Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Auspiciously Beyond the Wild Wood

From the confines of the small & much traveled box, could be heard a muffled & insistent voice..."I do most certainly recall your very words. Now, did you, or did you not, say.. that "The Wide World was something that doesn't matter, either to you or me. I've never been there, and I'm never going, nor you either, if you've got any sense at all?"
 "Yes, yes, alright, I did indeed say that very thing" came the tired & wearisome reply.
 "See, I told you you were wrong. We have had the grandest, longest, most superlative adventure...ah! oh do get off my leg Ratty...ouch! Don't you agree Toad?"
 Phew that's better..oh my, whispered Mole. "Ratty, Toad where in the world are we now?"
 Greeted by friends & refreshments after their long & strange journey from Darwin, Toad's pride was still smarting from reading the label on the box they had come in.."toys!!!", he exploded "TOYS" before he remembered his manners & lowered his voice a notch. Ratty was a little distracted wondering if he could be so forward as to ask for a bath this evening, he really did want to wash off that baby lick, very friendly, friendly indeed, but he'd felt hot & sticky & a tad uncomfortable ever since the squeezing episode.
A small wander around their new lodgings soon had the three friends abuzz with speculation. "Why look", cried Ratty it says "The Christmas Story". 
 "But where in the world is the snow & the Mistletoe?" mused Toad.
 Well it looks like Christmas they all agreed & there are animals that look a lot like old Badger about.
"In fact, I feel awfully much at home, just right now, sighed Mole in deep contentment..I think I shall be very happy here for the rest of the World Wide Adventure...isn't that right Toad?
 But he wasn't listening, oh no, Toad's busy mind had wandered off, now captivated by the red vehicle that they had arrived in..dreaming of driving free & fast once more. "Do you have country-side here", he abruptly enquired, vividly envisioning a fast ride in a red machine.
 But it wasn't traveling in fast machines that Mole was thinking of; it was something else very large & red & juicy indeed!
 He began to squirm with anticipation & delight...oh Ratty do look!! Giant strawberries!!
Everyone stood stock still as a strangled squeal could be heard coming from the kitchen. "Whatever is the matter now?" Pop asked Toad, rushing to his rescue. The poor thing was quivering, mouth flapping, shocked & rooted to the stool he had clambered up on to have a look over the top. "Oh you really are too nosey for your own good", Pop declared, "That's just the new plug for the sink. You silly old thing!!"
 A rather blanched & subdued Toad was then quietly escorted to the back garden for a breath of fresh air. It wasn't long at all, before he had quite recovered himself & his curiosity. Much to his glee he had discovered yet another fancy contraption, soon he would be wild & free & roaming once more.
  Now, where had he hidden his sunglasses? He would most certainly be needing those on the open road.
 After a hearty supper, it eventually grew dark & at last the three were convinced that the world had not turned upside down after all, but there was in fact, such a thing as a summer Christmas.

 "Why ever do you have two babies & two mangers?' Ratty enquired of Pop. "Ah, now that's a story for another day" came the reply.

 So with the promise of vintage picnics & feasts galore..
Ratty helped a tired & very satisfied Mole find his way to bed, all the while muttering quietly over & over 

Good night sweet friends...sleep well x0x0x0
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I shall not be surprised if you are feeling a little bamboozled!  The Willows left Pom Pom way back in September last year, the 16th to be precise, for a Gand Tour Of The Whole World. You can find their retrospective itinerary here. They will be staying with us for Christmas before making there way home on a big jet plane.
Can you believe it..they have arrived in Aoteoroa (The Land of The Long White Cloud) on the



  1. Glad to know our intrepid three are with you safely - and in a lovely warm climate too. Hope they enjoy your Christmas festivities

    Advent blessings xx

    1. Yes quite safe & sound & having a marvelous time thanks Angela x

  2. How wonderful to see them with you! I'm quite envious that they get to experience a warm Christmas!

    1. Isn't it amazing just how far they have journeyed Floss! Phew I don't know about's been a tad hot here the last week or so but they're all loving the summer fruit x

  3. Hooray! They are swaddled in love at your house, GK! I can't believe they are so close to returning to Denver! They shall be warmed by spring sunshine and filled with strawberries! BEAUTIFUL! I'm coming back again later. Off to school!

    1. Well yes Pom swaddled indeed but I wouldn't be counting chickens for that spring arrival just yet the boys are having such a fine time & only just finding their full mettle for adventure...a stoat was spied road crossing this very afternoon. x

  4. Dear Catherine
    A very big WELCOME to Ratty, Toad and Mole - how wonderful to know they are here in New Zealand!!

    ...and they couldn't have arrived at a better "home stay"!
    This was a very well planned journey to know of the most magical home and delightful family to spend an Kiwi Christmas with.

    I'm imagining all the home fairies have rallied around and will be throwing a good 'Kiwi' style welcoming party for this grand bunch of visitors - a party not to be forgotten for years to come.
    With all manner of delicacies such as crayfish, huhu bugs, whitebait fritters, paua, mussels - I hope they are partial to a little seafood now and then.

    This of course will be followed by Pavlova with strawberries and cream, some Hokey Pokey ice cream, Pineapple lumps and a bottle of Lemon and Paeroa to wash it all down!!!

    They will never forget their "Kiwi Christmas" for sure but most of all they will not forget their wonderful specially selected hosts Catherine and Rob!!!

    love and hugs
    PS will they be touring around while they're here? They are most welcome to pop in for a night or two - I'll have their beds made up in the attic!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your extra warm & enthusiastic Kiwi welcome Shane. Do keep those beds ready & the pav never know where these three might venture too...the wild woods & far beyond the Bombay Hills ; ) x

  5. I am screaming at the screen! A strawberry summer Christmas- how perfect this is, how perfect you are! I am THRILLED beyond expressing! Oh you Christmas angel in the summer's garden! Joy!

    1. Well, you may have spoken just a tad too soon..Toad has turned a suspicious shade of pink & is quite off his food...strawberry gluttony I should think! A day or two off the red things & he should be right as rain...we hope!

  6. Hi Catherine, what a wonderful place for them to spend christmas :-) How lucky they are. I adore that little tractor & trailer - I can imagine the fun you had placing it for your photo shoot. Also adore your trike as I love trikes. My other MOST favourite things are you fire screen, your wreath above it & your little straws in the bottles. Plus all your night time pics are just beautiful. There is something so magical about fairy lights at night - I have been waiting each night for Graham to go off to bed and then just sitting with them on (& everything else turned off) for about another 15 mins, just in the quiet. Have a lovely weekend dear friend. Hugs, Julie

    1. Of course it was your wonderful bike collection that inspired my little trike purchase...I am delighted...why ever didn't I have one before!? I can just see you sitting there reveling in the sparkly lovely. Ha, ha I have been a little ambivalent about the fire screen as it slightly borders on naf but I have recently decided that it must stay. x

  7. Hello Catherine,

    Wow, they arrived in style, though of course they would after being stuffed in the box for quite a while. They must have intended arriving on that special day.

    Just loved this post.

    Happy days.

  8. Thanks Bev..yes I agree, they really must have intended to arrive on just this day..perfect! They are very happy to be out of their boxed confines & having a wonderful time. Such a joy to have them as our guests! x

  9. I love and adore anything to do with 'The Wind in the Willows'! Thank you for having such sweet stories and photos.
    Teresa in California


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