Monday, 3 September 2012

Happy Mistakes and The Little Scaup

I have always been of the mind that accidents are bad..
but I have recently been discovering that that's not strictly true. 
Some mistakes have sidled over so close to the edge that they can quite easily turn in to serendipity, just like that.
 You see, if I had not gone the back way home (to avoid the after school clutter) I would never have gone down the wrong road..well I didn't notice the no exit was very squitty & small!
And then I would never have seen the sign for the walk way...or at least it might have been years & years until I found it..
 And look at the magical place we would have missed seeing this spring!
The tuis love these cherry blossoms to bits & the valley is filled with the sussurating sound of their happy play & their melodic song of joy.

Carefully tended pathways & a sweetly bubbling brook (so unheard of around these parts), large redwood trees, small caves tucked under the roots of ancient trees..what a wonderland!

Early bursting buds of the pussy willow..
Sometimes there is sun, as we head in to early spring.

And when there is not, there is at least the sunshine colours of the polyanthus outside the library.

It's a funny old mixture..chilly, moody, sunshiney blossoming..

Ah, but then there are the daffodils & bluebells & magnolias.
My dear friend Ruth took such good care of me this past week..we went off daffodil picking & wandering in the woodland property at the bottom of her orchard..

Ruth has befriended a little native duck called a scaup. Sadly he is all alone.

But comes when called & has no particular fear of human company. 
Aren't daffodils glorious!
I found this little table for $10 recently.
 I think it could be handy for all kinds of things.

I love these pressed glass vases that I have collected too.

There's something so friendly & elegant about their shape.

A bit like the solid comfort of the old milk treatment bottles that milk was once delivered in.
I am collecting them for picnics..They look so cute with this heart straw don't you think?
I had fun over the weekend taking lots of vintage picnic pictures.
The baskets are looking good.

Now, you'd never imagine such a perfect walk way & picnic spot would lie just up here would you..but it surely does!

Hope you're having a lovely week.
See you soon.


  1. The walkway is magical. Spring is the perfect time to revisit old walks and see nature coming back to life.

    I have serious picnic basket envy.

    Those vases are beautiful.

    And mistakes do have the misfortune of being seen as bad. But sometimes like you discovered they lead to something good that you just would not have found without some sadness or mistake. I have many things in life that I am so grateful for every day that I would not have in my life if I had not been at my worst moments.. :)

    Thanks for sharing Catherine.

  2. Dear Catherine,

    Thank you for your condolences. I so much appreciated that you left your thoughts for me.

    My trip back to England was hectic, but healing, to be there with family and old friends.

    Thank you,

    P.S. Love the picnic baskets.

  3. What a beautiful place! Love the sunshine and daffodil photographs.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Another beautiful post full good things.
    Anne xx

  5. The picnic baskets look so inviting as well as the lovely vases. Daffodils ARE so beautiful! Your bouquets shout spring, Catherine!
    I like looking at the wild life in New Zealand. Bill is headed to Aukland today. He'll be there a short while then on to Sidney. I have "Concerning Hobbits" going through my mind this morning.
    I DO love little tables and with all my house shuffling, I am thinking about furniture placement and book arranging. But . . . I must go back to school and HOPE that I have ambition and vision to complete the job when I get home at supper time!
    Take care, good angel. Have fun planning your lovely venture. I'm excited for you! (BIG HUG!)

  6. I know that walkway, the last one, its near to where I live. Its lovely to walk in its cool shade on a hot summers day.

  7. You heal me! I was having a lovely week until we hit homework, and all the old demons screamed. Having a healing moment chez toi! Never mind the flowers outside the library- look at that column! Did I somehow miss your winter?? Was it not Autumn a few posts ago, and now it is Spring? Goodness. A girl we know was married on Saturday and will be heading your way at the end of the month with her NZ husband. I am tempted to join them!

  8. I love finding special places like that. It takes me right into my child again.
    wonderful photos of the blossoms and the tui.

  9. Hello dear Catherine - a beautiful post again (sorry have had computer jamming problems all week) - just adore those daffodils,they so remind us that spring is here. I think the polys outside the library are divine but I also rather like the stack of books "statue" there :-) I adore your pressed glass vases, what a great shape they are. You got a real bargain with your $10 table, yes LOVE the straws in your milk bottles also. I can imagine what fun you had photographing and arranging your vintage picnic baskets - glad you had some sunshine, enjoy whats left of the week dear friend, Love/hugs Julie Xoxo (I do SO MUCH look forward to your posts and your beautiful photos - they draw you in & take you on a little journey)


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