Sunday, 23 December 2012

Garlands of Stardust

I've been thinking this week...
that the very best way to come to Christmas...
is like a child.
In fact, there's just no other decent way to turn up to the event.
Adults seem to regularly get themselves overwhelmed, underwhelmed, stressed & disillusioned...& sometimes a little confused.
But kids...they are just full of bouncy, can't-wait-wonder & anticipation.
I also figure, that babies don't care much for presents.
I imagine Jesus wasn't all that thrilled with the gold or the myrrh & frankincense...pfff!
But it doesn't take long & even by that first birthday children have become enthralled with the whole gift thing: scrunching the paper, blowing out those candles & all the fuss & laughter.
I wonder..what might delight the Son of God...wearing nappies (diapers) on his first birthday?
Through an odd chain of events, I found this wonderful picture at a twilight garage sale on Wednesday.
Utterly enchanting.
It's by Daphne Allen.
She had the sweetest imagination...A Christmas Dream, in fact.

Little angels presenting the Christ child gifts from heaven on his first birthday
Angel-made garlands of stardust & golden sparkles of sunlight.

When published in The London Illustrated News, it was said of this picture:

"Our Artist has let her fancy play round the notion that on the Christ Child's first birthday the little angels gave Him all that was most beautiful to deck a tree.
 First the stars played their part, each giving out a gleam which was transformed into a little star to shine on the branches in place of candles. The angels made garlands of star-dust, and gathered icicles and frosted fir-cones and sprays of ivy, sparkling dew-hung cobwebs and grasses and shining silver threads of rain, and glowing, many-coloured bubbles floated up from waterfalls. Brilliantly-coloured little birds came from the far places of the earth and hovered about the tree like living jewels, and bright butterflies, moths and dragon-flies joined them. The angels gathered ripe, glowing fruits, nuts and berries, and from the sea and running water they took the golden sparkle of sunlight and silver shimmer of the moon."

I will forever remember this story when I see a beautiful Christmas tree.

I have also been thinking this week that Christmas can be such a hard time for so many people. There is so much loss & suffering & loneliness & sometimes there is so little hope. Those who have lost their children recently...
hearts breaking..
Many thanks to Jo-Anne Coletti for the use of her poignant & beautiful photo.

For those that have lost loved ones there can be such an ache & emptiness.
Christmas-time can also be the hardest time of the year for some.
I found this beautiful poem on tumblr the other day. 
It's written by Tim Chambers.

Wing’s of the Angels

A gentle wind blew cross the land
Reaching out to take a hand
For on the winds the angels came
Calling out a child’s name.
Left behind, are many tears
Loving memories of the years
Of joy and love, a life yet lived
And now to God a child is sent.

On angel’s wings, a heavenly flight
The journey home, towards the light
To those who weep, a life is gone
But in God’s love, ‘tis but the dawn.

The Vision (another of Daphne Allen's pictures) found here.

Safe in tender care.

Only children could present the Christmas story quite like this..I do so love this very Kiwi version.

Yes indeed...may your Christmas be joyful, peaceful & bright!
Thank you so much for popping in. It is such a delight to have you visit me here. You can visit with Floss & other friends here.
With every blessing to you & your loved ones.


  1. May all be merry and bright with you all season long- and well into the next!

    1. What a lovely blessing...thanks so much Mags. May your season be warm & bright & full of all good strawberry things. Much love to you all Catherine (& the 3) x0x0x0x0

  2. I love the very sweet video at the end of your post. So precious.

    1. Isn't it just! Glad you enjoyed it. I think I'll have to watch it every year for forever too. Have a wonderful Christmas Jenny x

  3. You are so right. Christmas is a somber time for many.
    I was with three of my granddaughters today and they seem quite calm. Yay!
    I haven't done my pause yet, maybe in the morning.
    Sending love your way, angel pie.

  4. This is a lovely and moving post Catherine. Wishing you a lovely peaceful Christmas.
    Anne xx

  5. This is a lovely post Catherine and really made me think. I was very aware of the homeless during our weekend in London and thankful for them that this winter it is very mild in the UK.

  6. What a lovely and thoughtful Advent post! Have a blessed and beautiful Christmas as well!

  7. How lovely! And i agree, christmas with my child has definatly brought back the magic i felt as a child. Hope your christmas and new year are merry and bright x

  8. Thank you for your sweet comments..merry Christmas & much love to you all!

  9. Such a beautiful post! Merry Belated Christmas to you & yours! I again have had a wee break from Blogspot, but will try to come back more regularly in 2013! Mel xoxox

    1. Lovely to have you pop in Mel! Thank you for your kind & encouraging comments. Love to see more of your work through this coming year. x

  10. Your Vintage Picnic and Hire business looks fabulous too, I will be sure to make use of it someday soon I hope!

  11. Hello Catherine, Merry Christmas to you & yours also :-) A delightful & thoughtful post - yes I agree about coming to it through the eyes of a child. Plus then you dont have to give any thought to all the cooking either ! ! ! :-)
    It brings me new insight into what my Mum must've struggled with all those years cooking for a crowd all by herself.
    Hope your day was lovely & spent with family & friends. Good rain here today in the Waikato but oh so hot & humid.
    Thankyou for all the inspiration your blog brings to me across this side of the island :-)
    Much love/hugs, Julie Xoxo (off to enjoy a cold homemade lemonade with many ice-cubes)

    1. Phew...I think I could do with one of your lemonades just now. very warm & muggy here indeed. I have been out in the garden until 8.30 getting some tidying done & only manage to get 3 mossie bites along the way.
      I guess there are some mothers who sail through the big food preparing odyssey but it's not really a very fair deal, in general, to leave all the work to one person..come to think of it..I went off the big cooking idea about the time I embraced the child-like approach..aha!
      It has been such a pleasure to journey with you through this past year (?) do hope you plan to continue!
      Much love (no hug today it's too hot ; ) catherine x0x0x0

  12. Thank you for such a beautiful and reflective post Catherine.

    It's wonderful - children see things so simply - it's the adults who complicate things!

    What a talented bunch these little ones are - I didn't know about this other version that you are showing.

    Christmas Blessings to you and Rob and everyone in your house!

    Joyeux Noël
    hugs and love


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