag looks terrific and will look for it here next I go to a large book store. Breakfast is, maybe, my favorite important to get nourishment to fuel the rest of the day.
    The walnut shells as fire starters is a fabulous idea.
    Prayers for the folks doing the pilgrimage, very impressive!

  4. Hello! beautiful post! we must appreciate every time we are at home, I certainly do, I´m a vintage girl, love the "nostalgia" and the old the thought in your sidebar..if you look the right way...(I looovee that film) Have a peaceful week! besos. Lili├ín.-

  5. I adore good magazine. Mine is still unread since it was delivered. I must make time for it soon.

    Its been a long time since I cracked walnuts. Must find somewhere local to buy some one day and let the kids crack them and eat. I dont think they ever have cracked a nut from its shell before.

  6. Dearest Catherine,

    What a joy to be back here in this space of yours which is crammed full of life's delights. I admire you enormously for continuing to gather and seek beauty around you. Your country certainly looks idyllic although I think your slant on things would make any country look like a corner of paradise... with hedgehogs snuffling away and giant green pumpkins get carried away to fee a whole neighbourhood.

    I wish you would share the entire chamomile and apple... recipe with me. Those muffins are just what I like and my children would adore them too.

    Blissful. I am now off to hunt out Katherine Mansfield as you kindly suggested a couple of weeks ago. Mieux tard que jamais!


  7. A lovely post & photos Catherine - thanks for the tip about the walnut shells - didnt know that but will be saving mine from now on to light the fire!!! I also really enjoy Good magazine and have a subscription this year so always look forward to it. Sometimes wish it was monthly instead of 2-monthly!! Have a lovely week - love & hugs, Julie X x :-)


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