Friday, 1 February 2013

Innocence and Angels

Hello, Sunshine!
 Did you ever love Betsy Clark's darling little children?
I found two tiny wee books a long time ago & I cherish them still.
So it was with great joy that I spotted "Hello Sunshine..charming & delightful proverbs to warm the heart" on Trade Me just recently.
Every page is adorable!!
I have been visited by Betsy-like innocent angels through the month of January..
Nina's almost three & she is my niece. 
She & her mummy came for afternoon tea one sunny afternoon.
 I was sure that she would love the little kitchen play things I had collected for her from op shops & galas & the markets... & she did.
I found the stove on TM down on the Kapiti Coast, Matthew kindly went & picked it up for me & after a while it made it's way to my back porch.
 "Back in the day" fathers & grandads made such things for children, often secretly as a special gift. I am so glad that this one lives on for yet another generation to love.
 Funny thing was, a few days later....  there was a little knock on the door & hello, here was Talan, come to play.
She lives next door & she will be 5 in about 60 sleeps.
She's taken to popping in a lot..
"Where's the boy?, "she often asks, "you & the boy, you are really nice".
She practices writing her name on the blackboard, scoffs 10 plums at a time
  & cooks carrots for dinner.
 while looking after Lucy.
 Last monday, there was another surprise, my dear friend Cheryl came for a rare visit in honour of my birthday..
 so we had a happy afternoon tea in our still sunshiney garden.
 Fortunately, it was on one of Rob's days off.
 Cheryl brought with her, a son & two grandies.
 I knew that they had been out for lunch so we piled the cake stand high with delicious summer fruit.
 And added some fairy mushrooms.
 Bella adored the strawberries.
 We put a bowl on the other table for washing sticky hands.
 And wandered around the garden.
 Bella noticed all the monarch many!
She really wanted to be able to hold one but they aren't all that easy to catch.
 So in light of all that, how perfect was this to arrive in my letterbox, a birthday gift from my mother!?
 Cheryl wrote in her card..."There will always be an Angel in your garden".
Gaye wrote "Lets's make every day a masterpiece"
Yes, let's!
  I found a "grannyism" just for you.
 Would you like a piece of cloud cake? It's delicious!
 I'll share the very clever recipe next time.
There's another little poppet called Claudine...I love her mother's story of how she came to name her daughter. If you fancy joining in the Op Shop Show Off link up you can find it over here at Black bird has spoken.
Thanks so much for coming.


  1. What a beautiful birthday afternoon tea you had and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Anne xx

  2. I would love to come and have tea and cake in your garden - what a lovely welcoming home you have. Betty

  3. Hello Catherine, Happy Birthday to you my friend :-) And yes, could I please join Betty for afternoon tea in your garden?? It just looks so delightful. I think I too would be most happy just merrily playing with your tiny "kitchen" as i loved to do when I was little & dreamed of having all those things myself.
    Your cake stand looks wonderful piled up with fruit, I just adore the pohutukawa in the milk bottles :-)
    I am in awe of how green your lawn still looks as ours has gone very brown of late.
    Yes I remember the Betsy Clark books & prints, I think your Mum did very well with her choosing of a birthday gift for you. Have a wonderful weekend my friend, Much love & Hugs, Julie Xox

  4. Catherine, that looks like a delightful tea party and an AAAdorable little girl!

  5. Happy happy happy birthday to a sweet angel! Yay for you!

    What a cute little "cooker" and I must say that playing house is the very best play one can enjoy!

    Everything is so lovely and pink! We're having a pink dinner party tonight! It's Miss Bug's fourth birthday!

  6. if claudine caught a glimpse of your garden, or the fruit, or the play kitchen she'd be over in a heartbeat too, it's really magical.
    what are the red flowers in the glass jar BTW? they look stunning! so glad you could linky up again, its a reminder to me to head over here and enjoy the serenity x


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