Sunday, 24 February 2013

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens..

these are a few of my favourite things.
Sometimes I just love the look of cupcakes..
but actually, don't like to eat them very much!
But where would a tea party be without these gorgeously pretty cakes?
 Brought to life by afternoon sun through prisms, they really do have a profoundly Pollyanna effect, in their sweet glory. I popped in to NewWorld in Havelock on Friday to make a cupcake order for an upcoming tea party & discovered that they had just put out shelves & shelves of pastel coloured treats. I decided on a box of prettiest rose pinks. Tomorrow we will tweek the window "dressing" at the I-site centre...I thought this display would be perfect with a note about our vintage hire offerings.
I borrowed a special drill from my friend Sue recently & Rob ~since he's the master driller of the household~ bravely drilled through my waiting plates. The trick is water on the plate as you drill.
 I'm delighted with the resultant cake stand.
 I thought perhaps a basket of jam jars & covers might be quite colourful in the window too.
If you click on the collage you will be able to see it much better.
 There is man called John at our Farmers' Market...he's been growing fruit for a while now, as his dad did before him & he's really got the method right with his rock melons. They are absolutely delicious.
Apparently you do water, then you don't water & then you spray a seaweed fertiliser at just the right time & all things being well you get magnifcent melons!
 I have discovered that my handy pepper de-seeder is also an excellent strawberry huller!
These were seconds & so cheap!
 At first I thought it was just the heat, but then I realised that the old menopausal ride was still a bit rough. I'm not all that keen on rollercoasters. I found a link the other day to the 35...yip 35 symptoms of menopause. I don't think you'd call many of them fun, nor funny for that matter. I'm also finding that woman don't know much about it all & tend to suffer in silence quite a bit...still! Mind you, there's not always that much that can be done about some of it. Just.. keep going, be honest & brave & cry a lot without apology.
I was deeply relieved when I read this paragraph in a post of Robin's a week or two back.

"Dear Soul Shines,
     It has been a while since I've blogged even though I have had so many inspirational things to share. For the first time in my life I have been "forced" to slow down by my body's metamorphosis through menopause... For me, it has been like being hit by a runaway train that cracked my heart and soul wide open so the world can see me inside out and totally naked. Definitely a time to get real. Real with myself and real with God. I'm almost sure he's gotten tired of me pulling on his shirt sleeve asking so many questions. When I make it through this transformation I will be a very wise woman with even wider open arms to embrace other women in this delicate space. Becoming a sage is worth all the pain. So much love to all of you!"

It's at Magnolia Pearl that I first discovered the healing power of beauty.
Her clothes & creations are so exquisitely feminine, & her love infectious.

I fossicked in my cupboard this morning & found this darling little top (Trade me).
It's very "Pearl"..& makes me feel lovely..& gentle when I wear it.
 The heart pockets are so sweet.
 It has been a wonderful settled summer for the stall holders at the markets.
I found all kinds of treasures today.
Such a darling little basket that I will add to the "little girls" play corner.
 I love this tray. I imagine it's from the '60's...maybe?
The floral bit appears to have been decoupaged using an old wallpaper.
 Pat, one of my friendly stall holders, sold my old gem irons for me & I bought this little teacup & saucer from her & still had the other half of the funds to spare.
The wee book was 50c & is adorable..
 such pretty illustrations.

 Such perfect sentiments.
One wee poppet pouring tea on Tuesday at aunty Catherine's.
I love the curled up toes!
 All that talk of hats sent me looking for some of my afternoon tea hats. And along the way I came across this sumptuous velvet op-shopped bag. I think, next tea party...we'll have to all wear hats.
Hope they fit. And what shall we do about Rob?
My fairy garden is still doing fine..might plant some wee pansies in it in autumn.
I think they're waiting for me here..
via Pinterest
Or could that be up here?
How in the world did they get all the way up there?!!
via Pinterest
This little clip is so very clever & ever so worth the watch.

Lovely to see you all.
Thank you so much for visiting & your comments, support & love.
See you again soon.


  1. Hi Catherine, what a beautiful post, I LOVE it all! The cupcakes do look inviting and the jam covers are soooo pretty. The window is going to look smashing!

    Such pretty finds, the tray is amazing and I drool over your floral hats.

    I really like Magnolia Pearls style, and your top is very much in keeping.

    I hope you do not struggle too much through menopause, I remember my mother was a total wreck, its not fun for anyone. I hope Rob is looking after you well :) Tam x

  2. I thought those cupcakes were roses! Amazing! I love cupcakes-but the icing is always a little much. I love the shirt with the pretty pockets-it reminds me of a fancy dress my mum made for me when i was five-a wueen of hearts costume made from a pair of net curtains. She sewed felt hearts all over it and each one was a tiny pocket i could hide treasures. Makes me yearn for more whimsical clothes as an adult. Hope you find a bit of relief from the symptoms this week-such a gorgeous time of year, it would be nice to enjoy it problem free x

  3. Ach! I could not watch the clip though I loved the music. I get motion sick very easily, I can't even go to the theatre anymore to watch movies without it hitting me. :o(

    I do love the the little tea book & so wish I could come over & have tea with you. I'm drinking my breakfast tea right now with a a small piece of toast topped with whipped feta - very yummy.

  4. I read that Magnolia Pearl post, too. I did not know about Magnolia Pearl until I met you!
    The symptom list is rather long, isn't it? Yikes! Check! Check! Check!

    Oh, I adore your fairy garden. We are having a blizzard!

  5. Hello Catherine, I think a basket of your jam jars with covers will be wonderful in your window display.
    I love the cupcakes you have purchased - love the icing on them :-)
    Thankyou for sharing the Magnolia Pearl link - I had never come across them & went & studied their website with great detail & loved the music they had playing while I browsed.
    Regarding the menopause... I found I could tick lots of the 35 symptoms off (unfortunately), but noticed there was no "grinding of teeth" which I seem to do alot & put down to menopause?? Could relate lots to Robins paragraph.
    Your tray, new cup & your 50c book are a great bargain I feel - love them all.
    Regarding the pic of the little pet with her toes curled ... I adore it!!! She is concentrating & my youngest used to put his tongue out the corner of his mouth when he was concentrating ... just priceless & that pic made my day so much !!- thankyou dear friend, hugs, Julie Xox


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